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Replacing darkness with Light

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Today is December 12th, and there is a lot going on here on Earth. You could say that it is a day when humanity is rewriting our common future, with an enormous amount of help from the spiritual realms.

On this day in Paris, many thousands of humans are standing up and shouting, for the world’s leaders and everyone else to hear. They have created a red line in that city, symbolizing This far and No Further on the path to Earth’s destruction. They have been telling, showing, dancing, singing and shouting during the entire climate summit over the past twelve days, in order that the most powerful leaders of our world will finally stop ignoring all of the science, the results of climate change all around us, and begin in earnest, the critically important work of turning around the machine of fossil fuel wreckage and destruction, embracing instead a Clean Energy Future for Earth.

There is no issue more important than this in our times. The activists in Paris are speaking for everyone and all sentient beings as they implore the world’s puppeteers to see the reality of our common situation and make the necessary changes, in order to save our world from sure destruction during the 21st century.


How we used geolocation to spell out a giant message in Paris

Over the past twelve days of the climate summit, many positive and important steps have been taken towards this goal. Coalitions have formed, agreements have been made, conversations have taken place for new partnerships and promises of financial assistance for countries who are now and will continue to struggle with the effects of climate change on their land and people. Yet, with all the steps forward and good will shown, they are keenly aware that much more needs to be done, and that the Earth cannot afford to wait any longer for real change to occur on a global scale. The red line that has been drawn there is also a huge warning signal: the time for switching from fossil fuel consumption to clean energy is NOW.

From today, December 12th, through the beginning of January, we have a great opportunity to help our world move into a future that is peaceful, safe and clean for all. The way to do this is to carefully monitor our thoughts and feelings throughout the day and night as we go about our lives. Taking extra time to simply be quiet and undisturbed is a wonderful way to do this. As you go within, notice how your body feels, and what your mind is telling you. The goal is to catch any thoughts based in fear and negativity, and release them immediately. Replace all thoughts based in fear or negativity with a positive thought, for example, “I can’t” becomes “Yes of course I can and I will!” Please remember that pessimism and cynicism are very unhelpful emotions for healing the world. If you are feeling fearful or angry about the world, others or yourself, find compassion and empathy inside your heart and work with those feelings instead. The Number One most important thing each of us can do now is to replace fear with Love, and darkness with Light. We, along with everything upon planet Earth, is made from Light, literally. By increasing the Light quotient on Earth, we are creating a future based upon principles of Light, and eradicating the darkness that has had a death grip upon this planet for eons.

To the humans who would keep perpetuating darkness in all of its guises, including war, terror, famine, torture, brutality, rape of the earth and accumulation of vast wealth for the very few while the majority live in utter poverty and without even the most basic necessities of life, we have a strong message today: Your Days Are Numbered. Humanity is shouting for Freedom, for Justice, for Health, for Equality, for Peace, for Abundance, for Love, for Light…. for ALL.


From May Boeve, Executive Director, 12-12-2015

“This marks the end of the era of fossil fuels. There is no way to meet the targets laid out in this agreement without keeping coal, oil and gas in the ground. The text should send a clear signal to fossil fuel investors: divest now.

Our job now is to hold countries to their word and accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy. Over ten thousand of us took to the streets of Paris today to demonstrate our commitment to keep up the fight for climate justice, while many more demonstrated around the world. Our message is simple: a livable climate is a red line we’re prepared to defend.

The final text still has some serious gaps. We’re very concerned about the exclusion of the rights of indigenous peoples, the lack of finance for loss and damage, and that while the text recognizes the importance of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees C, the current commitments from countries still add up to well over 3 degrees of warming. These are red lines we cannot cross. After Paris, we’ll be redoubling our efforts to deliver the real solutions that science and justice demand.”

Payal Parekh, Global Managing Director said: “Our communities, our climate, our survival: those are our red lines, and we’re mobilizing to defend them. Paris has never been an end point for us, but a chance to get an agreement that will help us continue with our fight for climate justice, If politicians won’t keep fossil fuels in the ground, we will. Our survival depends on it.”

The red line symbolically pointed from the victims to the perpetrators of the climate crisis: the fossil fuel industry. It stretched from the site of the iconic Arc de Triomphe, a monument of militarism that houses a memorial to the unidentified dead from both world wars, along the major boulevard Avenue de la Grande Armée towards the business district La Défense, where the headquarters of several fossil fuel corporations such as Total and Engie and their financial backers are located.

The ‘Red Lines’ action marked one of the first major demonstrations since the tragic attacks of 13th November, which were followed by a ban on public demonstrations under a state of emergency.



Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

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