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A vision through and beyond


As I sit down to gather my thoughts for this blog tonight, I am struck by the feeling that I am sitting before a giant jigsaw puzzle: I have a thousand pieces strewn all about, knowing that ultimately the pieces will come together to form a beautiful image, and knowing too how much work and effort it will take to complete it. The building of a new world, a new Jerusalem, if you will allow, is the most daunting and necessary task we must undertake. There is no more time to waste, we are beginning it now.

During the past couple of months now I have been consumed by blog posts which speak of the significance of the days we are living through now, this special year. How we are gaining in the momentum of love and compassion, how our awareness is expanding and therefore affecting the collective of humanity in amazing and beautiful ways. Post after post say essentially the same thing: keep going, don’t lose sight of the goal, continue to expand your light, your love, your consciousness throughout the planet, there is a huge shift underway because of and through your efforts, do not give into dark energy, keep your spirits bright. All the writers acknowledge the extreme pace of our efforts, of the intensity of the energies which affect each and all of us on many levels, of the need to keep calm and away from the dramas playing out on the world stage.

It is woefully apparent to many people by now that what is sorely lacking in our world is a creative vision for our collective future. We are bombarded by images and visions of an apocalyptic future full of catastrophes and horrors of every description as Hollywood and the mainstream media feed us a constant diet of utterly useless garbage which gets us humans nowhere but in a state of extreme anxiety. Yet even in the midst of all of this junkfood-cultural wasteland which masquerades as ‘entertainment,’ there are more and more signs of unmistakable positivity, of hopefulness, of humans recognizing that what we need is to be uplifted, inspired, engaged and creatively using our gifts. And this is happening all around us in ways big and small. Case in point: the growing popularity of ‘flashmobs’ who spontaneously gather to hear live music in airports and on trains, watch people start dancing out of nowhere, or do other similar creative and humorous random acts. Improvisation is becoming a new type of street art, capable of cropping up in the least expected places and at surprising times. Thanks to Lightening Drops for this Youtube:

Thich Nhat Hanh once wrote, “Smiling is very important. If people cannot smile, the world cannot have peace.” Such a simple act, to smile at another human! Yet I myself have moments and hours in a day when things become so heavy, so serious, that I forget my humor and cease smiling. It is all too easy to let the weight of the world’s problems get to you, and bring you down. To give into cynicism and bewilderment. To close off your heart to the wonders which are surrounding you right in your own home or neighborhood. Once you awaken to the joys of living in the moment, life brightens instantly. I walked along the edge of the fields of our little town yesterday. From the path I could see miles into the distance, and watched as the clouds moved across the landscape, changing the colors of the land and patches of trees from sunlit to shaded by the clouds. It was wonderous to see how the scene shifted and changed as huge shadows moved quickly across. And a metaphor for our daily lives; one moment we experience lightness, the next a shadow moves over our hearts. So do we associate with the shadows and winds, or with the trees and earth? With the flocks of birds which light upon the fields and then, all at once, fly up and move to another, choicer location?

Dear Readers, if you have read some of my recent posts, you know that I have become very fond of a wonderful author named Ben Okri. Now I am reading a new book by him, A Time for New Dreams. It is made up of poetic essays about the current state of humanity, and what we can do to create a new future for ourselves. His voice is clear and eloquent, and there is much to value in his musings. In the last essay of the book, he makes a plea for a new vision for humanity. He writes,

To whom do we turn for guidance? Teachers have had their scope limited by the prevailing fashions of education. Artists have become appreciated more for scandal than for important revelations about our lives. Writers are entertainers, provocateurs or-if truly serious- more of less ignored. The Church speaks with a broken voice. Politicians are guided by polls more than by vision. We have disembowelled our oracles. Anybody who claims to have a new vision is immediately suspect.

So now that we have taken a blowtorch to the ideas of sages, guides, bards, holy fools, seers, what is left in our cultural landscape?

This is where we step out into a new space. What is missing most in the landscape of our times is the sustaining power of myths that we can live by. If we need a new vision for our times, what might it be? One of our much-neglected qualities is the creative ability to reshape our world. Our planet is under threat. We need a new one-planet thinking.

Every society has a legend about a treasure that was lost. The message of the Fisher King is as true now as ever. Find the Grail that was lost. Find the values that were so crucial to the birth of our civilization, but were lost in the intoxication of its triumphs.

We can enter a new future only by reconnecting what is best in us, and adapting it to our times. Education ought to be more global; we need to restore the pre-eminence of character over show, and wisdom over cleverness. We need to be more a people of the world.

 This evening as I walked along an empty country road near our town, I thought of how different life could be if people would simply walk instead of always taking their cars to get places. One sees the world in a very different way by foot; in a more immediate, natural way. I really believe that in order to create a new global vision and a healthy future for everyone, the majority of people must reconnect with Nature. It is one of the keys to the kingdom, and cannot be ignored any longer. Nature must be revered by humanity once more, before we can hope to fundamentally change our world for the better.

Through this post, I hope to have put a couple of puzzle pieces together as we collectively create the new image for our future. Thank all of you for reading, and for connecting your own pieces of this intricate and beautiful image of our future world that we are collectively creating.


Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

6 thoughts on “A vision through and beyond

  1. Greetings SB….So well said….I appreciate your insights and magic with words.
    I loved this sentence!
    We can enter a new future only by reconnecting what is best in us, and adapting it to our times.


    • Thanks for reading and commenting, VK. I highly recommend Ben Okri’s writings… he has a rare insight and eloquence, and his words have been very inspiring to me during this autumn of intense changes. Blessings back to you, SB


  2. Dearest Singingbones, Dave and I laughed out loud while watching the videos about improveverywhere. Many thanks for putting a smile on our faces. Your fans


  3. Dear one…the words of truth spring forth from this blog…I purchased Ben Okri’s book and will begin reading it soon…as I continue working on our Transition Town initiative, I must remember to keep it light and positive…….


    • Well, at least keep being positive…. and simply honest about the process, what works and what doesn’t, and remember my friend, one foot in front of the other is how to climb a mountain of any size….


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