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When there is nothing to rely on but faith in the process


Hi again, dear Readers. For the past several days now, each time I have sat down to write a blog, I have come up curiously empty. So many thoughts and impressions course through me within the space of a day, yet so fleeting are they that by the time I try to write something coherent, it has been nearly impossible. Now I try yet again, in hopes that something intelligible will get through the static.

Tonight I give you this quite amazing painting, which I found on one of Clare Flourish’s recent posts. (


It is called Michael defeating the fallen angels, by a Renaissance painter named Giordano. For days I have been fascinated with this image. It seems to symbolize much of what I, and I believe many others, are experiencing right now. This painting is a metaphor of the inner soul as it struggles to overcome the demons which threaten to overtake it. The dark, shadowy parts of the soul are what has absorbed our traumas, our pain, our egoism, our pride. We do not like to believe that we have such darkness inside of us, that we are each capable of truly terrible things if push came to shove, and yet during this summer and autumn (and I guess until something amazing happens in human consciousness to shift us all en masse into a fully higher state of evolution), it is about exactly this darkness coming up into our consciousness in order to see the light of day and be seen by us so that we can deal with it.

These are not exactly easy times to skate through, dear Readers. I don’t know about you, but speaking for myself I have been awash in all sorts of emotional states during this summer, and have re-experienced flashes of old memories from all decades of my life. In addition, I have felt major discomfort in my body, strange symptoms of pain and soreness, which at times has me wondering if I am not long for this world. And yet. I do not actually think I am soon destined for the next world, but more that my body is releasing old (perhaps from-previous-lifetimes old,) traumas and painful memories so that I can finally (glory hallelujah) release them altogether. I have been reading various messages from various beings through several people’s blogsites, and they are all saying things similar to this:

Light frequencies are now amplified to assist in the purging, clearing, healing and releasing of old wounds, cellular memories and false beliefs as well as assisting the physical/etheric body to regenerate and heal itself. The energy of the eighth ray is primarily about the breaking up of old, outdated belief systems and structures, to create form through the rebirth of new energies and beliefs and the experience of Divine Love. In so doing, we transcend our dualities through the “sacred flame of transcendence” and in detachment and Self Mastery, come into a deeper experience of One Unity Consciousness. (

Throughout the ages, there have been systems of knowledge that were given to those who sought the truth of who they were and their purpose for being upon the Earth. This knowledge is now being given freely to all who are ready to receive it and great strides in the Awakening of Humanity are being made. Every moment of every day, the changes that are occurring upon and around your Planet take place and they are now so numerous that the mind boggles trying to fathom the mystery and wonder of it all. Humanity is not lost; it is in the process of finding out more about the reason for its existence and as each puzzle piece fits into place, more questions are being answered and truths given. You will find that each day the changes within you are taking place in a rapid manner and will find yourselves feeling more vitality, clarity and empowerment as the weeks and months continue. Whatever is still left within you that must be released will come up for review, understanding and transmutation into Light. All that was of lower density must be eliminated from every cell of your Being and there is no escape except through this purification process. (

Now some of you may be scratching your heads, and wondering what all of this is really about? Or worse, you may be thinking that I have gone off the deep end entirely, fallen straight into the rainbow-colored hole of Newage Central and you want nothing to do with ‘them.’ But wait, before you go forever, dear Readers, I implore you to keep an open mind, for a few more minutes of your valuable time. If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I am actually a pretty rational person, who ponders life and its meaning. I strive to not be too skeptical, and keep an open mind when presented with this kind of information. I have been reading a blog by VisionKeeper, which has actually given me quite a bit of encouragement and comfort lately. Here is what I commented to VK recently, after one of their posts about their frustration with how asleep most people seem to be concerning all that is actually happening on earth right now: (
I feel in my bones that you write the truth here… yet a part of me simply resists and does not want to accept the good vs. evil battle of Armageddon… it all sounds so Book of Revelationish, reminds me of the Jehovah’s witnesses I associated with so many long years ago when I was young and very naive. So there also is a battle which goes on inside myself. I feel myself to be a person who is awake to what is happening, but I also do not wish to be put into a box and labelled ‘new age weirdo’ or something. So I am careful with my own blog as to what I post and how I say things. I do not want to support and advocate dogma of any kind, I simply wish to, like you, be someone who works to awaken others.
I agree, just sitting at the computer screen day after day, hoping my feeble words will be read by ‘the ones who really need to hear it” and not just singing to the choir, is simply not enough. It’s like how Noah must have felt, building the ark and trying to let the people know that something terrible was going to happen… and most everyone just laughed and ignored him. then, it was too late. I get so terribly tired of being here in this sorry world with all its troubles…I think of the people whom I love so dearly,  all the people, the children, the animals, all the lovely nature on this beautiful earth, and I just want to weep. What can we do in the face of such evil, there just is no other word to describe what those in power are doing all around the planet. It is difficult to keep my chin up and keep hope in a better future. Yet I know this is what I must do.
How to awaken the sleeping, the ones who are totally unaware that there is anything really seriously wrong, the ones who say the global warming is a hoax, the ones who support the politicians who are working for the ones who have an agenda of power, greed and enslavement? God I wish I knew. Our society is so unbelievably fractured into so many individual bits, it’s amazing that any of us agree about anything. Where is sanity? I question my own, often.

VisionKeeper’s reply to me was along the lines of:
You cannot be afraid of labels SB!! Have courage to be who you are despite what others think! Those days are gone. You don’t want to be around people who judge anyway. That is 3rd dimension old crap. We are moving on to the new world where people care and respect and love each other, no judgments! Don’t ever be afraid to be who you are. That will just hold you back from moving forward.

I am taking VisionKeeper’s words to heart. The conclusion I have now come to, after months (okay, years) of conversations and reading, combined with my own personal introspection and awareness of things, is that it seems to be true that we human beings truly ARE changing in a fundamental way and becoming fifth dimensional beings. What this actually means, I cannot with confidence say for sure. But at the least, it means that we are learning to live, to function; to move, think and feel in a whole new way than before. I think it must mean that the old rules no longer apply. That our old ways of thinking and doing in life no longer work. If we are changing from the inside out, then we have to learn to adapt, to learn new rules. I have read it is as if we are in the process of uploading a new operating system within our cellular structure; our actual DNA is changing. It is fantastic, it is so Star Trek or whatever, and yet, it seems to be the case. Nothing we can do about it except ‘do the upgrade.’ We cannot stay in the old system, just like our old, outdated PCs from ten years ago, the old ways no longer function.

“Evolve or leave” is the basic motto of Now. Of course there are many humans who are leaving, they are dying to the earth and moving on to another realm. But for those of us who are still here, the main thing we must do now is to Let Go of the Old. The Dark. The Outworn. The No-Longer-Serves. The Old You. The Old Me.

Description unavailable

Yes, this is what is urgently being called for now. The letting go of what we used to know, how we used to be with each other. It simply does not work anymore! To be judging. To be arrogant. To be mud-slinging. To be hateful. To be petty. To be fearful. To hold on. No,we can no longer hold on, because what I am beginning to really understand now is that there simply is NOTHING to hold onto any longer. Not our homes, our town, our government, our old beliefs about how the world is (or was) our monetary systems, our prejudices, our arrogance, our righteousness. All of this is changing, hopefully, for the better. I am not one of those who wants to simply chant “Peace and Love” thinking that is enough, or that is all we need to do. This is a complicated business, this life we share. There is much more to it than simplistic slogans, we all know that. I personally think that there is much more to life than to simply want to be ‘happy.’ Happiness alone is vastly overrated. It’s not about that, nor about having things, no. Life is about EXPERIENCING it, as consciously and deliberately as possible. With as much compassion and heart as you can muster. Every day, every hour, every minute, even. But muster we must.

With this post tonight, I am doing it: I am finding my courage and taking the leap to define what I believe is happening, and letting you decide for yourselves. If you think I am a Newage Nutcase, then So Be It. I will end with a snippet of a beautiful prayer I also have found in the past couple of days:
“I love the Light more than anything else in the world and I know that Your Light is all Wisdom, Love and Power within me and in all my experiences in my outer world. I take my stand in the Light for I AM THE LIGHT. And I am so grateful.”

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Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

9 thoughts on “When there is nothing to rely on but faith in the process

  1. My eyes are wet with gratitude.


  2. You are NOT a New Age nutcase. This the the best blog you have written, in my humble opinion……insightful, and, to my deepest inner sensing, absolutely correct. We are being transmuted, cleansed, purified so that the old crap MUST be released if we are to function in the new “world.” Actually, this is what we took birth for!


  3. Plainly put: You are a unique individual with your own beliefs and system of thought. Whether you want to deny it or not, there are many who will judge you simply because they know how. Instead of expecting everyone to believe in you and what you believe, you should focus more attention on believing in yourself.

    Thank you for sharing.


    • I appreciate your comment. I will give your words some thought, esp. concerning expectations that I may have of others. Thank you for reading.


      • It is up to each of us as an individual to choose what we allow to shape us. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink rings just as true as: You can offer the blind a view, but you can’t make them see.


        • I bow to your cleverness, Mr. Husted. Your words are true, however that doesn’t change the simple wish that I have to HELP, particularly those whom I love the most, who are most certainly struggling mightily right now. Frustration runs high in my blood… guess I can hold to my father’s wise words: chin up, tomorrow is another day. thanks for the communique. SB


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