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Movement of Jah People


Tonight I am blogging as inspired by a blog I read today by Visionkeeper, One World Rising (

Visionkeeper referred to the Hippie movement which began around fifty years ago, with its apex being around 1968, the year in which significant events occurred in the United States and in Europe, including Denmark. Part of Visionkeeper’s blog was a kind of lament for those days of idealism, when the youth rose up into a large and undeniable movement for its ideals of Love, Peace and Freedom, and then a rallying cry to return to the lion-warrior energy of those times. Some of us were alive and old enough to understand the power of that moment in time, some embraced its ideology fully and went on to devote their lives to the realization of those goals for humanity. In the intervening years, much happened in the United States and in the world to crush those idealistic dreams which the Hippies embodied. Some gave up, gave in, put their dreams upon the shelf to collect dust and memories, became “respectable members of society,” sought material gain and success, and all the rest of it. Others never gave up their youthful dreams of a better world, and as they lived their lives, kept those ideals nurtured in their secret hearts for the time when they would once again be able to embrace them.

It is undeniable to anyone breathing upon the planet today that we are living in extraordinary times. There are huge shifts happening to our earth, and to all of us humans, no matter how conscious or unconscious we may be individually. Visionkeeper’s post gave me pause to think a bit deeper about the movement which ostensibly ‘began’ around fifty years ago. Who were those hippies and where did they come from? Of course many books have been written on this subject, so I don’t need to delve into it in that way. But. I think that too many people see that generation of people as a single, isolated movement in history, when in fact it was never that, they were (and still are) a group of people with a long lineage throughout history of those who have been keeping these ideals alive.

As long as there have been groups of people living together, there have been those who embraced life in a peaceful and harmonious way, who knew the value of love and freedom. In fact, contrary to what some would have us believe, it seems that the majority of humankind has embraced these values for thousands of years. Many wars have come to most of the cultures of the world, with the leaders of them spouting a different doctrine to follow, with values which contrasted sharply to the people who were, then as now, simply living their lives. But throughout all of those eons of  wars and doctrines and dogmas;  the peace-loving, artistic, creative, culture-loving folk have always persisted, endured and moved forward through time. Rebelling against the status quo is a very old story indeed, particularly on the part of the youth, for obvious reasons.

 From this perspective, it becomes clear that  the Hippie movement of the 1960s was really just another in a long line of movements of The People for a better world, a united humanity, a beautiful vision of the future. And the great pendulum of Time continues to swing. After that bright spot came other movements, other ideas which gained popularity, conservatism became popular once more, capitalism continued to grow, leading to globalization and well, here we are now in 2012. As Visionkeeper pointed out in his (or her, excuse me for not knowing who exactly this mysterious blogger is) post, there are far too many people wasting their time, energy and resources on poison of every description: mindnumbing television, poor-quality food, chemical-laden water and air, and deceitful news media, to name a few. I couldn’t agree more, the times are calling for extraordinary vigilance in order to not let the ills of the world pollute our minds, bodies and souls.

As many of you are aware, dear Readers, once you disengage from the mainstream, you begin to see more and more clearly what is going on, and from that better vantage point, it becomes easier to join in the alternative stream of humanity, which is concerned with the values which all people’s movements hold dearest: Truth, Love and Freedom, which equals Peace. I know only too well how disheartening it can be to look at all the foolishness and dangerous decisions being made every day by the majority of the world’s governments. And it can feel like we are simply helpless victims, caught in a net of stupidity and outright evil and dictatorship and insanity. But I say, along with many of you reading this now, that it is simply not the truth. We are not victims. The movement is very much alive, and has always been. It has changed, evolved and grown in thousands of ways over the course of time, of our own lifetimes. But dead it certainly is not. Viva La Revolution!

This coming weekend there will be another annual Bioneers conference in San Rafael, California. This conference has been going on for many years by now, and only continues to grow larger and more interesting each year. It is a gathering of all sorts of people who are working, in one field or another, towards a peaceful, loving, honest, healthy future for Earth and all of its inhabitants. I had the good fortune to attend this conference, in a satellite gathering of it, in Eugene Oregon about six years ago. The thing I remember the most, was a presentation by Paul Hawken, who is an expert on People’s movements the world over. He had prepared a slide show which was simply a list of many of the various groups, initiatives, organizations, etc., all over the world, who are working for these common goals. The amazing part was, at first the list rolled on fairly slowly, so that I could read the individual names (like the credits after a movie.) Then it started moving faster and faster, until it finally was simply like a white strip along a black background on the screen. His talk lasted about twenty minutes, while the list kept going on. And he said that his list of organizations would keep going for the next two days, until the conference was over. In other words, there are so many thousands upon thousands of groups of people who are working towards a future for good, justice, truth, health, freedom, love and peace, that the list is basically endless. The image of that white blur across the black screen has stayed with me ever since, the knowledge that no matter how bleak a picture the mainstream paints of our world, that in fact the exact opposite is also true: There is Good happening all over the world, all the time, every day and night. More and more so all the time.

Tonight I will end this post by simply endorsing Visionkeeper’s words: for those who have still not completely given up ingesting the mainstream’s lies and poison, NOW would be an excellent time to do so. Think of it like quitting smoking or drinking or eating junkfood: maybe a little difficult at first, but once you have quit, you quickly realize that you feel like a new person, and wonder why in the world you waited so long to give up that horrible habit! Say no to their lies, to their fear-mongering and to mind-heart-psyche poison. Embrace the Light, Love, Freedom and Truth: We are one people of Earth, what happens to one of us, happens to all of us. Cynicism doesn’t serve anyone. Say Yes to a peaceful, healthy and free future for the earth. Re-create culture, make art, sing songs, dance, make and eat wonderful healthy food, relax more (way more!) read good books, listen to wonderful music, tell stories. Hug your friends and loved ones every chance you get. Garden wherever you can. Plant trees. Be grateful. Give thanks for it all, for your life, for those you love. Give what you can to others. Remember to smile. Run around sometimes. Play. Feel the ground under your feet and the heavens over your head. Listen more, speak less. Dream of the beauty and majesty which awaits us in future times. Be encouraged (thanks to Stephen Edwards for this phrase!) and keep hope alive inside your heart. Listen to little children. Listen to very old people. Be quiet. Pray. Hope and trust and just keep pouring out love… forgive them and love them anyway. Recognize that you are free no matter what it looks like on the outside. Freedom is a state of mind first, then a state of being in the world. See the divinity in all beings. Know you are not alone, ever. I see the light within you, and I honor it. Love and honor yourself.


Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

4 thoughts on “Movement of Jah People

  1. Yep, we Lightworkers are here and alive and stiil dreaming the dream… hold steady through the changes that are coming and keep on keeping on…..


  2. Right on SB….Very well done 🙂 Love Bioneers!!! Such a remarkable group of people they come up with every year and amazing insights how to a better life by changing what we do….I’ll have to see who they have on the guest list this year. Thanks for reminding me…The wonderful part about the so called hippie movement is we never went away!!!! We are still here thinking the same way and always looking for better ways to run the world…It is a group that will live on forever!!!Blessings….VK


  3. You did an excellent job of capturing and relaying the Spirit of those times…I lived it and I can remember being completely shocked and dumbfounded when everyone seem to be moving “on.” Except I didn’t want to go…I thought it was real…but I knew something was wrong when I saw John Lennon leaning on the fender of his Rolls Royce.

    Be encouraged!


  4. I attended a similar “bioneers” conference at the Findhorn Community in the mid-80’s, where nearly a thousand people; concerned networkers and groups passionately intent on creating change, attended workshops, lectures and symposiums with ideas on how to create a better world. I think you are right on Leigh, with your observations that positive change is an ongoing process. At that particular conference, it seemed that Spirit was revealing to us that the only way to truly change anything in our world is to persevere in the process of personal transformation, authentic action and by nurturing compassion. To my surprise when I returned home, I began to realize that wherever I walked, whomever I was with, whatever I am doing adds to my community if I can get my heart and mind right. Thanks for another thoughtful and well-written blog.


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