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Ring in the new

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Here it is, the evening after the 21st of December. The same scene is before me; my desk full of all sorts of desk-like things (my husband teases me that I am so ‘well-equipped’), pots of paints and boxes of pastels laid out alongside the paintbrushes, papers and scraps of notes lying about, pinned to the homemade cork-board which hangs on the wall facing me as I type. The plants quietly growing on the blessedly wide sill on the southern window of our apartment. Soft lights warming the corners, candles glowing in the various holders here in this room. Today felt nearly like any other winter’s day here in Denmark, people crowding the shops this afternoon as they went about their last-minute Jul shopping (the Danish version of Christmas). In a way I could nearly believe that nothing special happened yesterday. But I know as sure as I am typing this now, that something amazing and deeply profound DID happen. I was there, I experienced the Shift for myself. Here’s how it went for me, dear Readers.

After waking several times during the night, I finally got out of bed by about 9 am on Friday, the 21st. My intention was to do a special set of meditations that I had found on a couple of people’s blogs. I prepared a comfortable space on the floor here in our apartment with blankets and pillows. To my delight, the sky was mostly clear, with scattered clouds moving quickly across the morning sky. (In Denmark at this time of year, the sun only rises about this time of morning, and does not get higher than about 11 degrees above the horizon, and sets just after 3:30 pm, giving us only 7 hours of daylight.) I admit I did take a short look at my favorite blogs just to see if there was anything which I needed to read before embarking on this journey. Then I found the page with the instructions for the special meditation, which centered around the Sphinx at the Great pyramids in Gaza. It had been offered that during the window of several hours in the morning, it would be possible for us to, in a meditative space, enter into the Hall of the Akashic Records which lies below the great Sphinx herself. When the sun rose that morning, its light would ignite a special crystal which is embedded inside the Sphinx’s headdress, which would then somehow activate not only the great pyramids there, but all the pyramids upon Earth, undoubtedly making seriously magical things occur! So I joined in this meditation, visualized entering into the body of the Sphinx, went into the Hall of Records, and received a download of my own Akashic record. This process was quite fascinating in itself, and I will be very interested to see what kind of soul memories may appear in my consciousness over the weeks and months ahead. Sunyata-Alex-Grey

After that, I sat down in my prepared space, facing the southern window, and quietly began my special meditation. The directions given me were to be in the meditation from 10:01 am to 11:11, when the energy of the light would be strongest. This I did, and I tell you all now, dear Readers, it was a most beautiful and uplifting experience! I received blessings from my Higher Self, the Blessed Mother, the archangels, spirit guides, ancestors, and friends. I was given assurance that all is truly well, that I am never alone, that I can throw fear away forevermore. My heart was opened in such a beautiful and loving way, and I felt utterly calm and full of peace. Some of the time I simply laid down and watched the white clouds as they danced across the cerulean sky above our house. And eventually, once the meditation was done, I was graced by the Sun itself, finally breaking through the clouds and bathing me in its warmth and golden light. I allowed the light to embrace me fully, even stared at it directly for several minutes, absorbing as much of the loving light waves as I possibly could.

A few of the most important gleanings from the 21st of December meditation to share with you all:

  1. We are never alone in this life. Our guides, angels, ancestors, and other beings in the spiritual world are with us always, as close as our breath. When we feel unsure and need help, all we need to do is to call them and ask for help, and they are there to give it.
  1. The days of duality are really over. This means that our old way of seeing ourselves as separate from everything and everyone else, is also at an end. The truth of our being One People of Earth, connected in vast and complex ways which we are barely beginning to understand, is an undeniable fact.
  2. Old ways of functioning, including being doubtful, skeptical and/or denying the presence of higher beings and realms than us in the human realm, are no longer relevant. Skepticism, along with its cousin cynicism, serves no one, is not funny, and has no place in the new scheme of life which we have now entered.
  3. There is a serious call to all humanity now from the spiritual world to lay down our arms. This applies across the board, in all situations. To imagine that fighting against war and injustice through the use of force and yet more weapons of destruction is insanity.
  4. Humanity has now entered a new age, a new time in our collective evolution. Regardless of the ones who are still asleep, enough of us have now awakened into this time, and carry the energy of the heart. The way of this new world is through the heart. Therefore, Fear is now something we no longer have any use for whatsoever. The time has come, at long last, to lay aside fear and all of its accompanying emotions, forevermore. (hallelujah!!)

Dear Readers, I wish to thank you all who have taken on this amazing journey along with me over these past months. It has taken an incredible amount of patience, courage and trust to continue on the path of love and to say No Thanks to the mainstream path of a soulless existence. I applaud you all for doing your part to hold the Light and Love within your hearts and to radiate these, along with warmth and kindness and compassion, to all others. You are all beautiful souls and I am very grateful to be able to connect with you through this blog. May we all go forward from this day onwards, steadfast and strong, continuing to bless others with our presence, smiles, words and acts. No act of kindness and love is too small, and all are seen and appreciated by those in spirit and in human form!  Blessings of peace and love and light!

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Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

One thought on “Ring in the new

  1. Hallelujah is right! The Shift has occurred….subtle, yes, but, as you say, undeniable,,,,the old 3D world has been transformed and for that, I am most thankful…..Love, D.


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