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On offering one’s essence to the world, and being blissed out


“ My essence, no matter how hesitant or shy, attracts to it those things that would nourish it. Your essence revealed attracts experiences, sensations, and people that re-inspire your lagging spirit as you throw out yet another failed piece of work or end a once vital relationship. When we allow ourselves to shine in this way, we are led- slowly but surely- to the heart of things, to our gift. I believe the art of real living, in whatever form it takes, is our essence revealed and expressed. And, to me, this act of courageously offering your essence to the world regardless of the reception is a powerful act of love that benefits others”–Ann O’Shaughnessy from

Hello again Dear Readers! I realize that my blog posts have become more infrequent than they once were. For me, as well as probably for some of you, these are quite introspective times. Whereas a year ago I was questioning nearly everything and writing about it all, these days I am more simply Being with the world, both the outer and my own inner realms. Perhaps some of you can relate, dear Readers?

Tonight I received a comment from my dear friend, Dr. David Banner, telling me that he was ‘nearly ashamed’ to report that he is feeling ‘blissed out’ basically 24-7 these days. On top of that, I read one of the blogs that I follow, which asked its readers, “How often do you create drama and chaos of a situation that is easy and effortless?” and then recommended to “Release your ‘need’ for disorder and everything will come more easily.” To which my immediate knee-jerk reaction was, ‘tsk, hmm…” and frowning, I closed the window. Are we a bit grumpy tonight?  I could hear that sweet voice in the back of my mind asking.

Dear Readers, my honest confession is that I too would LOVE to be blissed out 24-7, having reached that lofty level of ascension that I have been hearing so much about. I too would like to reach a state of awareness so keen that I had no more NEED for grouchiness nor grumpiness, but instead could simply float effortlessly through my remaining days on this gorgeous planet, knowing to the depths of my soul that, no matter WHAT it looks like on the outside, All is Truly Well, Love has Won, our New Earth has arrived, we made it! We did it! From here on out, it is smooooth sailing…….

And yet. Again and again, this delightful feeling of utter joy, experienced now by so many lucky ducks on the very same planet as I am currently residing, eludes me. I have to wonder by now, What Am I missing? Why am I so dumb, so ignorant of the ways of wonder, that I simply cannot find out how to live in bliss and constant joy?

In the above quote, Ann O’ Shaughnessy writes ‘ I believe the art of real living, in whatever form it takes, is our essence revealed and expressed.’ But what does she really mean by ‘our essence revealed and expressed?’ Is our human essence truly supposed to be about learning the magic trick of becoming blissed out 24-7, with nary a care in the world anymore? Who cares about world domination, global warming, fascist dictatorships, things going to hell in a handbasket, hey I am blissed out! Somehow I don’t think so. Will the world really take care of itself and somehow straighten itself out if I also join the ranks of the blissed? And as more and more people become blissful, reaching those lofty heights of nirvana and turning themselves into pillars of light and love, will all the bad, evil, darkness that has held Earth and her humans captive for so many eons of time, simply disappear like a bad dream, to be relegated to the annuals of far-distant history books that one day nobody will even remember anymore?

It doesn't take miracles to make a person blissed out, but then again... they couldn't hurt!

It doesn’t take miracles to make a person blissed out, but then again… they couldn’t hurt!

I wish. The idealistic, wishing to be enlightened part of me wishes that the future world (in the not too distant future!) will happen like that. Rainbow people living in the new world of Love, Light and Peace and Joy forever more. A thousand years (or why not million?) of peace, beginning today. Why not, dear Readers? What is stopping us from having this new, blissful world we all really want, I ask you all?

In the meantime, the squeeze continues. I also read today about the Sequester (I had to look up what this word even means on Google) that the United States government is about to instigate. It does not look good, although I am all for reducing the number of billions of dollars allotted to military spending over the next ten years. And I am all for cutting immigration enforcement and airport security. But cutting the Library of Congress? Food to Women, Infants and Children? Public Employees? Medicare and Medicaid? Head Start programs for little kids? Global health programs? NASA? Public housing? Disaster relief (are they kidding??) And possibly the meanest of all, budget cuts to the Patent and Trademark office– what the heck, those people have got to be overworked and knee-deep in paperwork as it is!

In all fairness to my dear friend David Banner, being blissed out on happiness and joy does not necessarily mean that a person cannot participate in changing the world for the better, far from it. He is a great example of a nearly Super-Human, working tirelessly for years for the causes of the Good, the True and the Beautiful in his own life. He is an inspiring human, and I am glad for him if he has found the key to lasting happiness and joy.

In the meantime, I would like to wish you all the week of Easter to be filled with beauty, joy, fun and laughter…. and as much bliss as you can possibly manage.

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Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

4 thoughts on “On offering one’s essence to the world, and being blissed out

  1. Thank you, dear friend…..I cannot take any credit for my blissed out feeling…it is just the way I feel most of the time………..and about the sequester….when we came into Houston, returning from Costa Rica, we were faced with a Customs room with slots for 37 agents and 6 people were working! It took 1 1/2 hours for us to get through, we missed our plane, the next plane was 1 1/2 hours late and we got to Chicago at 2AM…..was I blissed out? Nope, but I accepted that this is what was happening and I just moved with it…hence the title of my new book LOVING IT ALL;LIVING WITH AN AWAKENED HEART….if I am gonna write about it, I’d better live it!(smile)


  2. Hi. Although I am not completely happy all the time, these are generally blips in the overall road. If I look at my life, I really can’t complain. I have family to talk with, my books and bird feeders, flowers and snowflakes in season, and good food (too much good food). I wish my health was better, but even that I can handle if I just take it one minute at a time. A warm blanket helps most ailments at least a little. I guess I am blissed out too. Jane


    • Hi Jane, thanks as always for taking the time to read and comment on my posts. Thank you for sharing your own happiness with me and readers here. I am very glad that you have such a blessed life, surrounded by what gives your life meaning and joy. many blessings to you today, Leigh


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