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Racism, Separation and the Police State

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Today is yet another sad day, in a string of many such days. A black man was shot in cold blood by a white police officer, for doing nothing at all. His girlfriend sat next to him, helpless to do anything except silently obey the officer’s demands, as she listened and watched her man dying senselessly. This is insanity.

Yes, the man was black. Yes, racism is very alive and seems to be thriving here in the United States. Blacks, especially young black men, are being specially targeted by the police all across the country. They do not need any reason to pull out their guns and fire, and are mostly allowed, and even encouraged, it seems, to murder these men freely and at will.  But what is really happening here, now, in 2016?

Racism is an old, old story on Earth. Races of people have been warring and killing one another for as long as history has been recorded. It is true that our most recent collective memory shows that white-skinned people, particularly men, have been the biggest perpetrators of dominance, violence and controlling people of color in the world. This is continuing unabated in many countries today. The real question is, What can we collectively do about it, so that all people may live on Earth in peace?

There is little argument that the United States has become a police state. Our government pretends that we still have freedom and is a ‘democracy’ but anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear knows this is a lie. Major cities across the US have devoted a hefty portion of their fiscal budgets to maintaining well-trained and armed police departments. But make no mistake: they are no longer there for the protection of their citizens, but rather as the henchmen of government leaders, to keep the status quo. They are ubiquitous and dangerous.  At the first sign of perceived trouble, an officer is trained to pull out his gun and fire. If one’s skin happens to be dark, the trigger is pulled even faster, as countless shootings have evidenced. If one is homeless or appears unstable in any way, they are fair game for harassment and violence, rather than compassion and help.


When we consider history as our guidepost, we find many examples of societies that became totalitarian and eventually fell. Even in the recent past of the 20th century, we can look to Europe for these examples: Spain’s fascist regime, spanning over 70 years of iron-fisted rule, the USSR’s domination of the whole of eastern Europe for seven decades, and of course, Nazi Germany’s insidious rise to power during the 1930s through the end of World War II.  In all these scenarios, the government’s leaders were able to take power because they fed the unrest of the people, increased it through propaganda, then once they had enough of the citizenry behind them, took power with an iron fist. What happened to topple all these regimes involved the people standing up to that power in numbers and strength great enough to fight, and eventually unseat the regime. And yes, a lot of violence and killing was involved.

We stand at a crossroads at this moment in history, here in the United States. Our government has become completely corrupted, it is rotten to its core.  The architects of the US Constitution are, I am quite sure, turning over in their graves to know what has happened to their enlightened vision for this country 240 years ago.  I am not here to argue about small details of historical events, but rather to remind all of us once more, that freedom from all tyranny, whether of race, religion, creed, or any particular belief system, is and has always been, won by the virtue of enough People coming together with a common vision and desire for the Common Good of All. In this time we are living through now, people of color are being targeted by those in positions of power, from the municipal level to the highest levels of authority in Washington D.C. It isn’t fair, it isn’t equitable, and it is certainly not humane. Yet it keeps happening, with regularity. We, The People, must stand up and speak to this power of domination in no uncertain terms, and say, NO MORE.WE WANT PEACE.  All of the great leaders of Humanity have done exactly this, in every corner of the world. It is the only way to change it.

So yes, white people must stand with Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Middle Easterns, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists and those who have no set belief system: All must go beyond their self-appointed labels and find common ground.  What do we ALL have in common?  A lot, for we are all humans, living on a finite, wonderful and terribly abused planet that is our COMMON home.  We are NOT separate: not from each other, not from the animals, land, ocean, every living being and not from Gaia Terra herself.  If each and all of us could, would be willing, finally, to truly understand this at a core level of soul, that by hurting any other living thing we only hurt ourselves, this world would change in an instant.

Bob Marley once wrote, “you think you’re in heaven but you’re living in hell.”  We live in a hell of our own making when we choose to remain blind to the truth of our very existence:  We Are ONE: There is in Reality, no separation. Look at a tree:  is the branch separated from the trunk? The leaves something other than members of the tree itself? The roots, are they not intricately connected to the whole? And the birds, insects, spiders and all the microscopic life that lives in and on the tree?  It is a whole being, a whole system with different parts, but they are all connected.  This is how life works, it is who and what we are, why we are here, and what we are learning:  All is One, in this grand experiment we call Life.


People, it is time to move beyond this terrible illusion of separation that we have been living under for all these millennium.  The time is NOW.  How many more people have to get shot, raped, hurt and destroyed senselessly before we finally can see the truth? Violence is never the answer, even if it may feel like a vindication in the moment. As long as people continue to hurt and destroy each other, the cycle will continue.  Lay down all arms, and instead use your own arms to love another, to love yourself. Love is the answer, because it is the truth. Love, Light and Truth are all synonyms, they mean the same thing, they are all the same power. Let’s take our real power and use it for the Good of All.



Author: SingingBones

When we sing over the bones, we are calling the wild nature, the instinctive soul back, singing it alive again. To live with our wildness intact, is the greatest gift a woman can give herself. "It is the holy poetry and singing we are after." C.P. Estes

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  1. So good; can’t improve on this!


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