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Ponderings on the journey


Now that the hubbub and hyperbole about the end of the world is dying away, and people have stopped holding their breath as they realize they are still alive and so is the Earth, I would like to take a few minutes to share a few impressions with you all, dear Readers. One obvious thing is the weather the past days: many storms all over the place, rumblings under the earth, lots of energy shifting about. Up here where I live the wind blew and blew, bringing a blazing snowstorm which blanketed the ground long enough for a White Christmas (Jul in Danish). Then a kind of influenza barreled through, which my husband had for several days and is only now beginning to recover from, the Copenhagen Flu, they are calling it.

BC_Father_Walking_With_Daughter_1-13.orgI too have had some storms passing through my body and psyche. My beautiful and lovely Christmas dinner of roasted duck with trimmings did not sit well and consequently last night became extraordinarily uncomfortable in body and emotions. For hours I went through a kind of Life Review, as a whole range of memories from different years and decades passed through my mind and heart. Some of the most poignant memories involved my early childhood in New York state with my parents, brother and grandparents. Long-buried memories came up and out for me to look at again: many joyous, remembering many fun times with my father and friends as a little girl; some that had fear attached, like certain moments when I was by myself and felt extremely afraid of shadowy, unknown ‘monsters’ outside of the house; and other memories containing the peaceful energy of playing in the woods, ice skating at a frozen pond with my father and brother, and otherwise enjoying being a child surrounded by love.

The prevalent attitude of many people at the moment seems to be a kind of “What now?” attitude: we have come to this point, December 21st has come and gone, we are still here, standing upon the Earth, some people’s blogs reflect enormous changes which they have personally experienced in the past few days, while others posts reflect a kind of deep disappointment that more, well, exciting things did not occur like they had anticipated. In a way I am reminded of the whole Y2K situation in December of 1999, when so many people were expecting the world to somehow collapse because of the computers not being able to make the shift from 1999 to 2000…. hmmmmmm…..some of you may remember that time!

Back to the “what now?” As I wrote in my last post, I believe that humanity has indeed turned an extraordinary corner, or tide, or whatever metaphor you care to use, somehow our world has shifted fundamentally, signifying not the end, so much as the very beginning of something altogether new here on Earth. Which means that instead of so many of us now being able to simply lay back and take it easy from here on out, we in fact have much more work to do: the very important and infinitely valuable work of awakening the rest of the humans to these changes, helping others realize that Love and Grace are ever-present and we need only to become quiet enough within our souls to hear Love’s voice.

Thank you to Emily of Bella Remy photography for this beautiful photo of a Peace Rose!

Thank you to Emily of Bella Remy photography for this beautiful photo of a Peace Rose!

Recently I also made the remark in a post that one of the most important learnings I have had in the past days is that I need to never again live in fear of anything. I continue to ponder the vast implications of this little phrase. In relation to my blog here, one thing that this knowledge implies is that I no longer need to fear offending or off-putting you, dear Readers, and so I wish to become stronger in my convictions and insights within this platform in the coming year. I will soon be re-vamping Clearskies, Bluewater blog somewhat to reflect my newly-gleaned inspirations and changes in attitude and latitude. Recently I had an interaction with a fellow blogger which gave me pause for thought. Here was one of the blogs which reflected a kind of profound disappointment over the lack of fireworks or some equally spectacular world shakeup happening on the fated December 21st. I could feel the blogger’s disappointment and so, in an effort to encourage and inspire, shared a portion of some advice I had come across in another blog, which happened to be channeled from a high spiritual being. But the blogger, instead of taking the words as encouraging, instead became quite offended and disturbed that I had dared to give her this type of advice, since it was ‘channeled’ and therefore suspect and most likely incorrect, possibly even dis-information which could be harmful.

After a few back and forth comments between us, I reflected on the whole business. It was quite a lesson for me in how easily communication can be misunderstood between those of us in virtual reality (or in face-to-face reality, for that matter.) I know very well that many people are suspicious of channelers and channeled information. Many believe that it is a dangerous or possibly even bordering on mad road to let oneself be used by other, non-human beings who are ‘out there somewhere’ in the spiritual world. Others just plain think the whole thing is utter nonsense, and really just a figment of someone’s over-active imagination. Still others will take channeled messages and teachings as The Gospel, and simply buy it hook, line and sinker. And still others may view it as the work of that old badass Satan and his legions of demons. Upon reflection of this channeling phenomenon, however, I have come to believe even more firmly than ever, that Life-Love-Spirit-God-Goddess (insert the name of your choice here for Divinity) uses whatever methods they can to bring each of us the information, advice and wisdom we need at the time, and at this time in particular, some humans are opening up and allowing spiritual beings whom they have come to know and trust, to use them as a channel, (much like a radio frequency) for specific information. Just as when a person walks into a library and has many choices of what they may read about and gain knowledge from that day, which books to check out and go home to savor and devour, so too can the knowledge, wisdom and information that a person needs or desires be discovered through channeled sources. And the same ‘rules’ apply: Does it resonate with you personally and have meaning? Is it benevolent and kind? Is it plausible to you, meaning can you believe it? Does it fascinate you and make you curious to find out more about it? Does it give you something, rather than take energy away from you? Do you feel more at peace and relaxed after reading or hearing it? These are my determiners for nearly anything I choose to ingest, no matter what the source.

PEACE LILY-Dawn-WilsherThe times are changing, and the wisest course we can all take is to relax and change with them. If in 2012 and beyond, beings from heavenly realms are choosing to communicate with us, either directly in meditation or nature, or else through other humans, I really believe there is no sin in this, and nothing to fear. Remember, the new way of living is through Love, as fear no longer has a place nor any useful purpose. Dear Readers, this is my way of explanation and of telling you all that I have a lot of respect for some of the channeled information I have received through certain bloggers, and come the new year may well re-post certain things I find which seem relevant. I am telling you all this now, so you can decide for yourselves whether to continue to read my little blog in 2013. If you choose not to, for similar reasons as the blogger who became offended with me, I completely understand and respect your decision. I thank you from my deep heart for reading Clearskies, Bluewater in 2012, it has meant a great deal to me that you had the interest and took the time to read my words and reflect on my musings and ponderings during the past year. It has certainly been a significant one for me!

Wishing all of you the very best, brightest, most loving and gentle holy season, no matter where you are on the planet, no matter who you are with, and however you choose to reflect, I hope that you will find much joy, peace and blessings in your life. Namaste, which of course means, I see the Light and the Love within You and I honor It!!
Love, Leigh Jardine, aka. SingingBones


Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

4 thoughts on “Ponderings on the journey

  1. SB….just got off the skype with our son and daughter-in-law who live in Devon, England…….flooding all over the place, rain deluges….here, we had a 19 inch snowstorm in one day…….who says nothing is happening? The 21st WAS a turning point and ,as you say, we cannot just rest on our laurels but we need to lovingly help others get accustomed to this new world……..and good for you in 110% going for it in your blog!!!!!!!(smile)


  2. Hi. Just a note to say I love the painting of the man and child. Lots of personality in that man’s face. I’ll be following you in 2012! Jane


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