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Because the Sun is now in Scorpio


Because the Sun has now moved into Scorpio, sign of darkness, depth, mystery and secrets, or maybe just because I am tired in a way that is difficult to describe, whatever the reason, tonight I feel like ranting a bit. Dear Readers, if you are feeling happy and light and gay, full of joy and levity and laughter, please skip my post tonight. I am feeling anything but.

For months now, I have kept myself carefully away from Politics, hardly even daring to mention the presidential race with anyone, unwilling to even think about it. I have been cautiously avoiding ‘The World” in this way, knowing as I do that it serves no good purpose to get emotionally embroiled in this world arena fraught with deceit, intrigue, darkness and guile of every sort. I feel that there is really no one worth the effort to take a deeper look into, no one to support anymore in American politics. What perhaps was once two distinct parties has now merged into one big Mess. Democracy, that lofty ideal, is not a functioning system in the United States (was it ever?) and I am basically disgusted with the entire arena of American politics at this point in history.

Having stated this for the record, I realized with a shock that the presidential election is now two weeks away. At the moment, it seems like a cliff-hanger as to who will be president in January. How different the energy was in the United States four years ago! There was such a sense of excitement about the whole thing, and I remember seeing so many people who were behind Obama and his ‘vision’ for America, all that Yes We Can energy was really something amazing to behold. It felt like a turning point, a real chance for the changes that thousands upon thousands of Americans (and I suppose people all over the world) were hoping to experience. Election night four years ago was exciting, hopeful, suspenseful, and, for many of us who believed in Obama and his ideals, victorious. Now things would change for the better, in a thousand ways! It was a very exciting moment in our collective memory.

Fast forward to October, 2012. Promises broken, many dreams crushed, very little progress made in many of the areas that progressives and moderates were hoping for. We have to admit, the past four years have been pretty dismal, politically speaking. I have lived outside of the United States for over half of his presidency, and see things from a different perspective. Being in Europe, US foreign policy is especially important here. From the little I have learned about what the Obama administration has enacted, it is a pretty grim picture as well. Human rights abuses continue, armed forces continue to perform acts of violence in many areas of the world, and American citizens’ rights have been eroded more than ever before. Dismal, disappointing, and desperate.

Today I read somebody’s blog where the writer said plainly that he was supporting Obama, that he thought Obama had been effectively gagged and tied from doing the things he had dreamt of doing for America by the ‘Dark Cabal’ since the day he took the presidency. That threats had been made and would surely be carried out on his family and his own life, and things along these lines. I am not about to dispute or agree with any of these claims, because obviously none of us have any way of knowing the truth. But having heard about the laws he has signed, giving away precious rights and opening up the doors wide to the real possibility of fascist dictatorship in our battered country, as well as agreeing to dropping bombs on civilians in order to pave the way for those cabals to obtain oil and weapons and drugs and all manner of torturous horrors to any who oppose them; all of this and more adds up to a human being who is not, cannot possibly be, so enlightened and advanced and humane as some want to still believe. Or can he?

Again and again over the last four years, I have been reminded of the old story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” I guess most of us remember that one, where all of the Emperor’s pundits and lapdogs appease him and pretend that he is having the most wonderful set of new garments made for him, the most Illustrious ruler of the kingdom, out of fear of retribution if they were to tell him the truth. Of course, as the story goes, it took a little, innocent child to speak the plain truth at the end of the story, before the rest of the people could speak up and understand what was really happening.

Isn’t it really time for the people of the United States to finally speak up and understand what is really happening? There is no democracy there, for all intensive purposes. The two-party system and the electoral college, all the corruption, pandering, arm-twisting, intrigues, lobbyists, and special interests all add up to only one logical conclusion: Revolution. But not a revolution made through blood and violence. Rather, a truly revolutionary new way to govern, a new model built on a foundation of stewardship, trust, honesty, compassion, wise forethought, common purpose: in short, an enlightened approach to leadership.

It is time to get real about the state of America. It is no longer the land of the free, and not enough are feeling brave yet. The Occupy Movement of last year was a real step towards something new, a better way to govern, to allow everyone to speak and be heard, to decide by consensus, to work in small groups, to not have an overriding agenda and list of demands. Those protesters’ camps were at the forefront of something new, something better, and much more democratic than what now passes for governence in the United States. Perhaps the federal government ought to be dismantled altogether, and each state take back its sovereignty, and allow individual, local communities to rule themselves. It would be a great start on a future of peace and true justice.

Perhaps it is time to go beyond divisive political parties altogether, and find a new way to make decisions about things that affect people’s lives and the communities in which they live. Small initiatives are happening all around the country, and also around the world by now, and there are many fine examples of people who are governing themselves peacefully and well which we can use as models. The knowledge and expertise is here, now. All that needs to happen is for enough Americans to stand up, like the little child in the story, and raise their voices and say, ‘Look here, this is a total farce. Let’s do something altogether different.’

Whenever I despair, I remember that the way of truth and love has always won. There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail. Think of it: always.  — Ghandi

No matter what happens on election night in the United States, one thing is clear. It will not be earth-shattering, it will not be the beginning of anything fabulous or peaceful or progressive. Whether Obama gets re-elected or not, I do not think much will change (certainly not for the better) as long as the United States electorate remains asleep and blind and accepting of Business-As-Usual. The Ghandis and Martin Luther Kings of the last century are nowhere to be seen. There are no real leaders among us right now, and that might well be because it is time to go beyond following a leader. What is needed is for each and all of us to become our own leader, to lead by our conscious example, by our own integrity and honesty and hearts. If we are standing on the edge of a New Age, as so many are now admitting we are, then this new age shall be one of Self-leadership, cooperation, respect for All Life, transparency, and listening. We as a whole would further ourselves immensely by listening much more to others, especially the ones who do not speak very loudly or often.

Dear Readers, thanks for reading this rant tonight, and musings from a weary fellow traveller on the road to freedom. I will end with a phrase from a post I read concerning the election. The directive is: “We would ask each of you to send the blue flame of light, of truth, of integrity, of change, of hope into the heart of the electorate, not just all of the candidates, but to every single person who is voting.” Then later on in this post there is more about what the governments of the (maybe not too distant) future will be like:

“So all those desires, all those attachments to what you think of as the false paradigms, the false grids, the false belief systems attached to old forms of government are gone. Now, may there be many who, as they go through the shift, say, “I have absolutely no interest or calling to participate in government”? Yes. There will be floods of people who say “I have been putting too much energy in that and I wish to hand the reins over to someone else.”

So there will be a great deal of flexibility in terms of who is running what. But the purpose of this is not to create mass chaos, not to create fear, because that is of the old. So when you think of temporary governments, simply think of citizens stepping forward with the expertise, the knowledge and the right frame of mind and heart to assist in anchoring the new.

What you think of as political processes will be very outdated. No, we do not mean that what you think and cherish as democratic processes will not be in place. Of course they will because, because it is the only way when the collective is in a unity state of heart. But what you think of as government will shift enormously. It will be far more a role of stewardship than a role of authority or custodian.Therefore the type of person interested in governance will be dramatically different as well.” (from

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Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

4 thoughts on “Because the Sun is now in Scorpio

  1. Rant on SB!!! Things are surreal here in America for sure. Three quarters of the people are dumbed down by pharmaceutical drugs and fluoride in the water and Haarp and are being held captive by television.We are kept busy round the clock so we can’t become informed because we are trying to survive in lousy jobs so we can pay our bills. We are being systematically poisoned by chemtrails and our food and water so everyone’s health is failing slowly. To top it all off our military is so well equipped with barbaric and inhumane weaponry no one dares do anything I don’t think. I know a great many people who are not voting at all which won’t change anything but will certainly send a message we will not comply!!!! I stay holed up on my land and seldom go into town except when I need food. I have no desire to talk to anyone. I do that on the internet with like minded people. Things are happening though behind the scenes and we are fast approaching the breaking point. Very soon things will implode and the seeds of the new world will spring up and take root amid the chaos. Say some prayers SB..


  2. Leigh…an outstanding and penetrating post….I agree 100%! We need to come forth out of dependency on ANY authority figures for our direction as a country but speak the truth as empowered individuals…..Obama has been a HUGE disappointment to me (and many of us)….I was really going to vote Green Party but an article by Daniel Ellsberg made me re-think this decision….since I live in a “swing state”, so voting for anyone else but the two “clowns”, literally can give the election to Romney….. which could arguably be even worse!

    What I need to do is express the finest qualities of character I can as this drama unfolds!!!!!


  3. Democracy, that lofty ideal, is not a functioning system in the United States (was it ever?) I can only respond with the word NO!
    Have you read THE PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES? It is a real eye opener.
    If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged.
    Noam Chomsky
    Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media.
    Noam Chomsky
    Quotes curtesy of brainyquote
    Your thoughts on dismantling the federal government I must agree with. It is broken and out of control. The control is suppose to be a consensus of THE PEOPLE, not a few corporations.
    Thanks for what may possibly be your most important post to date!


    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments, and for the Noam Chomsky. I haven’t read the book you mention, but have looked at it.
      So, where do we go from here, I wonder? The struggles continue, look at Spain right now… Greece… people are rising up and saying NO to their government’s unfair and extremely restrictive politics…. when will this happen in the US to the point of being too big to ignore? The stakes are high and things are getting more and more extreme. I agree with Visionkeeper’s comment recently about Free Energy being a central key to the whole puzzle. Imagine how the world would change overnight if energy became free…. that is a thought worth imagining….. blessings, Lea. SB


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