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Third time’s the charm: An award and Recommended Blogs


Today is the day after Mid-Summer, and on this day there is an exact square of Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, which basically means we are in the midst of some extraordinary energies from our solar system. One astrology site says, “Uranus represents change, invention, revolution and higher awareness, it’s effect is shocking, unpredictable and erratic. Pluto represents globalization, destruction, transformation and renewal, it’s effect is grinding, ruthless and extreme. Both of these planets are distinctly non-personal and emotionless, yet their effect is dramatic and deeply felt. The square is the most challenging of the planetary aspects representing tests and challenges, it’s effect is stressful and frustrating.”

Uh huh. Perhaps this is what accounts for the fact that the blog post I have worked on for hours today, mysteriously ‘disappeared’ right before I was about to post it to the blogworld. Now that I have cried and composed myself again, I am trying once more, the third attempt at this particular blog. Here goes:

Recently two bloggers have nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. First I wish to thank them for the nomination, which makes me grateful and happy to know that some of what I write can inspire others.  So thank you to In Blue of for her nomination! And also thanks to for her nomination. Both of these ladies write inspiringly and offer nourishment for the creative soul, please have a look at their blogs if you don’t already know them!

In accordance with the ‘rules’ for this award, I am supposed to tell 7 somethings about myself, and then give 7 blogs worth reading and following. The 7 somethings are as follows:

1) I have been writing something or other in a creative way since I was about 13 years old. At one point I thought I would go to college for journalism, but the first journalism class I took during my first year quickly cured me of that idea!

2) I am not athletic. When I was five years old, I had to be literally pushed into the swimming pool at summer camp before I would learn how to jump in by myself. It was traumatic and I still remember exactly how I felt as I sank deep into the cold pool water before regaining my wits and swimming quickly back to air. To this day, I am not very fond of being cold and wet, no matter how hot it is outside.

3) One of my fantasies is to become a puppeteer and find a troupe to travel around Europe (and the world?) performing wonderful, mysterious and whimsical puppet theatre. Wouldn’t that be fun?

4) Having fought the skeptical side of my nature and won, I have come to see how accurate astrology actually is and the amazing part the stars and planets play in our human existence. After seeing it with my own eyes, I have become a ‘true believer’ in astrology as a valuable tool for understanding ourselves and one another. There is nothing ‘wooey-wooey’ about it, contrary to popular belief.

5) Life reflects one’s beliefs about it to a much greater degree than we can know. So be careful what you think about, my dear readers.

6) From here on out, when meeting someone who asks me what I ‘do’, I will tell them that I am a writer. And mean it.

7) I believe that the power of the imagination is the greatest power humans possess, and that anything or anyone who tries to impinge on our basic right to exercise this power ought to be thrown into the depths of hell indefinitely.

Now onto the more important part of this blog: to tell about a few other blogs which I read and appreciate.  Here is my altogether UN-definitive list for today:

(Note: Early on in my own blogging career, a couple of kind bloggers nominated me for a couple of Blogger Awards. I regret that I was simply too enamoured with the act of writing blogs at the time and never did reciprocate or properly thank them. My apologies for this oversight goes out to them now.)

Rhobotic Rhetoric

This young British blogger writes some of the funniest prose that I have seen anywhere. His humor follows in the British tradition made famous by Monty Python and Rowan Atkinson: Absurdist and hilarious. If you enjoy this type of British humor and witty word play, then you will enjoy his blog. Here’s an excerpt:
“Man becomes irrational with the prospect of an All You Can Eat buffet. There must be something in the gluttonous freedom of it all, which triggers an unfamiliar sensibility within… Man sees unlimited meat, man knows no protocol.
This is where they get you, these All You Can Eateries. They watch as you rush in and stack a plate right up to the rafters with rice, and noodles. Why noodles?! They cost next to nothing. Don’t do it. You end up with a plate so large and filled with the simplest of carbohydrates that even a caveman would consider taking the leftovers home in a doggy bag. And they’re accustomed to eating fucking Mammoth’s. That’s the thing, they’ve monopolised and exploited our Neanderthal instincts with the All You Can Eat. We just don’t know how to cope with excess.”

Musings of Light

This is a wonderful, thoughtful and creative blog by a very talented young woman named Ania Chapska. Her photography is beautiful and she has a keen sense of observation and detail.. She writes prose, poetry and various sorts of musings. She endured a severe personal tragedy this past year, and has worked with her grief by writing of her experiences and recording her feelings in another blog, Giving Life to Death. Definitely worth the time to take a look at her site!

Mindful Balance

Karl Duffy describes his blog this way:
Mindfulbalance Blog contains reflections on life & meditation, Psychology & Spirituality, to support practice and the development of a balanced life, greater wellness & contentment. I try to take Rilke’s advice: “Write about what your everyday life offers you; describe your sorrows and desires, the thoughts that pass through your mind and your belief in some kind of beauty.” Each day he posts quotes and excerpts from the world’s wisest writers and givers of truth, beauty and goodness for his followers. Reading his daily posts never fails to give me pause to consider life in a deeper way, notice myself and my fellow humans with new eyes, and generally lighten my day and bring a smile to my face. Highly recommended!

Anne Michael

Anne Michael is a poet, writer, lover of literature, art, and culture. Her blog is tasteful, refined and often fascinating as she reflects on life through the eyes of poet and connoisseur of life’s banquet. She is informative, entertaining and a pleasure to read. Here is a snippet from her poem Everyday Syntax:

No wonder we share, laugh, fight, flee,
evolve, lactate, shiver, weep, sleep.
What we can build with every letter,
whole or broken, every word,
voiced or unspoken, meshing and shoring
endless possibilities crammed into
finite lives—bed and grave,
open and shut, between, between!

Persephone’s Stepsisters

This interesting blog is co-written by two women living on opposite sides of the United States. Cynthia Gregory is a writer and teacher living in the Pacific Northwest. Pam Lazos is a novelist and blogger living in Central PA. “Together separately, they make narrative stew,” says their about paragraph. Lazos gives us installments of a novel she is working on, while Gregory writes blogs about the joys and challenges of writing, with stories from her life as a teacher and writer. Witty, insightful and humorous, these two stepsisters are worth a look. Here’s an excerpt from Gregory:
“Things are charged with the emotions we attach to them. You might think this is a radical idea, or sounds a little too close to the far edge of woo-woo for your taste, but think about it. Words are charged with emotional impact. For instance, the words beard, tea cup, and mandolin evoke feelings, which give rise to meaning, which stirs up emotions based on memories you associate with these items. We attach words to things so we know what to call them – otherwise we’d say, “pass the tangy little granules of crystalized sea water” instead of “pass the salt.”

Power of language blog

This is truly a mind-boggling blog. JR Fibonacci, like his namesake, has genius in his work here, as he effortlessly glides from one fascinating subject to the next with an amazing amount of information, pure thinking and also long lists of other blogs to read in case you want in-depth thoughts on the particular topic. His favorite categories have to do with spirituality, God, language, music, money and the times we are living in. His viewpoints are multi-dimensional and he cannot be easily summed up in a few readings. Worth coming back to again and again. Here’s a bit from one of his latest posts:
“Consider the word momentum. It means an existing movement. Psychologically or spiritually, an existing momentum is called a motive or karma. It means the moving of energy or force.
You are the moving of energy or vital force. You do not have karma so much as you are karma. In the absence of karmic activity, there is no linguistic activity (neuro-chemically) of the identifying of an isolated self. That is just a program of conditioning.
What is actually happening? There is neurological activity, like in reading these shapes but also in the organizing of this specific sequence of shapes. Further, these shapes were invented. That is the activity of Logos or Language or God’s Will or God’s Karma or the Divine Word or the Tao. The activity of the Tao includes when a brain forms a signal that produces the firing of nerves and the twitching of muscle tissues and the typing of these words as well as the prior construction of these computers. The activity of the Tao includes the invention of language and alphabets and the formation of species and the invention of nerves and neurology and planets and chemistry and so on.
So, words can present a hierarchy or chronology. Of course, these will just be a bunch of words, right One hierarchy is that the originating category of Tao or God or Life or Nature FORMS ITSELF in to a subcategory called heaven, (like a seed sprouts in to a trunk). Next, the subcategory of heaven branches and branches and branches and eventually forms itself in to humanity and then all the various language groups and then the various societies which can distinguish themselves from other groups of humans that speak the same language.”

The Balanced Soul

This blog is all about meditation, affirmation, the soul and our many layers of humanity seen from a spiritual point of view. She gives a lot of practical advice and techniques for quieting the mind, developing the body, and connecting with the heart. For those interested in yoga, meditation, the Divine Feminine, and soul inspiration, please read the wealth of her blog archives.

Dear Readers, obviously 7 blogs are only a tiny sampling of the many wonderful and fascinating blogs here at WordPress, and although I would love to list several more, I feel it is best not push my luck much further. Given the trouble I have had in attempting to post this award blog, I guess I will wait a while before giving more recommendations. However, if you have a blog or two which you love and wish to share with me here, I would appreciate your recommendations.
In Blogger Solidarity I remain, singing down the bones and ever searching for holy poetry.


Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

8 thoughts on “Third time’s the charm: An award and Recommended Blogs

  1. Hi Singing Bones.

    Thank you for the accolades (“genius”). I can appreciate your reference to my blog content as mind-boggling. I think of “mind-opening” and “mind-untangling” as other descriptions that might apply, but certainly some of my content is mind-boggling as well.

    Incidentally, you mention astrology in the beginning of your post here. In mid-2002, I had been interested in astrology for a long time already and learned of the field of financial astrology. That was my gateway in to the entire realm of financial forecasting.

    I did not find financial astrology to be as precise as other methods that I found as my research continued. One technical issue is the immense complexity of astrological influences.

    So, in early 2003, I understood much of the economic and financial factors that would lead to a global credit crisis, real estate decline, and eventual stock market decline. I published my conclusions here:

    In 2004, I recognized that rising fuel prices were a primary trigger for all the other changes. While I do not disregard the retiring of the baby boom, I “stand by” my 2004 assertion that rising fuel prices are ultimately what pinched the economic trends of Europe and much of the world.

    From 1999 to 2008, oil prices had risen about 1200% and a single gallon of diesel was over $11 in the UK and Germany. The repercussions were dramatic. I had detailed them, quite precisely, in 2004. (See )

    I also detailed (in 2004) the basic economic issues of supply and demand that were behind the 1200% rise in the price of oil. I consider NONE of these details “mind-boggling.” They are just “economy-shifting,” and each point is actually quite simple.

    So, while Pluto and Uranus are certainly part of the larger system, there are much simpler details that are not so mysterious. When demand for fuel surged far ahead of supply, prices rose. When prices for fuel rose (starting in 1999), spending on other things eventually declined. In particular, spending on distant suburban mini-mansions in the desert dropped, clear by mid-2005.

    Why? As fuel prices rose, it cost a lot more to commute in 110 degree summer weather (with cranked Air Conditioning to cool the SUV), and summer cooling costs for the large homes could easily pass $500 per month. Why wouldn’t spiking energy prices lead to a decrease in demand for the most energy-sensitive real estate? Phoenix and Las Vegas not only were the first real estate markets in the US to plunge, but fell much further than the rest of the US. Why? They were the most energy-sensitive places: sprawling desert suburbs.

    What other signs were there that fuel prices were important? In 1999, the stock prices for the US airline sector fell 40% in 6 months as fuel prices soared (doubling in less than a year). Isn’t a major expense of airlines the cost of fuel? Could rocketing fuel prices have led to decreased profits for airlines? Could reports of decreased profits have led to a net cash flow away from airline stocks (more selling than buying)? Tech stocks were still booming in late 1999, but airline stocks were plummeting. how big a factor were rocketing fuel prices?

    It does not take any familiarity with astrology to see the simplicity of the shift. Of course, to understand the social psychology behind the actual adaption process by masses of people can be informed by an understanding of “applied mythology” (astrology), but which is more relevant: to know what is emerging and how to adapt financially, or to know why so many other people are so slow to face the simple facts and what emotional phases they are likely to go through: denial, frustration, arguing, blame, grief, negotiation, acceptance, and so on?

    Then again, many people can benefit from understanding the mythological metaphors about how humans learn and adapt and prosper- and some of them more than others. For many people, even knowing the simplicity of what is emerging and what methods fit well with that… is not enough to produce adaption, at least not instantly. It can take several exposures and perhaps even a few personal conversations before the obvious reality is “fully digested.”

    Once someone accepts that the sunlight is already diminishing and dusk and then night are unavoidably approaching, that is a good time to prepare for the night. Get some batteries and test your flashlight and pitch your tent. When the stores close, it could be a long time before business as usual returns- especially if it is a Friday night before a 3-day holiday weekend. 😉


    • Dear JR,
      thank you for your thoughtful reply to my post and nomination. You obviously have the gift of reason, one of the qualities which makes your blog so interesting to peruse.
      I like your term ‘applied mythology’ although I am not certain that all astrologers would necessarily agree that mythology is the real basis for astrology…. guess that could be the topic of another day’s blog…
      Nonetheless, I agree what you write about people benefiting from adapting to a different lifestyle, based on much less consumption in general. Your example of southern Arizona, etc, speaks loudly… yet it is amazing how many humans are still not listening nor seeing the writing on the proverbial wall.

      Once again, thanks for your reply. I will return to your blog when I wish the cobwebs to be dusted from my cranium…. SB


  2. Congratulations! And thank you for the mention. I may be a bit delayed in “answering/acknowledging” your award on my blog, as the next few weeks are going to be busy for me and I’ll need some time to reflect. But I will endeavor not to let it slip through the cracks!

    ClearSkies BlueWater is indeed inspiring. Keep at it…you are “allowed” to say you are a writer!!


  3. Leigh…glad to see you back in the blogosphere….I also nominate you for most inspiring blogger!


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