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2013: Now What?


“Humanity is awakening. To be awake is to be aware, and a great awareness of the need to treat one another with love, compassion, respect, and acceptance has emerged on Earth over the last five or six decades. There are still many on Earth who do not honor this basic human right, but that is changing very rapidly because of the intensity of the divine field of Love enveloping the world. Remember, Love is gentle . . . but It is also extremely powerful and will not be denied. Humanity has for a very long time hidden from Love, refusing to engage with It. That has now changed and It is sweeping in everywhere, affecting all relationships, and as you have been told before, “Love changes everything.”
Although you have no immediate sense of the New Age that you have become a part of, it has arrived, and you will begin to experience its benefits. Pray and meditate with strong intent and allow the Love that enfolds you to sweep away anything that is not in alignment with It. That is what you truly desire, and you are bringing it into being.”

Happy 2013, Everybody!! It is a new year, and, as more than a few out there in blogland are writing, the true beginning of a New Age for humankind. Even though the song was written in the late 60’s, it is only now that we can finally say with certainty, ‘This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” What this actually means, is something that will take time to discover.

Here is Denmark the new year came in as it always does: through the noise, color and smoke of fireworks. Apparently this tradition has been going on here for many a long year: my husband told me he remembers as a little child, only being allowed to light the small, not so dangerous sparklers, while his father and uncle were outside producing the pyrotechnics along with the rest of the neighborhood. Even though we live in a small village in the middle of the countryside, a few of our neighbors had enough fireworks to light up the skies for nearly an hour past midnight.

meditation-manI managed to get up to a friend’s ‘summer house’ as they call them here, on the coast north of here for a couple of days. Being surrounded by pine and fir trees, and the walk along the beach one afternoon before the new year, helped me to find a kind of peace within myself that was very helpful during these rather turbulent days. Even so, once I was again home and the weather was again dreary, cold and wet, my emotional state again sank into agitation. The fact is, as much as I would like to think that now, finally, I can begin to breathe deeply, relax and enjoy this new age and time of peace, joy and happiness, my own inner landscape is mirroring that of many others: up and down, turbulence and disappointment, followed by stillness and acceptance, followed by yet more emotional roller-coaster riding. A little voice inside my head could be heard asking, “well, dearie, just what exactly were you expecting?”

To be honest, I don’t currently have a good answer for that question. I was not expecting the world to suddenly become rosy and full of peace and everyone laying down their arms on the 22nd of December, as much as I would have loved it if it had indeed happened that way. And okay, I admit, reading one blog post which stated quite plainly, ‘but you all have only just begun your work as lightworkers and wayshowers, there will be plenty to do from here on out!’ did make me just a tiny bit– shall we say- tired?

And yet. Dear Readers, some of you might recall how enamored I was with the author Ben Okri and his amazing stories that I read last fall. In Astonishing the Gods, he describes a world where the people had been captive under the sea for 500 years, and when they finally rose up and were again freed to live on the land, they created a wonderous society based upon the highest ideals, with the most beautiful and majestic works of art and architecture, lived in a way so that everyone was respected, society was just, and love was ever-present. And yes, it took time for the people to create that new world. It didn’t just happen overnight.

As I (and many of you, I am sure,) continue to ponder during the days and months to come just what the new year and new age we have entered will bring us, I turn to some of our wisest and most poetic fellow humans for inspiration. Tonight, dear Readers, I leave you with something by Ben Okri, who reminds us that a new and better age will not happen instantly, that it is up to us both individually and collectively to create our new, loving and beautiful world. He writes,

You are the real hope and possibility of the century. Do not accept any limitation on the definition of what is human, and what is possible to humanity. Do not box anyone in. Don’t let yourself be boxed in either. Tear down all the barriers– believe in the fundamental equality of humanity.Link hands with your brothers and sisters across the globe. Link hands with the poor and disadvantaged and the rich. Don’t look down at anyone and don’t look up at anyone either. Make this world one world, its riches and possibilities available to all.Do not for one moment think that you are small, that you are powerless, that you have nothing to give, or that you are alone. You are only small and powerless if you think only of yourself, if you are selfish. The moment you think of humanity, of service to humanity, then you become powerful.
The heart is bigger than the earth. We are here to serve humanity, to take the human possibility forward, to create a better world. We are here to grow, to learn, to share our light, our gifts, our love. –-Ben Okri, A Time of New Dreams


Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

2 thoughts on “2013: Now What?

  1. Yes, I experienced a shift, as I know you did…not our imaginations…yet, there is more to do and be….I sense a critical mass of folks waking up and that will be unstoppable…..and I LOVE BEN OKRI!!!!!!!!


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