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The last free place on Earth


We are living in relentless times. The sheer amount and depth of the problems that humanity has created and are now facing is, at moments, absolutely overwhelming. We are assaulted on every side with stories which outrage and sadden us beyond words, beyond belief, utterly beyond reason. Insanity, it would appear, has taken firm grip of our collective and stubbornly refuses to let go.

Being a sensitive human, I have to be very careful as to how much news of the world I ingest, otherwise I can quickly become overcome with negativity and sorrow. This morning I read some articles posted in Yes! magazine online which have inflamed me. The first was reporting on the latest brutality by the Israeli government as they have sent U.S. made warplanes to assassinate a Hamas leader and destroy key parts of Gaza’s barely-functional infrastructure. The article states,

Israeli military and political leaders have long made clear that regular military attacks to “cleanse” Palestinian territories is part of their long-term strategic plan (the term was used by Israeli soldiers to describe their role in the Israeli assault on Gaza from 2008 to 2009). It is an interesting historical parallel that this escalation—which almost certainly portends a longer-term and even more lethal Israeli assault—takes place almost exactly four years after the last major Israeli war on Gaza that left 1,400 Gazans dead in 2008 to 2009.
This is primarily about Netanyanu shoring up the right-wing of his base. And once again it is Palestinians, this time Gazans, who will pay the price. The question that remains is whether the U.S.-assured impunity that Israel’s leadership has so long counted on will continue, or whether there will be enough pressure on the Obama administration and Congress so that this time, the U.S. will finally be forced to allow the international community to hold Israel accountable for this latest round of violations of international law. (read the full article here,

The second article I read concerns the very real threat of oil drilling in the Arctic. It is written by Kumi Naidoo, who is the current leader of Greenpeace, and he describes the situation as follows:

Global warming caused by our use of fossil fuels is already driving climate change and extreme weather events. From drought in South Africa to severe flooding in the Philippines to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, our planet is sending us warnings that could not be clearer. And the Arctic ice is melting, reaching a record summer low this year.

Scientists see that as evidence that the climate is changing faster than anyone predicted. Big Oil sees it as an opportunity to exploit. International oil companies are hesitating over Arctic drilling because they see the huge technical risks of operating in such an extreme environment, but they also see the massive level of public opposition. Shell put its Alaska drilling program on hold for 2012 after part of its spill response equipment was damaged. International attention on the Arctic helped force this decision, because Shell knew that millions of people were watching their every move.

This battle requires us to value hope and science above pessimism and the relentless greed of Big Oil. While Greenpeace will continue to fight in boardrooms, gas stations, and on the ocean itself, we are part of a broader movement that needs your creativity, ideas, and energy.

You don’t have to climb an oil platform to help. You already know what to do—bike to work or use public transportation, and pressure your local politicians to adopt policies that curb the use of fossil fuels and support renewable energy. Protecting the Arctic is one of the environmental battles that will define humanity’s approach to climate change. Do we allow billionaire corporations to decide for us, or do we draw a line in the ice and say “enough”? (

After reading this article, I went to the Greenpeace website for more information. Here is what I found there:

There are seven billion of us on our planet. Each and every one of us is affected by the health of the Arctic: by reflecting the sun’s rays off its ice, the Arctic shapes our weather patterns and the food we grow and eat.

But the Arctic is the frontline of our warming climate – heating up twice as fast as anywhere else. It’s also the frontline of the oil industry – one of the dirty, dead fuels responsible for the melting in the first place.

By stopping the new oil rush in the Arctic we are creating the conditions for a radical change in how we power our lives, accelerating the clean energy revolution that will fuel the future for our children.

We know we’re going up against the most powerful countries and companies in the world.

But together we have something stronger than any country’s military or any company’s budget. Our shared concern for the planet we leave our children transcends all the borders that divide us and makes us – together – the most powerful force today.

That is why we’re taking your name – and millions of others – to the North Pole with a Flag for the Future designed by the youth of the world. It will show that our shared vision of a green, peaceful, healthy planet depends on an Arctic protected by us all.

But the flag is only a symbol. We’ll be taking your voice to every political leader in the world to ask them where they stand on the Arctic. One by one, as our movement gathers momentum, we’ll turn towards the United Nations, where we’ll demand a global deal to protect the Arctic.

30 years ago we launched a similar campaign to protect the Antarctic. Nobody thought we would succeed, but we did, and we created a world park around the South Pole.

Now the Arctic is calling.

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No country owns the Arctic. It is, in Naidoo’s words, the refrigerator of the earth, and regulates weather patterns across the earth. It is a fragile environment, home of some of the last pristine wilderness on the planet. Think for a moment of what the effects will be if the oil companies bring their oil rigs and equipment up to the top of the world and begin drilling for yet more oil so they can continue to create yet more billions of dollars for themselves in profits. The insanity and greed of this plan is beyond words, it is unspeakable in its intention of pure destruction of all that humanity holds dearest. I ask all of you, dear Readers, how can we allow them to destroy the last free and clean place on Earth?

Look around you this very day, no matter what area of the earth you are living in. Is your lifestyle, and the community in which you live, worth destroying some of the most beautiful, untouched nature left on Earth? Isn’t it FINALLY time to stand up to Shell, Exxon, British Petroleum and all the rest, and simply say, “No Thanks, we are through with this kind of life. We are choosing a new way to live, which is no longer dependent on fossil fuels, we will no longer support your greed and hunger for destruction.” The technology exists right now in the world to move beyond fossil fuels and use free energy instead. It is not a myth, it is REAL. And we, The People, have the power to say No More. Think how much money those guys would lose if the majority (say over 50%) of Americans stopped using their cars for even ONE DAY in America. ONE DAY, 24 hours. Suddenly over 150 million people would not be driving. There is no doubt they would notice.

It is  far too easy to feel powerless in this world. To feel afraid. To feel that the problems are too overwhelming, I am too small, it is too much, and there is nothing I can do. So I will just climb back into my bed and pull the sheets over my head, and go to sleep and drink myself into a stupor and zone out with mindless entertainment of every sort, and try to forget all the problems. Many of us have done exactly this for far too long. The results of this sort of non-action are everywhere to be seen. It is high time for the majority of the western world to wake up, get out of their beds, turn off their mindless entertainments, and start shouting. We need to make a big big noise, big enough to be heard over the roaring of the oil companies’ monstrous equipment. Together, The People are far greater and far stronger than the beings who have been abusing their position of power all these long years.

Dear Readers, I encourage every single one of you to think about it today. Look at the website, read up on the Arctic, find out for yourselves, get angry, talk with your friends and neighbors, educate them, and stop driving your cars at least one day a week. Do anything, but for the Earth’s sake, Do SOMETHING. It is time.

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Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

9 thoughts on “The last free place on Earth

  1. I can’t get too deep into reading this stuff as it is most disturbing and everything is so disturbing right now. It is overkill. I just try to make changes through myself and by how I live my life day to day. The changing of the worlds situation is and always has been through changes we ourselves make! One of the downfalls of television and other forms of media is it is telling us constantly about everything bad happening all over the world! I don’t think we are meant to know all that nor are we built to retain all of that info. Our ancestors walked everywhere for a reason i believe. To take in everything going on is to spread ourselves too thin. We need to concentrate at home and get that right first! Hang in there SB…lots of ugly stuff going on, but don’t get sucked in. Blessings….VK


    • Hi VK, thanks for your comments. Of course I know how you feel, yes it is disturbing and overkill, as you say… but at the same time, if hardly anyone says anything, takes any kind of action at all about the most crucial issues (and I believe that oil drilling in the Arctic is in this category) facing the world, then of course things will certainly continue ‘business-as-usual.’ I look around here in little Denmark, one of the richest countries in the world. Guess what the papers are full of here, nearly every single day… taxes, and how are the Danes going to continue their cozy little lives… oh yes and food articles, and all the usual banal nonsense. Meanwhile, more and more people drive cars, they continue to build new motorways, and not too much is changing around here in an ecologically friendly way… yes it is certainly better than the U.S., but things are eroding here, not becoming more progressive. This is but one small example of what I was trying to express through this blog post… if too few really care, then nothing will change and the world will continue to get dirtier, more used up, more deserts, more extinction, and all the rest we learned about so many years ago. There is only one real way to change the world for the better…. through large numbers of people standing up and saying, Stop. and through the ways that people spend or don’t spend, their money. we can talk about ascension to the 5th dimension all we want, but in my humble opinion, it is a cop-out to want to simply go to some other plane of existence and simply forget about this planet. The plain fact is, we have collectively, over the course of this past century, made a big mess of this earth and it is up to us, to ALL of us, to turn it around. I am not going to apologize to anyone for feeling angry at the thought of those bastards going to the Arctic circle and ruining it so they can get more money….. I think if enough people got angry and started saying NO to all of that, and stopped filling up at the tanks every day and found other ways to live in this world than continuing to use the oil that those bastards are handing out for a price (a very high price), THEN, and only then, will things begin to change and the world will begin to really heal from all the abuse we have been giving it.
      VK, I know it isn’t you who is the problem, but since you responded, I direct these further thoughts towards you. I respect you and what you are doing and writing about in your blog very much. thanks for taking my words not personally but seeing the larger picture along with me, whether you agree or not. namaste, SB


  2. SB…Diane and I are doing Joanna Macy’s workshop THE GREAT TURNING…….read her stuff….it speaks of optimism in the face of utter despair….yes, it looks dismal but there are many people like us …and sooner rather than later, the insanity will end……..


  3. Much to mull over. Thanks for promoting such awareness among us.


  4. I am grateful for journalism, to be able to almost instantly communicate the happenings of one part of the world to another, but its a recent evolutionary phenomenon, and I don’t think we are wired for it. We can’t adequately deal with our own communities, let alone the suffering thousands of miles away. Why else do the major network news stations resort, more and more, to covering You Tube viral videos and celebrity scandals? We just can’t, or won’t, deal! But if there were more of a discussion on how our own decisions contribute to global problems and how you and I can do something every day to improve the world, I think we would see wider engagement. Unfortunately there are big bucks to be made off short sighted, unsustainable behaviors so the discussion gets squashed in corporate media.


    • Thanks for reading and for your insightful comments. I agree with you very much…. isn’t it about time for us to move away from what is profitable and towards what is not only sustainable, but what is True, what is Good, what is what we want our future to be? it is time to go beyond material comfort and convenience and begin living as if the future matters. Feel free to comment more in days to come, it is so important to have these conversations! SB


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