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something new


Hi again Everybody!
As you can see, I have been working on a new look for my blog tonight. It is still a work in progress, and I ask that you bear with me as I continue to refine and tweak it in the coming days….  I have some ideas about the direction of Clearskies, Bluewater for 2013 and I would love any input and ideas you may have for me!  Especially interesting for me would be to invite some of you, my fellow bloggers, to be guests and post here sometimes. If anyone out there in blogland has an interest in this, please let me know!

with warmest regards,



Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

5 thoughts on “something new

  1. Hi. I love your ‘blue heron’ motif and I think you should include it on your pages. Jane


  2. This is beautiful! I love the new outlook. For one thing it’s easier on the eyes. Great work Leigh; wishing you a prosperous new year.


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