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The maleability of time


Today, Dear Readers, I would ask you to suspend disbelief for a few minutes, and try to imagine the following: You are standing at the edge of a field covered with snow. Around you are bare winter trees, alongside them runs a small stream, nearly black against the whiteness. It is starkly beautiful, and a light snow falls upon you as you walk along, your boots crunching upon the snow. Perhaps you are alone, or perhaps have a companion alongside, a dog or child or lover. Now you supply more details of this scene: what country are you in? What time period is it, what century, which language do you speak? How are you dressed? How old or young are you, and which gender? Imagine this scene with as much detail as you can muster, until your story is clear in your mind’s eye.

Now, what if a greater being (such as an angel or other spiritual guide) suddenly appeared beside you and told you that the truth is, you were that person who lived that life, that the story you just created in your imagination was as real as the current life you find yourself living now? What would your reaction be? And how would you take the news: gladly, sadly, angrily, regretfully?

We know so little about Time, even though we collectively imagine that it is something real, something we all have in common. We learn how to ‘tell time’ as children, learn that a day has 24 hours in it, we agree to change our clocks backward and forward twice a year, agree that when the clock says 8 o’clock we begin our work or school day, at 5 o’clock many of us go back home, at 11 o’clock many of us go to bed. It is our habit to do things at the same time each day, like eat, sleep, entertain ourselves, make love. We have collectively agreed also that time moves in a linear progression, from A to Z, from the moment we are born until the moment we die. We draw life-lines and can chart in a line when certain things happened to us in our lives, and on a larger scale, the dramas of history occurred. This linear movement of time through space allows us to have a common experience and language around events.

And yet. What if our concepts about time were simply that: concepts, theories, agreements that have no actual basis in reality? What if, instead of a linear progression, time was actually something vastly more maleable than we have been led to believe all these aeons, and what if we actually were moving between lifetimes, from past to future to present, continually without being aware of it consciously? time_travel_product-boy-com

Stuff of science fiction, you say? Certainly. But what if it is not simply fantasy, but if the true reality was that while you are sitting there at your computer reading this in 2012 in whatever country you are in, in whatever physical form you embody, another ‘you’ is busy living many other lifetimes in other times, countries, and even more amazing, other worlds?

Remember, dear Readers, I asked you to suspend disbelief for a little while. Have you ever given serious thought to other lifetimes you might have lived? Or taken those deja vu moments as more than simply a strange, momentary sensation? Or wondered why it is that you feel a special affinity for a certain land, people, culture, why your heart leaps at the mention of a particular city somewhere in the world that you have never seen? Or why, when you meet certain individuals (or animals for some) it is as if you have known them all your life?

All my life I have been fascinated with the idea of time travelling. With the idea of the pliability of time. I have had experiences with time being bent somehow, where I became conscious of another kind of time outside of the everyday. I know that many of you have had similar experiences, but have you thought at length of what the significance of these experiences actually are? What if it is not fantasy that when you imagined yourself, for example, a white western woman in 2012, as a Chinese man living high in the mountains of Asia 2000 years ago, it was because you were suddenly remembering a glimpse of a past life? And moreover, what if, because time is actually not linear at all, but all happening simultaneously, you could actually BE in that lifetime, right here and now, and change it?

Some of you, I am sure,  love to think about these things the way that I do, while others of you will write off this blog post as utter, fantastical nonesense. And that is okay with me. We all have our own perspective on life and what we consider ‘Real.’ It is also true that quantum physicists are finding out more and more incredible things about our world and how it functions, which concurs with much that used to be called ‘science fiction.’ If you are still able to suspend your disbelief a bit further, then please take some time now to ponder. Ponder your past and future lives. How would you change them for the better? Perhaps the past is no longer as important as what will happen in the future, so take some time to consider your own, and our collective, future lives. Can you begin to imagine a world, a society of people, whose basic premise is built upon the highest moral principles of love, compassion, empathy, joy, peace, freedom? What kind of a world could we create if we came together based upon these principles, in agreement that these would be the bedrock of our new world society?

Dear Readers, thanks to those of you who were willing to try this little experiment with me. We have lived with lower, negative energies in our world for so long that it is very difficult to imagine a world without hatred, greed, corruption, power struggles, and violence. And yet. I see more and more clearly, just how extremely important it is to TRY to imagine a future without these horrors. More and more of us are starting to see the value of imagining a better world, of no longer accepting the lies that those who are controlling the resources of the earth have been feeding us all. The days of complacency are numbered, of those who shrug and shake their heads and say, ‘That’s just how things are.” I implore you all to stand with me against this kind of defeatest attitude! The more we begin to understand how powerful our own thoughts and words and actions actually are, the easier it will be to imagine a world based on what is highest in the human being, instead of the lowest.

Begin thinking along these lines, see how the concepts of Time and Space are so much vaster than we can currently begin to understand. Feel life’s energy swirling about you, and realize that you have huge capacities to create far beyond what you can currently imagine. It is time (a little pun!) to throw the old, small thinking away, to instead think new and higher thoughts. To go beyond little me and little you, and claim our power as the Creator beings we actually are. We humans on Earth have been asleep for aeons, but finally we are waking up! If you feel awakened, well don’t ignore it. Find other people to talk with about it, read all you can about this great awakening. The world we have known is ending, yes, but it is not the end. In fact, a whole new reality is dawning upon all of us Earthlings even as I write this tonight. And one of the keys to begin to understand it lies within a new way of being in Time and Space. As always, dear Readers, your thoughts and comments are welcome here.


Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

6 thoughts on “The maleability of time

  1. I am with you, unlinier, layered in a blanket of illusionary time. I(just today) set out on a walk in the snow fall, feeling deep in my bones the many lives i may be a piece of, much like the story “education of over soul 7”. It felt light and somewhat transendant, watching my boots walk down an old stone street someplace in Asia, and seeing the wide open vastness from a mesa overlooking the desert, and smelling flowers,hearing chanting , and yet the physical is here in Viroqua. Thank you for the sharing, as it reminds me of the true essence of being. Namaste dear sister.


    • Dear Mary, thank you for reading and sharing your own story about other life memories with me here. I have not read the story you refer to, but would like to! Sometimes I long to know more of these stories, and have vivid recollections of who we were and how we knew each other then…. but perhaps some of it would be so utterly painful that it would be devastating to remember, I don’t know. But. It is nevertheless fascinating to ponder and wonder at the vast mystery of it all! Love and Blessings to you today from oh-so-snowy Denmark!!


  2. Leigh…want to smile?



  3. Leigh…this is a good one….and I am sure that this is true….we ARE multidimensional beings, after all…………


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