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Retrogrades, nightmares, and mysterious solar flares


Hello again to the irrational human mind. What a trickster my mind is, the games it likes to play with me, the absurdities it wants me to believe! Even though I know better, I still get tricked, in ways subtle and not-so-subtle, into fantasies, illusions, and outright lies. And, gullible human that I am, I fall for it, and fall because of it. Take, for example, some astrological information which came to me this evening. First, from an astrologer friend in Wisconsin, named Ryan Evans:
     “So begin the days of ‘what we all chose to be incarnated for so we’d better get on with it even if we are incognizant as to what that actually is’. Comprende? Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, ALL RETROGRADE. (the ‘answer’ is either within or you missed it at the last exit and have to circumnavigate.) Until Jan 2013, fight for the true nobility of your heart, protect, defend, and cherish the wounded parts of yourself into healing, and know that you are a molecule in a very large One Body.”

Ooh, I think as I read this, sounds kind of weird, a bit scary… now I have to fight (who, what?) for my heart’s nobility, I have to defend myself, I have to deal with four planets in retrograde?! Yikes! Sounds problematic, like yet more hard, tedious work. Then there is my own personal astrology, which says,
This time can bring you success and social standing, but it also can deprive you of these. Instead of gaining power, you may simply provoke conflict with those who are in power, sometimes quite innocently. You may have no intention of challenging anyone, yet you may find yourself in a tight spot with the authorities. And also:You must avoid becoming obsessed with any plan or course of action, and be particularly ready to reexamine your ideas of right or wrong in any matter. Stand up for what you believe is right, but first make sure that you are right. This influence sometimes can make you feel convinced of a point of view that is actually shaky.” Thanks for the warning, astrology gurus!
Then, if that’s not enough, a good friend here keeps telling me about these enormous solar flares which keep erupting from the sun, thereby sending out huge solar magnetic fields over here to us sitting ducks on Earth, messing with our electro-magnetic fields, weather patterns, and basically crossing our wiring to make us feel, well, rather crappy. Oh, so that’s what’s going on! You mean I am not really dying or ready for the institution? What good news! (I think. Sort of. In a round-about-way.)

Last night I watched a movie which I hadn’t seen in twenty years, called Until the End of the World, by Wim Wenders. It was an interesting, rather convoluted story, involving a beautiful French woman, two American men (both her lovers, of course), a German private investigator, a couple of French thieves, a mad scientist and his still-lovely, blind wife, and some Aborigines. The main characters make their way across 8 countries and many cities, in a kind of strange, surreal travel. At one point, a nuclear satellite explodes over the Earth, and they lose contact with the rest of the world as all of their electronic equipment ceases to work for a couple of months. They are in a compound in the middle of the Australian outback, and suddenly they don’t know if the rest of the world are alive or dead from the blast. Pretty apocalyptic, to be sure.
The film was uneven, at times quite absurd, and yet. There was something haunting about it, in particular the idea that someone could invent a machine which can read somebody’s dreams, record them, and then the person would be able to watch them as if they were watching a movie. To be able to watch one’s own dreams, and of course, others’ dreams, is a very disconcerting idea. In a way it is the ultimate invasion of privacy, the worst crime, depriving a person of their very soul, as one character laments in the film.

Our minds, our most private thoughts, are in a very real way, the last frontier of humanity, along with outer space itself. It is fascinating, as well as horrifying, to imagine the consequences of such discoveries. What if we no longer had the privacy of our own minds, of our own dreams?


Crackling with Solar Flares Flare zoom in

  Maybe it is the influences of all these retrograde planets. Or perhaps the powerful solar magnetic rays affecting my psyche just now. Then again, it’s always possible to blame those pesky hormones. But whatever the cause, these days are providing me with ample opportunities for fear thoughts, for so many ‘what-ifs’ to infiltrate my mind, to wreak havoc with my emotions, to account for my less-than-chipper mood. As my friend Ryan writes, “So begin the days of ‘what we all chose to be incarnated for so we’d better get on with it even if we are incognizant as to what that actually is’. It feels like these days have been going on for a while now, from all indications. But if the astrology says that it is really beginning only now, oh god we had all better fasten our seat belts. This is going to be one helluva bumpy ride!

Dear Readers, from the articles below, you can see for yourselves that I am not the only one feeling the effects of these celestial influences.  And yet, even as I write this anxiety-ridden post, other bloggers I am following are writing about quite other things, from ‘being fabulous, to the latest fashion shows in Milano;  from appreciation, gardening and poisoning, to road trips and life philosophies. This makes me think that I shouldn’t worry, because no matter how frightening the world may seem one day, the next will surely bring a whole new topic to concern myself with, no matter how banal or exciting. Somehow this thought is comforting to me and makes me realize that I don’t have to take the end of the world too seriously. Yet.


Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

5 thoughts on “Retrogrades, nightmares, and mysterious solar flares

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  2. I have been feeling very weird ,too. Awoke at 4:30AM two days in a row….thought it was the transatlantic travel…who knows? What I do know is that these are intense times, astrology or not…..flipped on the news and someone shot up a movie theater in Colorado….15 dead……the world is actually crazy and our job is to stay steady with all the apparent craziness…..


  3. I love solar flares, they look amazing!

    Great post, thanks for the eye opener and info 🙂


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