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Keeping your head when those around you are losing theirs


“It feels, does it not, as if something huge and unknown is just beyond the curtain of your awareness? Well, that is an absolutely perfect picture of the truth of it.” – from Oracles and Healers blog

What a week! I feel like I have been carrying some of the energy of the hurricane around with me all week and by tonight I am simply exhausted. I can only imagine how the rescue workers along the east coast must be feeling about now.

Then there is the idea of the calm center of the storm. This too I have been feeling, and also craving, to the point of staying very close to home more than one day this past week. The quiet is such a welcome friend these days, a way to gather my thoughts, still my restlessness, reconnect to Source. Practicing letting all emotional states run their course without attaching too long to any of them, but rather seeing them as they arise, experiencing them, then letting them go. That is the key, I think: to feel whatever it is, and then let it go.

All sorts of thoughts have gone through my head over the past days, including some pretty strange ones. Snippets of science fiction stories I’ve read or seen… intertwining with the everyday, ordinary reality, mixed up with the hurricane news and images, with pinches of old memories, bizarre and vivid dreams, conversations with old friends or relatives long gone to the other side– all stirred up into a thick and fragrant stew which keeps simmering on the back burner of my soul. Not sure who exactly I will be feeding with it, but it is definitely cooking.

Dear Readers, I suspect I am not alone in these stewpots, that perhaps some of you are having similar experiences? Have you also been feeling out of sorts, deep in memories one moment, then jogged into this reality the next, and sometimes wondering where in time and space you actually are ‘right now?’ Hmmmm…..

Ordinary, linear time no longer seems very real, somehow. Yes, of course I still wake up in the morning and go to bed in the night, like always. But something significant is going on which is changing my perception as to time and space. An hour can seem like only a few minutes. I wake in the early morning, when it is still dark, and have no real sense of what time it is, which is something new. Certain moments seem to last a long time. Certain people seem, well, different to me than they were before. Glimpses, fragments, feelings, reflections, memories, and dreams and more dreams…. C.G. Jung territory for sure.

I read some mind-blowing stuff on the internet this week, about some race of beings which some call The Anunnaki . My goodness, I have to admit it was something to shake my head and really wonder about. If, by some strange fluke of life, any of that is really true, then it will shake the very foundations of our beliefs about God, the Creator, the story of humanity, all of it. I cannot say whether what I read and heard was true or not…. but I held the question of, ‘but what if it is?’ for days.

Along with Halloween, it seems that other old skeletons have tumbled out of the collective closet this week, like so much detritus washed up on the shores by the hurricane waters. Someone made an observation regarding the fact that it was salt water which poured into the subway tunnels under New York: which as we know is a perfect substance of cleansing. Cleansing of old, dirty, stuck energy… I remember scenes from movies, where ghosts were hanging around in the subways, and evil spirits. Hopefully they got washed away when the waters came flooding in.

Swirling, washing, flooding, raining, howling winds, extreme high tides, trees crashing, blizzards… all images of extreme energy, of vast movement, of something unstoppable and completely wild. Then the juxtaposition of the utter silence and the darkness from power outages. Darkness within light, silence within deafening sound, paradox upon paradox, so much to wax philosophically about….

Dear Readers, I don’t know about you, but I for one am craving connection with as many of you as possible, with those who are awake and going through the wringer along with me in your own ways now. I recently wrote of my feelings of isolation towards what is happening in my own little corner of the world, but that I am very grateful for those of you out there who are also holding the light as we approach Whatever It Is we are fast approaching. Tonight I just want to again connect, say hello to my fellow light travellers, and encourage you all to keep your chins up and your humour alive as I tell myself the same. Get good rest and eat well, the battle continues indefinitely, at least for a while longer.


Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

6 thoughts on “Keeping your head when those around you are losing theirs

  1. Things are very trying now SB…It is hard to make sense of anything going on and grounding is so difficult for where we wish to place our roots to take hold, that ground keeps shifting to and fro. The only way I can deal with what is going on is to stay in my heart, seek out the good being squirreled away in the bad and stay in nature as much as I can….My post yesterday was about celebrating LIFE! and whenever the mood hits us. No set dates to have the celebration as that extinguishes spontaneity and true feeling! We get so much doom and gloom tossed our way we forget to celebrate life.
    Oh and yes, the Annunaki are real…Read some stuff by the author Sitchen. It definitely has you seeing life differently! Be well and in peace…VK


    • Thanks again for the encouragement and connection, Visionkeeper. I read your posts regularly and they help me. Not sure quite what to think about the Annunaki and all of that… but it certainly got me thinking in another way. I will keep going for my walks and connecting with the natural world, of course. The birds have been quite fascinating around here lately… I have seen several different kinds and watched them as they move in big flocks over the fields, so beautiful are they! Blessings back to you, SB


  2. Sweet SB: yes, linear time seems to be fractured with me, too……and tired….YES! I sense that big energies are pouring through me and I feel everything……..and today, dear one, is THE GREAT UNLEASHING in Viroqua (Nov. 3rd….hold it in your heart as being a very successful day on all levels) ….my dear friend Richard Heinberg, best-selling author of THE END OF GROWTH, is here to do the keynote address……he is a fine man and well aware of what we face….I loved your insight into salt water and its cleansing ability….may all the dark areas in ME be cleansed…….and the Annunaki ARE real and are at the root of the mischief………


    • Thanks, my dear friend. All the best to you and your colleagues there on this special day in your sweet little town as it takes its place as one of the new transition towns in the next phase of our life here on beautiful and holy Earth. lots of love and light, SB


  3. Certainly have been through the wringer here!! Thanks for keeping connections going…


  4. Going through some stuff,but facing and trudging through it.Been trying to take the negative energy and put it into the positive.Hard to do~change our way of thinking~despite how bad things are…I know and believe it can be done.Change of season,hurricane sandy and other things we can’t control wreak havoc on us,but we have to keep moving,work on what we can control. Great post and may all of you have a blessed week.


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