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There’s always sunshine after rain


Life is funny, isn’t it? I mean, there I was, worrying myself silly for the past weeks before we left Silkeborg, letting my anxiety run amok and feeling pretty bad in general, while all the time there was no need for any of that.

Of course not, the optimistic among you would say. But for those of us who live on the edge of anxiety often, it is not so easy to keep our chins up and our attitudes bright. It runs in my nature to be a worrier, albeit usually needlessly. So it is with relief and pleasure that I report that so far, all signs are positive for a nice future here in our new dwelling in another part of Denmark. Our old city was situated in a lovely lake district in the heart of Jutland, Denmark’s mainland. Now we have moved to what the Jutlanders jokingly refer to as ‘The Devil’s Island,’ otherwise known as Sjælland. This is the farthest eastern part of Denmark, the home of Copenhagen, as well as a lot of beautiful countryside. Our new town is basically a village of about 1100 people. It is a calm, friendly and peaceful place. Instead of being close to woods and lakes, it is surrounded by fields and old Danish-style, charming farms on all sides.

We have a small patio outside the back door, and up a few stairs is a small, well-kept garden with a low stone wall, on top of which grows hydrangea, rhododendron, a few other garden shrubs, behind which stand some larger, exceedingly light green, manicured shrubbery with fun pointy heads. Beyond that is another level of garden, containing more grass, a pretty little apple tree, an old shed and a tree swing, beyond which is the garden wall and some large trees. Down in our little section of the garden there is also lavender, oregano and chives, with room for more. There is even a rose bush in need of being uncovered from the bindweed which is happily covering it up. How lovely to come to a place with a well-kept garden, offering good but not too difficult work for these idle gardening hands!

This evening we walked through the town, to begin to familiarize ourselves with how it is and what is here. We found the local school, the edges of town to the north and west, and watched the nearly full moon rise over the treetops in the east, as the sun sank low in the western sky. It is a perfectly clear, late summer’s evening here in Sjælland. This first full day of living here has brought me hope that life will be nice, fine and most likely even quite interesting in our new village and area of Denmark.

Soon enough, summer vacation will be over, school will start again (it starts early in this country), and the languidness of summer will be done for another year. These last days of being relatively lazy are some of the sweetest and I am relishing them. I trust that all of you are as well, dear Readers. Even us worriers still know how to relax and enjoy ourselves sometimes, after all.


Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

13 thoughts on “There’s always sunshine after rain

  1. YEA! Sound like a wonderful new place for this next cycle for you two…..we send you much love!


  2. I’ve just read this while enjoying that same almost-full moon through my office window on this perfectly clear, late-summer night. Such a small, big world we live in… I’m so happy you’re feeling the joy of getting to know your new home and opening to the new adventures that await you there.
    (And maybe next time you worry in advance of a change, some part of you will remember that things just might turn out pretty well after all!)


  3. It sounds wonderful. I wish you all the best!


  4. Glad you are settling in nicely.


  5. It’s so nice to know you’re settling in well 🙂 It sounds absolutely beautiful!


  6. Sorry, i was away from your blog for a longtime.Congrats for shifting to a new home, a new start at a new place.I can understand that feeling.I am also one of those who can’t let go easily,we love to live with our past,hanging onto it all the time.And same goes for places.It is hard to forget your previous place and start afresh at a new one.But believe me, countryside is so fascinating and beautiful, not forgetting peaceful, that it will absorb your worries, and will give you plenty of time to think and focus on your life.


    • Hi again and thanks for your nice, encouraging words! and for your empathy…. yes, once I find a rhythm and figure out the train and busses to get to the bigger places for shopping and the beloved library, I will feel a bit more relaxed. Thanks for coming back and reading again! Best wishes, SB


  7. Oh, wow. I can only imagine the beauty that you see when stepping out the door of either house. I’ve heard and seen pictures of Denmark; it is a beautiful country. It sounds like someone has already begun a nice, little garden of herbs and spices for you. Now it’s time to let the anxiety melt away with ideas of how to expand it so you can grow and learn about the new area that you live in, just like the garden plants have had to.

    Thank you for sharing with us.


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