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In the thick of it


Thanks to those of you who liked and commented upon last evening’s blog post about the upcoming election and the general mess that the United States is now in. My blogger friend Visionkeeper went into some details concerning this sorry situation, and told me that she (though I STILL do not know for sure!) has pretty much given up on being with other humans in the area and is simply being a hermit on her land, only communicating with like-minded others through the internet as things unfold, until the world changes dramatically. This comment has given me pause for thought tonight.

Those of you who have read this blog for some time can see that I would never call myself a religious person. Especially given the connotations of the word these days, charged with ideas of fanaticism and extreme right-wing conservative energy. So religious I am not. Yet, I absolutely know that I, along with all the rest of us humans, answer to a higher power. I don’t have a problem with the term ‘God’ although I tend to not use it in my blogs because I know that some people really dislike the term and associate it with old, bad, maybe even traumatic, memories. Same thing with that old book, The Bible. What an abused book that is! At this point in history, it is very difficult to separate the truth from the lies and fabricated stories and meanings surrounding it. And yet. There are some images, and snippets, from the Bible that simply keep popping up these days, out of the clear blue.

One has to do with the idea that ‘during those days” families will be separated, children from parents, brother from sister, and some will follow the light,(may I say it thus,) while others will be left behind. Then there is the imagery which speaks to the famous “last days,” with the sign of the beast, and the prostitute, people throwing their money in the streets because it has become so worthless, etc…. some of you may remember these images also. Remember, I am not by any means, a religious fanatic. But I cannot help but notice that some of these images, prophesied all those many centuries ago, seem to have some relevance about now. Funny, isn’t it?

It does seem to be quite true for many of us, that were we to speak about the things we are aware of and are reading about which are happening in the world with our colleagues, or neighbors, or even other family members, they would very likely look at us as if we are off our rockers. As time goes by during this extraordinary year, I am becoming braver and braver about mentioning certain things to others. Unfortunately, nearly nobody seems to have a clue what I am speaking about, or else they blow me off and come up with all sorts of reasons why ‘that’ is impossible, or even worse, patronize me.

I have a lot of sympathy for Visionkeeper and her strategy of staying out of the mainstream of life in her part of the world. It is frustrating to feel that you see things clearly, yet cannot speak of those things with the people you work and live with each day. I imagine that Visionkeeper lives alone out on her land, which of course makes it easy in many ways. Since I do not, I have developed a different strategy for coping, where I go inside of myself and so no matter who else may be physically present, I can still accomplish a similar end; being by myself in order to be quiet, process my thoughts, and take in the latest information about, well, Things.

Still, it certainly gets lonely around here pretty often. Today I went to the school to do some volunteer English teaching again. When I asked another teacher, a nice Danish woman whom I like quite a lot, how she had been, her answer, AGAIN, was, “tired!”  I smiled and nodded, “me too.” So many are tired, and the children are feeling the changes as well in their own ways; through unnatural fears, a lot of anxiety, tiredness, sadness, anger, and the like. I spent most of one period reading a simple and funny children’s story with one girl, Alberta, who, I was told, was feeling quite bad and scared in the morning before I came. That’s all we did, but she seemed to feel better afterwards. So did I.

Walking home through the field, the wind blowing against me from the north, I didn’t think too much. Not about the election, not about the state of America, not about all the unfairness and corruption, not about pain or suffering, stupidity or sleepwalking. So many difficult and worrisome things I didn’t think about today. And this afternoon I worked some more on a paper mache sculpture that has been languishing for a week. At first I had to make myself sit down and do it, but once I started, I had a blessedly joyous hour of solitude, making art and forgetting about all the troubles.

Dear Readers, by now I think of some of you as dear friends, and comrades in this big work we have taken on of creating a new world from the still-burning embers of the old one. Outside the moon is shining brightly above the wind-tossed trees on this late October evening. The veils are thinning ever-more, it is nearly All Hallows’ Eve, or Day of the Dead. The spirits are all around us, no longer simply in our imaginations, but very much alive and present, talking to us every day in hundreds of ways. Can you not also feel them surrounding you, helping, advising, comforting and encouraging you each day, cheering you on when you are so weary that you feel you cannot take another step of this journey, wondering if it will ever end, will things ever change, will the dark powers ever be vanquished finally and forever more, or will they just keep on going, wreaking havoc and violence and horrors on humanity for god-only-knows-how much longer. I imagine that nearly all the soldiers who fought in wars against evil dictatorships, emperors, cabals and warlords from time immemorial, felt exactly the same, wondered if the bloody war would ever end or if they would be stuck in that hell forever more. And then, miraculously and suddenly, one day: the white flag rose, the white dove flew, the bombs stopped dropping, the guns stopped shooting, the arrows stopped flying, the blood stopped flowing, the suffering ended. All of a sudden the battle was over, and the war was done. Peace. And silence. Prayers. And thanksgiving.


Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

8 thoughts on “In the thick of it

  1. SB…did I ever tell you about the vivid dream I had when we moved to Viroqua 16 years ago? If I didn’t , it applies to what you are speaking about today. In my dream, I saw that the old world was crumbling of its own weight and the new world was being born…and that we,In Viroqua, were to be part of the vanguard of this change in North America…I saw people coming to visit us and study us, to see how we created the new institutions, etc. Today, I got a call from a woman in Bayfield,WI who is coming to visit us here with a group called Alliance for Sustainability…there will be 12 of them…and they are coming to study us and see how we have done what we have done….prophetic?


    • Hi Dr. Banner, yes you certainly did tell me of your dream years ago… and it is a beautiful thing that you have worked so diligently and long to manifest this dream in your nice little town. I am not at all surprised that others are now beginning to come to tour and learn from your example…. it will surely continue and grow only better and better with time. Love and blessings to you, my friend….


  2. What beauty you gave of yourself, reading to a child, working on a piece of art. With all that is and is not going on in the world, how do we show up for ourselves and one another each day? how do we offer kindness, without locking oursleves in a cave?
    blessings singing bones,


  3. What a thought-provoking, soulful and beseeching blog, Leigh. Your writing just gets better and better. I wonder if you know that? Bless you for your deep-felt concern for our planet and all her children.
    With regards to this blog, I wish to share that in my own travels across this planet and into unknown realms within, I have experienced both the truly sublime and the truly, truly horrific. I am admittedly a sensitive person like you and many others who dare to dream, and for us the journey through experiences of darkness and light can be very dramatic indeed.
    As you know I openly acknowledge the presence of other beings, both benevolent as well as malevolent. You will notice that nearly all religions, spiritually oriented groups and mythologies in our world speak of these beings in their cosmologies and how they are actors (whether they realize it or not) in this great drama unfolding before our eyes.
    It is said that like a play or an opera, after the final curtain fall the actors will all come back and holding hands they’ll take their bows, and we will give them a standing ovation for their grand performance. I want to believe that. From this vantage point, it feels like we are now in the final act of this particular play and we still haven’t guessed the ending, who really did what or who wrote the screen play.
    It is true, that from where we stand individually, we see only what we can see. What our own part is in this grand drama is, for the most part unclear. Uncertainty on all accounts is often the breeding grounds for fear. It seems to me the mind creates the backdrop for our fears as well as our desires but does so according to the wishes of our hearts. If that is so, staying in the sanctuary of our hearts is so important. You do that so well Leigh, even when your mind cries out in outrage. It’s a beautiful thing to behold and thank you for caring and so openly sharing.
    Sorry if this was too long.


    • awww, shucks…. what nice words you have for me today, min ven Russ… Your comments are always welcome and never too long! I like your analogy to the stage and theatre and we all the actors just playing the best we can, without, as you say, even knowing who wrote this crazy-beautiful play or how it ends… so we simply keep on getting up each morning and greeting whatever is before us. much love, SB


  4. “Imagine…” John Lennon

    If you can imagine, you can…


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