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Honest confessions


Dear Readers, thanks for staying with me and each other through these past, well, shall we say, Interesting Days? I know I really have gotten into this tangent with all the 21st of December and New Age of Light business on this blog. For those of you who were never exceedingly fascinated with all of that, well thanks for showing up and checking me out regardless: I admit I have been obsessed.

world_peace-kidsNow it is Epiphany, the 6th of January, the last day of Christmas. Tomorrow, life resumes its slightly more predictable (?) form, which for me, means I will return to the little Steiner school again. A new year, a new month, a new opportunity, I am telling myself. And yet. For days I have been troubled, feeling inward turbulence, like something is simply not right. Was I expecting some kind of nirvana to permanently manifest for me and many others, and am disappointed that it hasn’t yet? Possibly. Though I cannot quite put my finger on just what, exactly, it is that is troubling my soul, I sense that it stems from the split I am experiencing between all those extraordinarily inspiring blog posts I have read (and I really have read many) and what I am seeing in the world. My last post, the reblog of the article from The Guardian about the truly chilling in its thoroughness crackdown of the Occupy Movement by the US government, who were working directly under the orders of the banks and Federal Reserve, is a perfect example of this split.

Honestly, dear Readers, it simply cuts to my deepest heart to see, beyond the shadow of any doubt, just how blatantly horrific the government of the country where I was born, raised and lived for most of my life, the government which was founded on the words Of the People, by the People, For the People– with Liberty and Justice for All, how this very government could be so brutally stomping on its citizens– and for what ends? I must admit, I profoundly lament this fact. I have gone from pure ignorance, to a slow awakening, to denial, to an understanding of just how truly awful the people who run America (and the rest of the world) actually are.

We may have just entered a New Age of Aquarian, golden light and peace, which in time will undoubtedly become very wonderful and beautiful and happy, just like all those dreamy, idealistic blog posts say, but at THIS moment in time, no one who is really awake and aware can possibly say that we are anywhere near to a truly better world, not as long as those in power remain so. I was so excited by the Occupy Movement when it began in the autumn of 2011, it had such a quality of hopefulness, of change, of all the high ideals which I personally hold dear: no hierarchy, no leaders, lateral agreements, consensus, truth, transparency, equality, justice, peace, love. All those things which make people become a real whole, united, loving, kind to each other: in short, it was a tiny glimpse into the kind of world, yes the New World, that so many of us want to live in now and in future. To then watch it get smashed with such brutality, such untoward hatred and malicious intent, to crush peace-loving citizens like so many unwanted pests, exterminated with poison, weapons of warfare, and for what? For what, I ask.


It is obvious that this is the time to ‘spread the love’ far and wide as we possibly can, as my friend Dr. David Banner stated in a recent comment, “Love is the new currency now.” I agree with him, Love is the strongest force in the universe and basically the only thing that can save us. I believe that Truth and Love cannot be separated, they are forged from the same source, they reside together. Humanity has to awaken, collectively, to this simple truth. As long as we keep bickering, fighting, killing each other and using whatever means at our disposal to quell the ‘others’, Love cannot live, nor can Truth nor Peace.

How can millions, and eventually billions, of people be ignored? They can try, by polluting the water, food, air, by manipulations of every description (and apparently they have been doing all of this for much longer than most of us suspected) but they cannot win anymore. Other movements will appear, and grow larger and larger and larger, until finally they (those who want only to control everyone and everything for their own greed and power) simply will have to stop. And when THAT happens, well on THAT day I will be out in the streets dancing and jumping for joy. When the Obamas of the world finally can stand up straight, look all the rest of us in the eye and say, ‘You Win. It is Your Country now, Your World. Make it as you will.’

dream-peace-in-paperDear Readers, in my posts during the past couple of months, I have over and over again asked the question, What will the world in which you want to live, look like? Be like? Feel like? I myself have had a hard time imagining a truly shiny, new, beautiful world. But at this moment I can see this: an image of people, people everywhere, all over the world, in every land, country, geographical location on Earth, and they are smiling, they are laughing, they are happy, dancing, holding white flags, and rainbow banners, and peace signs, and it is because they KNOW, all of them, that there will never again be war, famine, torture, repression, brutality, and all the rest of the bondage that they have all lived within for as long as anyone can remember. In this image, there is only peace everywhere on Earth.


Here is a link to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, written and passed in 1948. Isn’t it about time we began taking this document seriously?

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Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

10 thoughts on “Honest confessions

  1. It is so hard to be optimistic when you have the corporate media spewing its propaganda! Keep up the good work. Education is vital!


    • Okay, Lea…. I will do my best. I joined the Bloggers for Peace group now… so at least once a month I will write about peace in the world, no matter how large or small. blessings, leigh


  2. Enjoyed your article, Leigh. Thanks for the link to my post. Peace & Love, Bette A. Stevens


  3. I love your vision of a peaceful world, Leigh. Let’s keep dreaming together until it becomes our reality.


    • Hi Kozo, thanks for reading and agreeing to a vision of a peaceful world. Yes, we will keep holding that vision and it will grow stronger until, as you so eloquently say, it becomes our earthly reality. Namaste, Leigh


  4. SB…..don’t be deceived by outer appearances…..something HAS shifted in the world of my experience…and it is NOT New Age hoo-hah….it is real. And, yes, appearances are still that shadow elements remain…big surprise!


  5. I feel for you…the complexity, the mixed emotions, the concern about what the actual facts are….
    And I applaud your efforts to paint the world with peace.


    • Thanks, Ann…. ‘what the actual facts are…” who can know anymore? One thing is for certain, it is high time for all of us to live life led by the heart, and let go of Mind as leader. Peace is such a paradox, so utterly simple on the one hand, and yet also extraordinarily complex on the other. But I for one will never give up on the hope for a peaceful world.


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