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Seeing the angels in person


Hi again. This evening I read a rather (okay, very) uninteresting article by a woman who said she was a writer having writers block. I wouldn’t exactly claim that, instead it is more like a kind of vacancy of soul.

Here it is, the end of the first week of January, 2013. New year, new age, new new new… like a newborn baby in the house, after the birth, cleanup, and newness of having the babe in one’s everyday, I recall that feeling, not exactly a let down, more like a re-adjustment period. It takes time to find a rhythm with the new one, just as it is taking time (possibly quite a while) to find a rhythm with this new age we now find ourselves in.

It is a paradoxical time: on the one hand, it is not hard to imagine that nothing much has actually changed, the world looks nearly the same as it did before: same streets, same often grey and gloomy winter skies, etc…. but. I wonder around at home, and when I do venture out to get some fresh air and a change of scenery, unsure of just what to do with myself, I am, so to say, at loose ends. Nothing much seems to satisfy my interest for long, I am restless and tired, cannot concentrate on anything in particular, my whole mood is one of, well, expectancy. Which is odd, because I am quite unsure as to what it is I am supposed to be expecting.

It is obvious that ‘things’ have changed, but the changes are so far pretty subtle. My nature, changeable and restless anyway, craves something New.The-light-of-your-being-atypicaltypea-blog I have read blogpost after blogpost telling me that this year, 2013, is all about fully embracing Self-love, Self-acceptance, Self-forgiveness, and, the icing on the cake, beginning the path of Self-Mastery. Okay, then! Only now, dear Readers, there is no more playing board, game pieces, or rules. Guess why? Yup, it is because now we get to make up the whole thing as we go along! It is the beginning of real freedom for us human beings. No longer chained to the old third dimension, with its duality and crushing mental slavery, the humans are now free to do what we want, however we want to, in the higher name of Love. Truth, Love and Freedom, at long last!! It’s what we all want, right? What we have been striving towards for all these long centuries, aeons, millenia, isn’t it? Well, so ….let’s get on with it then!

But not so fast. We (well I speak for myself, at least) are unsure of what to do, how to get started. If the bonds of the evil empire truly have been broken forevermore, where do we begin? This is a serious and Big Question.

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up perusing the internet and Youtube for a while. I ended up finding this very nice video made by an American lady who was chatting about all sorts of interesting things, in a kind of stream-of-consciousness way (a lot like this blog, btw) and I have to tell you, dear Readers, she simply warmed the cockles of my heart up here in dark, cold, gloomy, danish, Denmark. She was so…. well, so American, in the very nicest way. She would chat on about one thing, and then her thoughts took a meander down this or that little side path. She related a story about her funny little dog, and then a centipede which had wandered into her room, which reminded her of her grandfather who would get out the hoe when he encountered one of those creatures, and then spoke about ticks, and how she didn’t like them much but would no longer kill them, only flush them down the toilet. She talked and talked, and I felt like I was sitting in the room with this funny, story-telling American lady, who was just down to earth and also pondering the imponderables, in a very endearing way. Can one become instant friends with a person one has never met, thousands of miles away, I wonder. As unlikely as it sounds, in this day and new age with our abilities to connect to the rest of the world simply by pushing a key on the keyboard or touchpad in one’s hand, I have to say that Yes, now we can do that. I am no longer alone in my American quirky-ness here in Scandinavia, because I am somehow, magically, connected to all of you! Even though I may be wondering around, unsure of just what to do tonight, or tomorrow, or for the rest of my life, it is okay. It’s okay because I have You. And I know, somehow, that You have me. You understand my moods, my blankouts, my ramblings, my unease and my amazement at the world at this moment in time. (Time? Well… yeah, that is changing too….)

So many times in these past months I have had a big desire to re-watch all those old Star Trek shows I used to see…. not so much the oldest ones with Kirk and Spock, but the ones with Jean-Luc Picard and his crew, the Next Generation. I loved that show so much, because they were on a never-ending adventure through space, and were always meeting new life forms, having intense experiences, and being constantly challenged to become greater beings in one way or another. The metaphors in that show were endless…. and of course twenty-odd years ago I could not imagine that much in those story lines could possibly become true, certainly not in this lifetime. But. I really have to admit that all that has happened these past months, and all that I have read about online, has given me great pause to consider: what if Star Trek is more than simply a product of Gene Roddenbury’s overactive imagination? What if all those beings, on vastly different worlds in far, faraway galaxies, are incredibly, amazingly, inexplicably, real? And what if, any day now, some of us will (and are already) begin to meet these beings face to face? Imagine what that would be like, dear Readers! It simply fires the imagination!

powerful-being-of-lightDo any of you have similar thoughts these days? I ponder these things pretty often. I imagine what it would be like to meet a being from another dimension/life-form/galaxy face to face. What would I do, how much grace could I muster upon a meeting like that? What if I were sitting here like I am now, and suddenly a shining being of light, which I would certainly take to be an angel, appeared (beamed into) my room? I honestly do not know what I would do. I think I would be very happy to see them, at any rate. If we are beginning this new time where we get to make up the game and the rules and all of it, then that is one of my new games. I want to see the angels in person. What about you, dear Readers? What is top on your new agenda?


Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

2 thoughts on “Seeing the angels in person

  1. Actually, I expect this year for there to be actual landings of aliens here to help us get through the mess we have created! And they WILL come, if they can be reassured that, out of fear, we won’t try to kill them! Love is the currency now; we can frack away to our heart’s content, mine the tar sands in our addiction to oil, and it doesn’t matter. Love is the currency now.


    • Perhaps you are right, Dr. Banner… I think they may be more inclined to come down and say hello if we stopped referring to them as ‘aliens’ and instead realized that we are in the presence of beings so vastly superior to us that we ought to be on our knees in gratitude that they have been helping us childish humans. But I agree, Love is the currency now… well put.


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