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Awakening from dreams and nightmares


There is a little figure sitting by my computer, a kind of sculpture which I made some months ago. It is of a human form, whose face wears an inscrutable expression. His eyes appear to be closed, his arms are wide open, and he is suspended from an empty bottle which holds him up. Tonight this sculpture is showing me a part of myself, the part which is dreaming, unsure of what is real and what is illusion. To be perfectly honest, I am no longer quite sure which is which.

In the past month or more, I have been fascinated with the story of Alice in Wonderland, as well as immersing myself in Ben Okri’s wonderous imaginations. (as I am sure you, dear Readers, are well aware, having been reading this blog!) Once Alice falls down the White Rabbit’s hole, her reality is changed immeasurably. I guess I am having a kind of Wonderland experience these days, walking around in a world where things are no longer simply how they seem, where magical beings appear from out of nowhere, and where things which once seemed so solid and normal have become less and less so.

Okri’s intricate and vast story, Starbook, is having some kind of transformative effect on my soul, in ways that are difficult to describe in words. It is one of the most unusual books I have ever read, working as it does on different levels of my consciousness. Without going on and on about it, I can say that his writing is somehow shifting how I experience life, imperceptively and yet definitively. Then there are the blogs. Several of them bring me, along with all the other people who read them, daily doses of a very particular kind of energy, akin to taking a powerful course of homeopathic medicine designed to subtly and substantially alter our minds and hearts. I am stating for the record, it is working.

This week here in Denmark the schools have Autumn Holidays, so I have been free to take long walks, sleep and dream a lot, read, and generally ponder the current state of humanity. As I am sure you are all well aware, there is a whole lot to ponder. Like something I read a day or so ago. In that particular post, there was the statement that due to so many people’s beginning ascension to higher consciousness, humanity will no longer need to keep reincarnating from lifetime to lifetime, we instead are now in a new process whereby we are basically ‘doing it as we go’ a kind of DIY assessment and forgiveness process. If I read this blog correctly, they are saying that as we leave third dimensionality, we develop the ability to self-correct our former karmic trespasses through remembrance and forgiveness (of the other and of ourselves) and therefore will no longer need to physically die, go through whatever we go through in the spiritual realms, and then re-incarnate into a different physical form in order to learn from and remedy our karma. Uh huh, that is really what some are saying is part of this new ‘reality’ for lack of a better term.

The implications of this one thing alone are staggering! It is just one example of the times we are living in, where nearly all the old rules no longer apply, like we are collectively deciding to throw out the old game we were all playing together, and at the same time, make up a new one with all new rules. Except that there are nearly NONE in the new game, because once you throw out the old, you find out that we were all just making it up anyway, and you realize that you don’t really need any of those stupid rules after all. Out with karma! Forget having to die and then be born lifetime after staggering lifetime. Forget all the stuff you learned from your parents as a dutiful (or rebelled against being one) child. Forget all that old crap you learned in Sunday school. Forget about rotting in hell, that was all made up! You name it: Duality, Good vs. Evil, Black and White, Us and Them, I and the Other, whatever names you give it, It (meaning the illusion) is going away. Fast.

So now what? Now that our little illusion game which we have been playing all these eons, apparently, is nearly over, what is next? What are we going to do now that the game is done, the illusion is gone, the veils have been taken down, and there is only a blank canvas staring back at each one of us?

Space. The Final Frontier. Those of us who know these words, (and the little tune which accompanies them) know that it is a HUGE statement. Now what? Now that we are no longer fast asleep, no longer part of this collective dream -nightmare we have been in for so long, now that we are waking up to a whole different reality, what are we going to do, to think, to create, to be?

Maybe it is a little bit like when a prisoner who has been in jail for many years, finally gets his freedom. He is given a few basics, some new clothes, a handshake maybe, and then the doors are opened, and he walks through. He has his freedom, but he has absolutely no idea what to do with himself. He was in captivity for so long, so used to how familiar it was, even in its misery, that once freed, he is quite lost. It takes time, sometimes a long time, to adjust to being free.

So it is with us, perhaps? The shock of the huge changes we are experiencing is hitting me full on, and along with the excitement of the idea of freedom from karma, from bondage, from illusory lifetimes, is a real terror of what lies ahead. Especially since no one who is alive in human form today has any idea of what life will actually be like without the illusions. (Well, okay, maybe some intense gurus and wise men and women living in remote areas of the earth do, but…) Point is, nearly all of us are facing the blank canvas. We know we can’t paint old pictures anymore, the old stuff is gone. It is totally new.

My dear friend, Dr. David Banner, sent me a wonderful Youtube video today. It is called Awakening 2012: a message of hope  (

I watched it this morning, and its message touched my heart deeply. If any of you, dear Readers, have about 25 minutes free, I highly recommend watching it. My favorite part was when people stood in a line and held hands, and as the line grew wider and wider, one could imagine this line of humans holding hands all around the planet!

I made a new blogging friend today. His name is Ascerio, and he kindly shared a poem with me. I think it is beautiful, and so I hope he doesn’t mind that I share it with all of you. Because we all need to take the time to see what there is to see.

My eyes paint my world in the colors of my heart
My dreams and my visions have become a work of art
All that is inside me turns to everything I see
I am you, you are me
Let me see

My fears and my judgments become children spouse and friend
All I think is real is merely what’s inside of me
Everything’s a lesson, freedom in humility
I am you, you are me
Let me see

Life’s a house of mirrors the creator paints through me
When I accept all others I accept that part in me
The beauty of my spirit is who I want to be
I am you, you are me
Let me see
I am you, you are me
Let me see




Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

4 thoughts on “Awakening from dreams and nightmares

  1. Whew…these blogs are getting better and better…in my opinion. You are going through an amazing process and you bless us all by sharing it with us……… are a brilliant light, my love………


  2. I sent this spontaneous expression to a friend in Wales yesterday who was contemplating similar ideas as you are SB:

    We are connecting
    Holding hands

    Hearts abound
    Yes enlightening
    Friends abound

    Please and thank you
    Flower to flower
    Open hearts abound

    Thank you for inspiring living without rules and old ideas. I just looked up the lyrics of “Bye Bye Black Bird” that I was singing in today’s shower and was imagining this week-end of promised huge possible changes as we may get to sing Bye Bye to the Dark Cabal and all our Duality divisive programming.

    This is an excerpt from this morning’s writing about some really aghast ONENESS up and coming possible revelations:

    “What makes us seem to appear in concrete physical unreality, Duality, is when we pretend one engendered gender of us isn’t here with us. Duality appears from when half of who we really are is missing, so when we pretend to only be one gender or the other it’s difficult to remember the other half is the one we came here to forgive, from thinking marriage can ever replace Atonement. A male is never completely forgiven until he forgives the woman in him that hated men before, and a female is never completely forgiven until she forgives the man in her that hated women before.”


    • Hi Ascerio, thanks for your thoughts here tonight. Your mention of the Blackbird song reminds me of the Beatles song Blackbird, which is one of my favorite all time songs! And I love your words to your Welsh friend. What you share about forgiving of the other gender-half of us is something I shall take to sleep with me to ponder…. you go deep, my new friend. blessings and gratitude from my heart to yours on this special weekend. SB


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