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the blogger behind the blog (a tiny speck in the vastness)


 This one is for the writers out there in Blogland. And you know who you are. You know, when I first started this blogging deal, I thought I was doing it as a way to write my thoughts, life story, and also to practice my writing until I got enough courage to pick up the novel that has been languishing inside me for the past several months. It’s maybe halfway written (the first, unedited draft, that is) and I would really like to write the rest. Now that I have written nearly twenty blogs since I began these ramblings, I am beginning to understand that it is not only for purely narcissistic reasons that I am writing here most days. No, Dear Writer/Readers, I write not only for myself, but also for all of you out there in cyberspace. All you creative, poetic, maybe-frustrated-maybe-not writer-artist types who have something in common with me: the need to give a voice to our souls, to what is burning holes in our pockets, our hearts, our minds, our tongues…. with what we must say but cannot find a way in our mundane daily lives to really express it, perhaps?

 As I am new to this blogging game, I recently spent some time perusing WordPress’s amazing array of blogs, by simply clicking on one tag: thoughts. Page after page of blogs appeared, from people all over the world, thinking all sorts of thoughts. I only made it through about 4 pages, and not even as far back as last night in time. Geez. Not only am I not the only one with many thoughts rambling around in my head, but as it turns out, I am one of many thousands who are sitting down and writing them into their blog at any moment in time. Suddenly things have shifted perspective. I am a speck in the vastness, one teeny dust moat in the eye of the Eternal Now.  Since becoming a member of this WordPress club, I have found blog after incredible blog. The diversity of styles and slants on life is beautiful and fascinating to behold. We all have our reasons for writing, some extremely personal, some with a social mission, and everyone’s voice is valid, deserving to be heard. 

the blogger: a tiny speck?

 Writing about Laurie Anderson yesterday made me re-realize a few things again. One, that some of us incarnate into these bodies and are able (for whatever reasons, lucky stars or chance?) to ‘do the things they came here to do,’ to live their full potential. Case in point: Laurie Anderson. Then there are the rest of us, for example me and I can see, many of you, who come here to earth to live our lives as best we can, but for one reason or another we just cannot fulfill our deepest desires, we get stuck in the mud and potholes of life and cannot find our way to that beautiful castle: our Destiny. Or something like that. You get the idea. We have all met people throughout our life journey whom we would consider to lead a charmed life. I certainly have, and to be honest, felt quite envious of them, their lives, their vision, their seemingly perfect happiness. I haven’t a clue how they achieved it, except as I said, by luck or chance or…. perhaps something other, something having to do with fate, karma and previous lessons learned. I will never really know what that special ingredient is that The Charmed possess which makes their lives so, well, nearly perfect. There are a whole lot of things that it doesn’t have to do with, and I can take the process of elimination, but that still won’t give me the answer.

 Today I am simply musing and wondering about Life, mine and yours. Life’s persistent questions never really go away or get answered, but they can go into hiding or on sabbatical for a while. What is the value of a life, of your own life? What makes you get out of bed in the morning? What do you think about as you walk, run or sit through your day? What are your dreams about? One young woman who has a blog here about losing her unborn baby, wrote recently that she is a lucid dreamer, remembering up to 15 dreams vividly each night. Wow. That is incredible and amazing, to be able to remember so many of one’s dreams in a night. Why does she remember so much, what do all those dreams tell her?

 Some say that magic is always hovering around us humans, yet we are mostly too asleep or half-dead to notice. In the year 2012, there are enough distractions and absurdities within a day to numb most of us to even the most amazing things which stand before us: our children, friends, pets, lovers, husbands, wives, and all the beauty of the natural world. Who are we, us who blog, who dream, who hear faraway music from other spheres, who wish for a world where there are not enormous troubles and problems in every direction? I want to say Thank You to all of you who are reading my blog, yes, but especially you who are writing your own, trying to make sense of your life, of why you are here, of what any of it means. Keep writing, keep dreaming, don’t give up on yourself or on the rest of us. Never mind if none of us get to Freshly Pressed. Somehow we are finding each other, and there is tremendous power in that. Take heart, soul-bloggers!

 “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”  TS Elliot


Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

2 thoughts on “the blogger behind the blog (a tiny speck in the vastness)

  1. I remember sitting on top of a mountain in Southern India and looking down at city in the valley, thinking “it’s like a jewelry box.” Every single glistening light represented a home, and each home represented a family, and each family represented individuals that made up that family, and each individual…well, you get the point. I felt like God on top of that mountain, finally understanding why mountains are so sacred. And yet, as big as I was, I was also a speck in the web of this universal dance we call life. And this here web, wether virtual or not, is nothing more and nothing less. I love your questions because they are the questions of consciousness itself. Your thoughts are not your thoughts for we don’t own anything, and so they are as much yours as they are mine, and the next being/blogger out there. Thank you for staying connected and putting us all out there in such a loving and supportive way.


  2. Ania, Thank you for your image of being on the mountain and seeing the world below. And for your wonderful words above. I agree with you, none of us own anything while we are in these fragile bodies, and I too believe that when we do find brilliance, it is a gilft given by the angels or gods or collective unconscious… choose your images. You are welcome to write anytime on my blog, it is nice to connect with you. SB


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