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Political Rhetoric, Evil and the Truth

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‘My God! That is an absolute outrage, the worst kind of evil, the most despicable person. Who would allow such inhumanities to go on, what can be done to stop this horrific deed? Those responsible ought to be tried by the highest world court, and, if found guilty, to be hung as retribution for their wickedness.’ That, or something similar, is what every human being who cares about Truth, Good and Justice in the world ought to be saying this weekend, instead of getting drunk on a whole lot of beer and watching the SuperBowl.

This blog is political. It is rhetoric in that it may use ‘language designed to persuade or impress’ but I hope it will not be perceived as insincere or exaggerated. Dear Readers, for those of you who may yet be ignorant as to the real evils of this world, it seems it is my duty to inform you as to the truth. And it is ugly, and perhaps shocking to some, not to others. I have finally come to understand that the policies of the United States federal government concerning foreign matters, for at least as since the end of World War II, (though some say for much longer) has included routine acts of utter barbarism, torture, senseless death and destruction of innocent civilians in an untold amount of countries throughout the world. The atrocities which are being played out in places like Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay prison today, are only repeat performances of what has taken place in countless countries across the globe for many years, at the secret orders by US military personnel, headed as we all know, by the current president. ‘If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention.’

I myself, am more than outraged at the atrocities committed by a government which is supposed to stand for democracy, liberty and justice for all. After all, our constitution was founded upon such lofty principles for the good of the people. (At least the people who mattered then, white men who had the right to vote and own property.) But I have been told in no uncertain terms by my non-American husband, that I simply do not care. I care about what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany and display the proper amount of outrage and anger about that, but apparently I do not display anywhere near enough outrage at these myriad atrocities enacted over the course of time by my own homeland’s government. Therefore, I am part of the problem.

Well I am here tonight to tell you all, in no uncertain terms, that I not only care, and am morally offended and outraged by the evils perpetrated at the hands of Uncle Sam (torture, murder, death of millions of innocents across the globe over the course of time), but in addition, I wish to God in Heaven that there was anything I could do to change it, to put all the evildoers into eternal damnation, restore all the damage done to all those innocent mothers, children, and grandparents across the globe, restore their homes, their villages, make their lives whole and good again, before the Evil Empire known as America rained hell on their lives. I wish that I had even one ounce of power to change the power structure of the world’s rich, who happen to also be the world’s leaders and perpetrators of these terrible crimes. I wish I had Archangel Micheal’s sword of Light and Truth to cut through the massive illusions and lies which cover over the Truth. In short, I wish that by my feeling and showing utter outrage to those I meet and have conversations with, that Evil would cease to exist on this earth. I am completely sincere in this wish. I apologize to those whom I have offended with my gross lack of proper outrage when they tell me hideous horror stories of the latest atrocities. I really am, very very sorry for that.

When I was young, growing up in the USA in the 60’s and 70’s, I heard stories. Horrible stories of obscene atrocities. These stories had their origins in World War II’s death camps, in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, in Vietnam. Later on, the stories took place in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and other countries, such as Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania. Then we heard about atrocities throughout Africa, which are continuing until today.

Throughout those years, I cried when I heard about these atrocities, about the people massacred, taken away in the black of night, never to be seen again, about the women raped and tortured, about the babies and children killed, about untold, unimaginable horrors and tortures done to people by other people. I have always been a sensitive human being, and these stories took their toll on my psyche. The stories made me ill, sometimes physically, to hear or watch a film about. At some point as a young adult, I realized that I simply could not stand to hear about such outrageous acts of violence, neither in a war situation nor in a personal situation, such as books and films about murder and violence. I simply had enough of these stories, I had heard enough to last a lifetime.

Now it is many years later. Tragically, the stories continue, the injustices go untried, the leaders continue to lead lives of unimaginable wealth and privilege, while the majority of the world goes without. Unfair doesn’t even begin to describe the depth of outrage I carry inside me when I stop to consider what is actually happening. Yet, I confess that I feel utterly and totally helpless to stop this Evil which seems to have free reign upon the world. Even writing these words now and putting them on the still somewhat free (for the moment) internet puts me into potential danger of Big Brother who is indeed watching all of us. It is not that I simply don’t care when someone tells me yet another atrocity story, it is more like I simply cannot carry the grief of it anymore in my soul. The burden is too large.

It is true that Evil exists in the world. And in every one of us. We carry both divinity and evil within us. I am far from a perfect human being, I am flawed in a thousand ways. As are we all. I hope that my little blog tonight has made at least one other person in the world think about these things. Someone very near and dear to me believes very strongly that if enough of us would simply think about these things and acknowledge the truth, that in itself is enough to change the balance of power toward the Good. I take a deep breath, and nod, hoping to God in Heaven that he is right.


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