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The Revolution is Love


“Give yourself to love, Love is what you’re after.” – Kate Wolf

What is it about May? Perhaps it is because of all the loveliness surrounding us here in the northern hemisphere, with so many kinds of flowers blooming and all the songbirds calling from the treetops… whatever the reasons, it simply feels like there is a lot of love hanging around in the atmosphere right now. Even die-hard Danes have given up (mostly) their standard costumes of black-on-black, and are clad in spring greens and orange and blue. It is the season of color, which means Life and Love.

This past weekend I spent a lovely time in the city of Århus, located on Denmark’s mainland. It is a lovely city, with a nice balance of old architecture, new and progressive thinking and attitudes. The old, young, and everyone in the middle seem to live together in relative harmony there, and the fact that it is the home of Denmark’s second largest university gives it the fresh and free-thinking atmosphere in which good things can grow. Århus is a harbor town, situated on a large bay, and close by is a very beautiful nature area with mature beech forest and a very nice stretch of sandy beach. Here I spent some precious hours in contemplation last Saturday, taking in the colors, sounds and scents of the beautiful shoreline, for which I was extremely grateful.

One evening was spent with in-laws and a new friend, a woman a few years younger than myself. We had a nice, quiet dinner and afterwards we sat around in her airy, light living room and chatted. After a while, the conversation turned to me and my current life. She asked me several pointed questions about my work, my relationship, etc., and once she got a small sketch from me, she began to lecture. She told me many things concerning my root chakra and how important it is for me to have a grounding with some kind of basic, steady work, no matter how boring it may be. She gave me her own situation as an example, stating that though she herself has this and that education, she does very boring data entry work a few days a week, which gives her a steady paycheck and allows her the structure of a regular schedule as well as time for her more personal inner work. She talked at length about this subject, and the need for me to do something similar, regardless of my creative urges and desires. The underlying, strong message was: set aside your dreams and wishes for a while and get really practical, Leigh. No matter how dull or uninteresting the work may be, you are obligated to get some, so that you have a real grounding for your soul and can get money enough to feel independent of your man. Strong words, and I heard them loud and clear.

I-came-here-to-change-the-world-cauldrons&cupcakes=blogNow a few days have gone by. I have had increasing pain in my right foot, to the point where today it was quite painful to walk on it. Out of necessity, I bore the pain and went through my tasks anyway, all the while noticing this pain and asking it what it wants to tell me. I asked myself, are you truly ill? Possibly dying? No, was the answer. The pain is about something else.

What I know for sure is, physical pain and emotional suffering are the two quickest routes to becoming old that humans have available. The catch-phrase these days is the ‘pain body’ and it is an apt description. When the pain body kicks in, all other activities come to a quick halt. It is the number one attention-getter. On a day like today, the thought of having to work at a mindless, boring job (or any job, for that matter) becomes nearly unbearable. Today my new friend’s lecture has been replaying in my mind. Obviously there is practical wisdom in her words, that is undeniable. On the other hand, another, stronger part of my psyche seems to be crying out in protest: ‘haven’t you already been through all of that, for many years? Why would you go backwards now, when you have come so far?’

Remember the saying, “do what you love, and the money will follow?” Well I think it is high time to change that one to this instead: “Do what you love, and Love will follow.” It seems to me that the future we are beginning to create together is about Love as the new currency, not money. I am no longer interested in basic survival. That was the old me, for too many years. This new version wants to do whatever it does for the love of it, for the exchange of love given and received. Perhaps it sounds completely naïve, and yet. It seems that I am not the only one who is thinking along these lines.

Occupy-your-heartCase in point: Occupy Love. Apparently some of the people who were gathering at the Occupy Wall street protests have also been thinking along these lines. They have even made a movie, called Occupy Love. This film is about the Occupy movement as a true revolution of Love here on Earth. Yes of course it is a call for action, to stop the greedy tyrants who have been ruling our collective lives which have led us to the brink of utter catastrophe and collapse of our planet. But it is more, it is truly a time when the real call to action is a call for Love to rule. Every day, more humans are awakening from the nightmare of the illusion we have been living in for so long. Only last weekend, millions of people in over fifty countries around the globe gathered in protest of Monsanto’s atrocities with genetic food modification. People are simply tired of being slaves to an outworn, ugly and exceedingly unhealthy system of economics and energy production. They are standing up and saying Stop by the thousands and millions. Soon it will be by the billions, and eventually the tyrants will simply have to stop.

In a world ruled by Love, instead of fear, mind-numbing, work-simply-to-survive mentalities, along with the jobs that keep them in place will be non-existent. It will no longer be a society based on people ‘going to work’ as they love to say all the time in Denmark. People will think differently, and do work that they want to do, that they are glad to get up for, that isn’t simply to ‘put food on the table.’ It cannot be this mentality any longer, if society is based upon love. Then, people will be asked, ‘what is it you would like to do, what do you enjoy doing, what brings you joy?’ It isn’t that work itself is a four-letter word, it is the intention behind it. Something I read on a blog the other day suggested, Find out what seems to feel the most right to you, what fills your heart with joy, what makes you eager to begin?


When I think in these terms, I cannot imagine finding some truly boring or menial down-on-my-knees kind of work, ever again. I cannot agree with the one who lectured me that it would be good for me and grounding. Yes to steady income, at least until we are a bit further down the new evolutionary road. Yes to working with my hands and heart and mind in good, healthy, creative ways. And above all, yes to having love be the basis of all of it, every day.

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Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

8 thoughts on “The Revolution is Love

  1. A lovely post to accompany my breakfast on this chilly autumnal morning. Indeed, you are “not the only one thinking along these lines” Leigh – I congratulate you on your courage to claim that authenticity – Love’s true expression – unique to wonderful You.


  2. oh yes! occupy your heart, occupy love, to practice love, i totally love that…


  3. Reblogged this on ToBreakEvery … …Chain and commented:
    Today’s Read! ♥


  4. A brilliant post, this one…your friend did have a point about grounding and becoming more earthy, yet, your point about doing what you LOVE is far more important….I salute you, my lover friend!


    • Upon further consideration, I have realized that I have probably never been MORE grounded upon Earth as I currently am…. we must all strive to discover what is true for us, no matter what others may have to say about our situation. Love back to you, dear Dr. Banner.


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