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After enlightenment, the dishes


May blessings of wonderment light a continued path of joy, love and peace in your soul
May the whole world be held in your hand
May all the love from you beating heart fill the silence, the great void with healing for all humanity
May you continue to claim your wholeness and follow your path upon this beautiful world we all share in love. –Mokasiya

Yesterday, 12-12-12, brought me, along with untold others here on Earth, extreme elation. From the moment it struck midnight and throughout the entire day and evening, I felt positively jubilant, as if the fulfillment of golden prophesies of the ages had indeed come true, the Messiah had come and great blessings were being poured liberally upon all of our heads, whether we were conscious of it or not.

Here is a snippet of what I wrote last evening for you all, dear Readers, but through internet failure, was unable to post:

This day, 12-12-12, is one of celebrating our collective rising into a new time, a time which many who have walked upon the Earth have dreamt of, waxed lyrically about, and otherwise looked forward to for millenia. Amazingly, here we actually are: on the threshold of the New Earth, the New Jerusalem, the New World to come.

Could there be anything more exciting than this: the end of our collective nightmare of darkness, pain, suffering and separateness, and the beginning of a time where humanity is again in Reality, meaning a Re-membering of our unity, not only with one another, but also with All That Is?

Aside from all the myriad blog posts I read, all the ‘pat yourselves on the back’ advice given, and all the pretty words about the wonders awaiting us now that we have collectively come ‘Home” to Universal Truth, yesterday was simply an amazing day. I walked around in a kind of happy daze, felt like singing aloud in the streets of Holbæk (something that only the occasional teenage girl does here in emotionally reserved Scandinavia) and was so very joyous. I even entitled my would-be blog post, “Joy, Joy, Utter Joy.” What a nice day it was!

This morning, however, once I actually woke up enough to notice, came the joy-hangover. All day long I was grumbly, grouchy, out-of-sorts, and feeling like I had been run over by a train (metaphorically speaking.) The elation of the 12-12-12 evaporated like so much mist on the morning hills, and I was left, as they say in Zen Buddhism, with only the dishes to wash and laundry to do. Yes, but nobody promised that the party would last indefinitely, sigh.

And yet. The fact remains that we have turned the corner, and regardless of the amount of mess we earthlings will have to face in the coming weeks, months and years, there is no returning to duality and darkness. We really HAVE DONE THIS AMAZING FEAT, we have collectively, through our will, determination, courage and hearts, decided that humanity has had enough of living in the illusion of separation from Source. Call it whatever you want, or call it Nothing At All, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t need a name, but We need to Re-member, to Re-joice, and Re-collect that we are ONE. And yesterday, in a very tangible and enormous way, we did it. Hallelujah, Hosannah on the Highest. The Christ, which means Kristos, or Light, has returned to Earth, just as the prophets fortold aeons ago. Not in the form of a particular man, but lo, in the form of All of Us. We are the Light. We embody it. The love which lives in each person’s heart is its own lamp, and burning more brightly than ever before while in a human form. Really, what we have accomplished is nearly beyond comprehension, the culmination of such a long journey that most of us cannot possibly remember when or where or even why it began.

Abundant joy-babyThink of the future, dear Readers!!! It is awash with vast possibilities, with new and never-before dreamt of creative endeavors, with wonders most of us have yet to be able to think of. What exciting times we are living in now! Turn off your television, or better yet, throw it away forever. Cease listening to any more bad news, period. Just like the Born-Agains love to chant, this is Very Good News!!! Now, in the immediate and longer future days, we will start over. It is high time to give serious thought to the new world we are to create. Not just a few of us, no longer will the old ways of power over people be tolerated. Nope, the new world for us will be all about cooperation, compassion and caring for and about others as well as ourselves. We will make new forms of governance, of economics, of culture. The old is gone now. The former things have passed away.

Dear Readers, throughout the next days, and culminating next Friday, the 21st of December of 2012, I encourage all of you to become as quiet and still and contemplative as possible. Find time every day and every night to meditate, pray, be in nature, and otherwise simply BE. Breathe and feel your connection to All that Is. To Earth herself. To all the other humans and animals and plants. To the water, wind, fire and earth. To the starry world and all the life which exists in the universe. To the source of everything. Contemplate and receive the gifts which are being given you every moment. Bless everyone and everything you meet throughout the day. Be free with your smiles and hugs and kind words. Forgive and forgive and then forgive some more. Let the love in your heart expand until it is no longer simply your own heart, but the heart of Love itself which resides inside of you.

Deep peace of the running wave to you
Deep peace of the flowing air to you
Deep peace of the silent stars to you
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.


Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

2 thoughts on “After enlightenment, the dishes

  1. Yesterday, 14 of us did a crystal bowl concert with Rahbi at the Landmark Center at 12 minutes after 12, 12-12-12………very cool..I,too, felt elated….and we HAVE turned the corner on duality, no doubt about it. Despite the “evidence” of discord, you can also find spontaneous acts of kindness, people gifting total strangers, love in the air for those with eyes to see….It is a great time, prophesized for millenia……..


  2. “Yes to the heart of love itself that resides inside of you”
    beautifully shared and felt Leigh.
    joy, Mokasiya


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