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Going to summer camp

Tomorrow I leave the city for summer camp in the Rockies. Excited I am, and also a little scared. The image of The Fool, that one who, white rose in hand, bundle of belongings upon one shoulder, is blissfully about to step off the precipice into the Unknown, is my symbol tonight: About to leap, in utter trust, and hoping for a soft landing.fool

The camp I am going to is indeed for kids, from ages 7 through 12 years old. It’s in a beautiful spot, high in the mountains at nine thousand feet elevation. There is a private lake, horses, archery, canoeing, and all the usual summer camp activities. My role will be in the kitchen, as assistant Chef. This means I will be cooking a whole lot of food for hungry kids for the next ten weeks.   I have the feeling we will have a good time together, with all sorts of forest creatures nearby, cooler, clean air and water, and millions of stars for company at night.

Dear Readers, what will you do with your summertime this year? It is such a brief and lovely season, the mornings so fresh and soft, the heat radiating everything and everyone by afternoon, and the evenings so wonderfully long and warm. It is the luxurious time of year, when humans can shed outerwear and sensible shoes, women wrap themselves in sheer and flowing dresses, men wear little more than a pair of shorts and perhaps a tee shirt, everybody wears flip flops or sandals, and as the song goes, The living is easy. Generous, easy and a little bit lazy…… like floating down a slow-moving river in a row boat, swinging in a tree swing, hiking up a gorgeous mountainside full of flowers, or any of the hundreds of wonderous occupations and diversions that one can think of to enjoy himself on a sunny afternoon in summer.


I would like to suggest to everyone reading this post, don’t be in a hurry this summer, or so set on DOING….. rather, focus more of your energy on simply BEING….. enjoying each moment as it arrives, flashes like a koi in a calm pond, and disappears again. No other time of year affords such luxury of time to simply Be. Enjoy it while it lasts, love and appreciate the people around you as much as you possibly can, and most of all, love yourself. You have been working so hard at this game of being human, it is time to reward yourself in many ways this summer. Celebrate being alive, your ability to laugh, hug and breathe the air, feel water on your skin, smell the flowers, see the beauty of our amazing planet, hear the birdsong, taste wonderful, fresh fruit and vegetables from a garden, touch another being. We are all so blessed to be alive, I hope you love it all!!



Heart wide open and vulnerable

Do any of you feel like you are on a roller-coaster emotional ride these days, Dear Readers? I know I certainly do. One day, one moment up, or at least holding steady, then the next– bam, slam, and down again. Awake again at 4 am, I finally decided to get up and at least make an attempt at something other than sleeping. The buzzing from an old fluorescent light in the kitchen kept me company until there was a horrendous crash, bringing the framed picture on the wall over said light, down into the kitchen sink below in pieces. Weird, right? Until some moments later, our landlord-upstairs neighbor and friend Bob knocked on the door, asking if we could hear a strange buzzing noise. This was just after 5 am. Sheepishly I mumbled, ‘oh, yeah it is the old kitchen light I have on, couldn’t sleep, so sorry,’ and quickly turning it off again, proceeded to sit in the darkness with only the computer screen for company. Not the best way to begin a new day.

Today was a whirl of emotional states, mostly on the low end of life’s spectrum. I watched myself go through grief, anger, overwhelm, confusion, blahness, and other such things. By the aftLove-quote-elephantjournalernoon I was so tired of myself that I walked over to the part of town where others are also experiencing similarities, known as Colfax Avenue. At least there I could see that I am far from alone in my suffering. First I went to the women’s place, which is a large three story building containing kind-hearted volunteers and helpful women who are helping other women who aren’t having such great lives at the moment. There I received information about all the various services and resources available to me, made a couple of appointments for next week, and left feeling slightly better. From there, I walked a couple of blocks down to Urban Ministries, which is a truly wonderful place. They offer help for the homeless and basically anyone who needs some humanity, in the form of a food pantry, legal aid, help with obtaining ID and birth certificates, job information, computers, the use of telephones and one’s own voice mail box, and access to other resources a person who is down on their luck might need. Today I was there to see about using their food pantry, seeing as ours was a bit empty, as well as my purse. An hour later, I had been given not only an amazing and healthy array of all kinds of wonderful food (thanks to the local Whole Foods market who gives their nearly out-of-dates and perishables to them each week), but also a very kind and friendly young woman was there to listen to my rant and my rage today. I entered nearly in tears, and left with profuse blessings on my lips.

The past weekend I attended a Kadampa Buddhist meditation and talk. The leader spoke about anger, and its cousin, aversion. She said that whenever we have the impulse of No, I don’t want this, and want to push it away, that is a form of anger which has not yet manifested outside of ourselves. As always in Buddhism, the invitation is to look at whatever it is that comes up in the soul, or the mind, acknowledge it, and then simply let it go. Simply let go. Of course, this is the tricky part. Today as I spoke with the young intake worker at Urban Ministries, I realized a kind of vehemence in my words. I had thought I was simply discouraged, sad and frustrated, yet my words once out of my mouth, told me how very angry I am, how helpless I feel. There is so much need in the world now, so many hurt humans walking around not having a clue what to do, where to go, how to fix themselves or anyone else. We are a broken people. Yet, if we ourselves are okay enough, getting by alright, managing our lives even barely well enough, then it becomes easy to simply forget our less fortunate brothers and sisters on the street. What I am finding out now, living in Denver, is that there are many people who are in need. And there are many people who are doing what they can to help. There are hundreds of charity organizations in the greater Denver metro area, working at every level to raise up our brokenness, to offer help, both material and emotional, to the youngest, the oldest, and everyone in-between.

As I walk through the streets on these mostly sunny January days, I see myself reflected back in all the faces– on the bus, in line at the grocery store, everywhere I look I see the human condition. They are me and I am them– we are all part of a great organism, we are each important to the whole. If the man on the street is without a home, money, and self-respect, then a part of me is also. Conversely, it must also be true that the ones who are extraordinarily blessed with wealth, beauty, and every material object their heart desires, also dwell within me somewhere. Inexplicably, it is much more difficult for me to experience them inside of me than the ones who are hurting. Obviously I still have much more soul work to do.

My heart is wide open and vulnerable now, more than ever before. Perhaps this is why I have days like today, where I so profoundly feel the pain of the world within my own personal anguish. Yet I would rather it be this way, than to have a closed heart and mind, unable to empathize or be compassionate. There is nothing else to do: once one’s mind and heart are awakened, there is no going back.


The thin rope between emotional states

Balancing between the old life and the new is big work, dear Readers. I don’t know how many of you are feeling somewhat the same, but if you are, I have total empathy for you. There are several things I could choose to write about this evening, as my life now is full of so many impressions and thoughts and ideas within the course of a day. But tonight I find myself wavering yet again, even as I am walking along that dangerously thin rope bridge which hangs so high above the vast, bottomless abyss of the unknown below me.

Denmark pulls at my heartstrings again tonight, calling me to remember moments there when I was happy, when Danish was in my ears, all around me, and even though it nearly constantly frustrated me with its difficult intonation and impossible pronunciation, I grew to love it in some strange sort of love-hate-love relationship. Three years and more of living in any foreign country has got to rub off on a person, after all, and those Danes got under my skin in a particularly fond way, I admit. I miss my friends there, and the kids that I taught at the little school. Of course you all know that I miss that man who remains there,even as I am now thousands of miles away on another continent. The other night I wrote that I was ‘way beyond self-help books by now,’ — well, I guess that was not entirely the truth.

What I meant by saying that is, that reading books and hearing phrases and even listening to others telling the ways to overcome one’s neuroses and issues and stuckness is all well and good, but until I take the words and make them my own reality and truth, they remain just nice words on the page.

walking_alone_by_pix_cel-d4pky45In other words, I can tell myself that Today is a New Day! Be in the present moment, don’t live in the past or the future. Be mindful. Remember to breathe. Let go of the past. Focus on what I want now for my life. Go beyond the little me, embrace the Divine Me! And so on and so forth, til the cows come home. But. What I am learning, every single day, in a hundred small ways, and a few big ones, is that I simply HAVE to honor where I am at NOW: in Each Moment of my life. Some moments I am really so fine, smiling, embracing the divine me, walking along, even singing a tune for no particular reason other than I feel glad. And then, at other moments, some trigger will get tripped, and the next thing I know, I am in pieces again. This is not the same as wallowing in self-pity for long periods of time, or anything like that. Perhaps I am finally comprehending the Buddhist exhortation to simply Be what you are Now. Whatever that is. If you feel angry, Be the anger. If you feel sad, Be the sadness. Don’t push away the emotions as they rise up, instead allow them to come, feel them completely, and then let them dissipate again. I am finding that this is the most useful method for dealing with all these emotional states I find myself in. Those old masters definitely knew their stuff.

Recently I read a highly enjoyable and wise novel, called The Humans, by Matt Haig. It is the story of a being from a faraway planet, which is based purely on mathematics and logic, who comes to Earth to fulfill a certain mission. This book is screamingly funny, and also poignant and very, well, human. Haig is a master at showing ourselves our human frailties and absurdities. One thing that has stuck with me from it, is that he (the otherworldly being) makes the observation that on Earth, everything is apparently a Test of one kind or another. The being cannot go anywhere or do anything or meet anyone, without being tested in some strange way. I really am in agreement with him about this. In some very real ways, Life on Earth truly is a whole series of tests and quizzes, designed to see if a person can jump through enough hoops and perform enough tricks well enough to ‘pass’ and so go on to the next level. Kind of like one of those computer games that are so popular, where the player must go through all sorts of dangers and enemies, in order to proceed to the next level. Trouble is, we really have no idea what actually exists on the next level, although it is a good bet there will be more of the same, only even trickier, once we get there.What a tiring game this thing called human existence is, all too often.

I watched a fascinating Youtube video the other night, by a man named Matt Kahn. Regardless of what you might think of him, he certainly made some salient points about human nature and the reason for being alive. At one point, he told the audience, so calmly and clearly, that our lives are really all about learning How To Live. That we actually do not really know how to live, and so we are here to learn how to do it. I have pondered this statement, and I agree with him. Our overall mission here is to learn How to Live as a human being. After so many lifetimes, you would think that we would have figured it out by now. But no. For I believe that if we had, life would not be nearly so difficult. Or confusing. Or painful. Or would it?

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Moving through this transitory life

‘What does the world mean to you if you can’t trust it to go on shining when you’re not there?’ –Mary Oliver

It is nearly the autumnal equinox again. Every September the same feeling comes over me, of completion, balance, endings… which invariably lead to new beginnings. I have always embraced this season as the true ending of the yearly cycle, for the signs are everywhere and unmistakable: changing and dying leaves, the last of summer’s flowers, the harvest of the whole growing season. Another year at is end, and before too long the cold will set in, first at night, and then the days will become cooler until finally winter will again settle upon the earth and we humans will enter a new cycle of time.

autumn-leaves-waterWhat is Time, actually? More and more I ponder this question, dear Readers. Is not Time simply a human construct, designed to mark out our lives into manageable bites for easier digestibility? Yes, we all know the sun rises each morning and sets each evening, that winter turns to spring, turns to summer, turns to autumn, and again to winter. We observe each other and ourselves changing through the seasons of our lives, children grow up, we grow old, decay and death arrive eventually. And yet. On another, more profound level, this life we find ourselves in is such an illusion. It may sound like a tired cliché, but mean it very seriously. Here’s an example:

You meet up with an old friend whom you have not seen for some years. At first glance, he appears older, a bit different in appearance than the last time you saw him. Once you get over the initial shock, however, and settle into conversation, the joy and delight of being in this friend’s company touches you deeply. At some point you realize that it is as if no time at all has passed since you were last together in such a way, and he is just as you remembered him.

In reality, we are constantly shifting between past, present and future as we journey through our lives. When we are quiet and still, it is easy to find oneself back in time to a pleasant day, maybe, or even a difficult one. With not too much effort, our imagination fills in all the details; the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and even touch of another moment in time. Conversely, it is not too hard to imagine a future time we will experience, and fill in all the details of the event.

“Look, I want to love this world as though it’s the last chance I’m ever going to get to be alive and know it.” –Mary Oliver

More and more, I feel I am watching myself walking through my life as an observer, a watcher. So who is this Watcher who is watching me living? It is a big question, one of the mysteries of being a human being on Earth. We all realize how fleeting, how transitory this life is, how quickly it flies away. This knowledge can help make us more tuned into the present moment, even as we know it is like water through our fingers. The river of life flows, it cannot do anything else.

My personal journey during this last year has been quite poignant, dear Readers. I have been blessed with some very wonderful days, and have also suffered a lot through some very dark ones. Now as the season comes to the balance point, I will shift again. This time my travels will take me back to my family and friends in the United States. I have just finished my teaching at the little school where I have been for the past year. Another bittersweet ending, as I realize how fond I became of those children and adults with whom I worked. Some asked me if I was returning to them, to which I honestly replied, ‘I believe so, but one never knows in life.’ This life is a constant turning, transitioning, growing, dying back, and growing anew process. How can any of us know what is to come in future days? We cannot. Not one of us knows for certain what will happen next. We can expect certain things, and hope for more, or fear for others, but to really Know What Is to Come– that is simply impossible.

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Some of you might remember this old American spiritual song. I offer it to you today, in the spirit of exploration and the times we are living in. May these times prove to be filled with blessings and miracles, as we each continue on our journey toward a more peace-filled and beautiful world. Namaste, Leigh


Blessings from a garden

Hello again dear Readers! It has been some time since I last wrote a blog for you. The past cycle of time has been full of experiences, full of newness and travel and meeting many different people. It has also been a time of deep reflection upon my life, both personally and in the larger context of humanity upon Earth now. So much is happening on so many levels, it can be nearly overwhelming at times.

It is a balancing act to maintain calm and remain grounded in the face of all the various energies coming to us each day. Then come certain moments when a small act can make one glad to be alive.

This afternoon I went for a walk near the neighborhood gardens where I often go, feeling pretty low. I had prayed my usual prayer for Light and protection to the Blessed Mother and angels, and also asked for direct help with my heart today. Then, as I sat on the bench alongside the footpath, came the older Danish gentleman with whom I am acquainted. We have spoken before, me in my halting Danish acalendula2nd him in his strong country-accented Danish. Even though there are big gaps in the conversation due to a lack of comprehension, on another level we understand each other very well, the level of the heart.  I was unable to say much at first, but he didn’t seem to mind. After a few minutes, I suggested that we walk together to his garden plot and take a look at his vegetables. Once there, I found myself able to speak a bit more in Danish, commenting on his carrots and tomatoes, and the fact that his squash plants were very small this year. He told me it was because it has been so dry in Denmark this summer. Then he asked if he may give me a kilo of ‘gulerødder’ or carrots, to take home. At first I declined, wanting to be polite, but when he asked again I realized that of course I should accept his kind offer. So he took a spade and dug the hard ground, breaking a portion of the carrots free from the soil, then breaking off the tops, he carefully chose the best-looking ones, and put them into a bag for me to take home. Then we walked over to inspect his calendula flowers, which were growing happily in spite of the lack of rainfall. He told me that they were called Morning Ladies in Danish, and began to pluck several blossoms, creating a lovely bouquet of orange and gold, then handed it to me. By this time all I could say was ‘many thanks,” and that I should get going back home. He gave me a nice goodbye, and we parted.

Today was such a beautiful lesson in having faith, and in having my prayers answered– in this case, nearly instantly. I left my home with a heavy heart, and received such a gift by the time I returned, in the form of nourishment, color, and friendship. This evening the calendulas are cheering up my desk as I write these words, reminding me of the blessings contained in each day, and the importance of allowing them to change me.


God is Love

Dear Readers,

This evening is calm and free here in Denmark, as we head straight into the longest days of the year…. it only becomes truly dark after 11:30 and the sky begins to lighten about 4 am…. right now I am taking it easy and resting a lot, doing quite a lot of inner process work, so apologies for not writing too much these days.  Once I regain some strength, I will continue blogging in a better rhythm, I hope.

In the meantime, I found a truly magical and beautiful song on Youtube and want to share it with all of you, my friends in the blogosphere.  The song is called Aloha ke akua, which means “God is Love.”  It is written and sung by Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People. Please take the time to relax and watch this video, it is very relevant for our current times on Earth.  in the spirit of Aloha,  Leigh


The Revolution is Love

“Give yourself to love, Love is what you’re after.” – Kate Wolf

What is it about May? Perhaps it is because of all the loveliness surrounding us here in the northern hemisphere, with so many kinds of flowers blooming and all the songbirds calling from the treetops… whatever the reasons, it simply feels like there is a lot of love hanging around in the atmosphere right now. Even die-hard Danes have given up (mostly) their standard costumes of black-on-black, and are clad in spring greens and orange and blue. It is the season of color, which means Life and Love.

This past weekend I spent a lovely time in the city of Århus, located on Denmark’s mainland. It is a lovely city, with a nice balance of old architecture, new and progressive thinking and attitudes. The old, young, and everyone in the middle seem to live together in relative harmony there, and the fact that it is the home of Denmark’s second largest university gives it the fresh and free-thinking atmosphere in which good things can grow. Århus is a harbor town, situated on a large bay, and close by is a very beautiful nature area with mature beech forest and a very nice stretch of sandy beach. Here I spent some precious hours in contemplation last Saturday, taking in the colors, sounds and scents of the beautiful shoreline, for which I was extremely grateful.

One evening was spent with in-laws and a new friend, a woman a few years younger than myself. We had a nice, quiet dinner and afterwards we sat around in her airy, light living room and chatted. After a while, the conversation turned to me and my current life. She asked me several pointed questions about my work, my relationship, etc., and once she got a small sketch from me, she began to lecture. She told me many things concerning my root chakra and how important it is for me to have a grounding with some kind of basic, steady work, no matter how boring it may be. She gave me her own situation as an example, stating that though she herself has this and that education, she does very boring data entry work a few days a week, which gives her a steady paycheck and allows her the structure of a regular schedule as well as time for her more personal inner work. She talked at length about this subject, and the need for me to do something similar, regardless of my creative urges and desires. The underlying, strong message was: set aside your dreams and wishes for a while and get really practical, Leigh. No matter how dull or uninteresting the work may be, you are obligated to get some, so that you have a real grounding for your soul and can get money enough to feel independent of your man. Strong words, and I heard them loud and clear.

I-came-here-to-change-the-world-cauldrons&cupcakes=blogNow a few days have gone by. I have had increasing pain in my right foot, to the point where today it was quite painful to walk on it. Out of necessity, I bore the pain and went through my tasks anyway, all the while noticing this pain and asking it what it wants to tell me. I asked myself, are you truly ill? Possibly dying? No, was the answer. The pain is about something else.

What I know for sure is, physical pain and emotional suffering are the two quickest routes to becoming old that humans have available. The catch-phrase these days is the ‘pain body’ and it is an apt description. When the pain body kicks in, all other activities come to a quick halt. It is the number one attention-getter. On a day like today, the thought of having to work at a mindless, boring job (or any job, for that matter) becomes nearly unbearable. Today my new friend’s lecture has been replaying in my mind. Obviously there is practical wisdom in her words, that is undeniable. On the other hand, another, stronger part of my psyche seems to be crying out in protest: ‘haven’t you already been through all of that, for many years? Why would you go backwards now, when you have come so far?’

Remember the saying, “do what you love, and the money will follow?” Well I think it is high time to change that one to this instead: “Do what you love, and Love will follow.” It seems to me that the future we are beginning to create together is about Love as the new currency, not money. I am no longer interested in basic survival. That was the old me, for too many years. This new version wants to do whatever it does for the love of it, for the exchange of love given and received. Perhaps it sounds completely naïve, and yet. It seems that I am not the only one who is thinking along these lines.

Occupy-your-heartCase in point: Occupy Love. Apparently some of the people who were gathering at the Occupy Wall street protests have also been thinking along these lines. They have even made a movie, called Occupy Love. This film is about the Occupy movement as a true revolution of Love here on Earth. Yes of course it is a call for action, to stop the greedy tyrants who have been ruling our collective lives which have led us to the brink of utter catastrophe and collapse of our planet. But it is more, it is truly a time when the real call to action is a call for Love to rule. Every day, more humans are awakening from the nightmare of the illusion we have been living in for so long. Only last weekend, millions of people in over fifty countries around the globe gathered in protest of Monsanto’s atrocities with genetic food modification. People are simply tired of being slaves to an outworn, ugly and exceedingly unhealthy system of economics and energy production. They are standing up and saying Stop by the thousands and millions. Soon it will be by the billions, and eventually the tyrants will simply have to stop.

In a world ruled by Love, instead of fear, mind-numbing, work-simply-to-survive mentalities, along with the jobs that keep them in place will be non-existent. It will no longer be a society based on people ‘going to work’ as they love to say all the time in Denmark. People will think differently, and do work that they want to do, that they are glad to get up for, that isn’t simply to ‘put food on the table.’ It cannot be this mentality any longer, if society is based upon love. Then, people will be asked, ‘what is it you would like to do, what do you enjoy doing, what brings you joy?’ It isn’t that work itself is a four-letter word, it is the intention behind it. Something I read on a blog the other day suggested, Find out what seems to feel the most right to you, what fills your heart with joy, what makes you eager to begin?


When I think in these terms, I cannot imagine finding some truly boring or menial down-on-my-knees kind of work, ever again. I cannot agree with the one who lectured me that it would be good for me and grounding. Yes to steady income, at least until we are a bit further down the new evolutionary road. Yes to working with my hands and heart and mind in good, healthy, creative ways. And above all, yes to having love be the basis of all of it, every day.

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On offering one’s essence to the world, and being blissed out

“ My essence, no matter how hesitant or shy, attracts to it those things that would nourish it. Your essence revealed attracts experiences, sensations, and people that re-inspire your lagging spirit as you throw out yet another failed piece of work or end a once vital relationship. When we allow ourselves to shine in this way, we are led- slowly but surely- to the heart of things, to our gift. I believe the art of real living, in whatever form it takes, is our essence revealed and expressed. And, to me, this act of courageously offering your essence to the world regardless of the reception is a powerful act of love that benefits others”–Ann O’Shaughnessy from

Hello again Dear Readers! I realize that my blog posts have become more infrequent than they once were. For me, as well as probably for some of you, these are quite introspective times. Whereas a year ago I was questioning nearly everything and writing about it all, these days I am more simply Being with the world, both the outer and my own inner realms. Perhaps some of you can relate, dear Readers?

Tonight I received a comment from my dear friend, Dr. David Banner, telling me that he was ‘nearly ashamed’ to report that he is feeling ‘blissed out’ basically 24-7 these days. On top of that, I read one of the blogs that I follow, which asked its readers, “How often do you create drama and chaos of a situation that is easy and effortless?” and then recommended to “Release your ‘need’ for disorder and everything will come more easily.” To which my immediate knee-jerk reaction was, ‘tsk, hmm…” and frowning, I closed the window. Are we a bit grumpy tonight?  I could hear that sweet voice in the back of my mind asking.

Dear Readers, my honest confession is that I too would LOVE to be blissed out 24-7, having reached that lofty level of ascension that I have been hearing so much about. I too would like to reach a state of awareness so keen that I had no more NEED for grouchiness nor grumpiness, but instead could simply float effortlessly through my remaining days on this gorgeous planet, knowing to the depths of my soul that, no matter WHAT it looks like on the outside, All is Truly Well, Love has Won, our New Earth has arrived, we made it! We did it! From here on out, it is smooooth sailing…….

And yet. Again and again, this delightful feeling of utter joy, experienced now by so many lucky ducks on the very same planet as I am currently residing, eludes me. I have to wonder by now, What Am I missing? Why am I so dumb, so ignorant of the ways of wonder, that I simply cannot find out how to live in bliss and constant joy?

In the above quote, Ann O’ Shaughnessy writes ‘ I believe the art of real living, in whatever form it takes, is our essence revealed and expressed.’ But what does she really mean by ‘our essence revealed and expressed?’ Is our human essence truly supposed to be about learning the magic trick of becoming blissed out 24-7, with nary a care in the world anymore? Who cares about world domination, global warming, fascist dictatorships, things going to hell in a handbasket, hey I am blissed out! Somehow I don’t think so. Will the world really take care of itself and somehow straighten itself out if I also join the ranks of the blissed? And as more and more people become blissful, reaching those lofty heights of nirvana and turning themselves into pillars of light and love, will all the bad, evil, darkness that has held Earth and her humans captive for so many eons of time, simply disappear like a bad dream, to be relegated to the annuals of far-distant history books that one day nobody will even remember anymore?

It doesn't take miracles to make a person blissed out, but then again... they couldn't hurt!

It doesn’t take miracles to make a person blissed out, but then again… they couldn’t hurt!

I wish. The idealistic, wishing to be enlightened part of me wishes that the future world (in the not too distant future!) will happen like that. Rainbow people living in the new world of Love, Light and Peace and Joy forever more. A thousand years (or why not million?) of peace, beginning today. Why not, dear Readers? What is stopping us from having this new, blissful world we all really want, I ask you all?

In the meantime, the squeeze continues. I also read today about the Sequester (I had to look up what this word even means on Google) that the United States government is about to instigate. It does not look good, although I am all for reducing the number of billions of dollars allotted to military spending over the next ten years. And I am all for cutting immigration enforcement and airport security. But cutting the Library of Congress? Food to Women, Infants and Children? Public Employees? Medicare and Medicaid? Head Start programs for little kids? Global health programs? NASA? Public housing? Disaster relief (are they kidding??) And possibly the meanest of all, budget cuts to the Patent and Trademark office– what the heck, those people have got to be overworked and knee-deep in paperwork as it is!

In all fairness to my dear friend David Banner, being blissed out on happiness and joy does not necessarily mean that a person cannot participate in changing the world for the better, far from it. He is a great example of a nearly Super-Human, working tirelessly for years for the causes of the Good, the True and the Beautiful in his own life. He is an inspiring human, and I am glad for him if he has found the key to lasting happiness and joy.

In the meantime, I would like to wish you all the week of Easter to be filled with beauty, joy, fun and laughter…. and as much bliss as you can possibly manage.

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A Shining, Glorious Moment

Well they did it. Damn if they didn’t! I admit, I had my doubts. But when their moment came, they were right there, shimmering, resplendent, hilarious, absurd, and utterly, naively, gracefully, gleefully, lovingly, Real. Seventeen Danish kids rose to the occasion to perform their own perfectly imperfect version of Alice in Wonderland, and it was simply brilliant.

A good friend of mine in the States likes the metaphor of seeding, growing, tending and harvesting to describe how life cycles work. Borrowing from her, I can say that this season took basically everything I had to plant, tend, and weed, along with doing what I could to wheedle, cajole, beg, bribe, and get down on my knees and pray for it to work. My degree of frustration, not especially with the kids themselves but with the supposed adults around them, was at times extreme. But. As usual with projects involving a group of people, there were a couple of humans without whom it would not have been possible to create the mini-masterpiece of fun and frolic that we accomplished this week.

There are times in life when all the messiness, chaos, disappointment, and daily sweat of working in the world somehow, magically, gives way, blends together, simmers long and slowly enough, to produce the most beautiful rainbow parade. The two evenings of ‘Alice I Eventyrland’ was one such great moment. All seventeen of them, from the shyest and least actor-like, to the loudest, brashest, and silliest, found that in themselves which produces greatness. Both of the performances were a great success, with the audience of parents, siblings, grandparents, friends and others, giving them extra rounds of applause, (and, with a little help from yours truly) some very fine cat cawls, yowls, loud whistles and the like. The kids drank it all in, basking in the lights, the sounds, the utter appreciation, finally, for what they had accomplished. And not a moment too soon.

As for me, the teacher with whom I had undertaken this enormous project, (and who, very often, left me alone to deal with it all) also found the place of gratitude and grace within himself and did indeed thank me publicly at both the beginning and end of the performance. Flowers had been purchased and were given to each actor and to him, and finally to me. I grinned through it all, simply happy to be witness to the children’s growth and flowering brilliance in carrying off this adventure. I had held the flame of faith for them throughout the past two and a half months, and they all came through, even more magnificently than had I dared to hope.

Now that the play is over, so is my temporary position as the co-teacher of these two classes. After this spring, everything will change for these kids, as many of them will leave Freja Skolen and begin at other schools in the area, make new friends, have new teachers, and continue to grow up. It occurs to me now that this unusual year has in some ways been a great gift and blessing to them. Even though they did not learn so much in the world of academics, they have had a kind of freedom within their middle childhood which is rare in the western world. They have been left to their own devices many days, which they took as opportunities to play, to laugh, to dream together. At this moment they are bonded deeply, and the love which they have shared will undoubtedly nourish them for years to come. Though I have a twinge of sadness because I will no longer see them every day, I too have gained something of great value by knowing these Danish kids. The show went on, and now it is done. There will be more shows, more art, more creations to unfold for me in Denmark. I will take their smiles and laughter and love with me to the next place I journey, with lots of gratitude for all the lessons given and received.



Seeing the angels in person

Hi again. This evening I read a rather (okay, very) uninteresting article by a woman who said she was a writer having writers block. I wouldn’t exactly claim that, instead it is more like a kind of vacancy of soul.

Here it is, the end of the first week of January, 2013. New year, new age, new new new… like a newborn baby in the house, after the birth, cleanup, and newness of having the babe in one’s everyday, I recall that feeling, not exactly a let down, more like a re-adjustment period. It takes time to find a rhythm with the new one, just as it is taking time (possibly quite a while) to find a rhythm with this new age we now find ourselves in.

It is a paradoxical time: on the one hand, it is not hard to imagine that nothing much has actually changed, the world looks nearly the same as it did before: same streets, same often grey and gloomy winter skies, etc…. but. I wonder around at home, and when I do venture out to get some fresh air and a change of scenery, unsure of just what to do with myself, I am, so to say, at loose ends. Nothing much seems to satisfy my interest for long, I am restless and tired, cannot concentrate on anything in particular, my whole mood is one of, well, expectancy. Which is odd, because I am quite unsure as to what it is I am supposed to be expecting.

It is obvious that ‘things’ have changed, but the changes are so far pretty subtle. My nature, changeable and restless anyway, craves something New.The-light-of-your-being-atypicaltypea-blog I have read blogpost after blogpost telling me that this year, 2013, is all about fully embracing Self-love, Self-acceptance, Self-forgiveness, and, the icing on the cake, beginning the path of Self-Mastery. Okay, then! Only now, dear Readers, there is no more playing board, game pieces, or rules. Guess why? Yup, it is because now we get to make up the whole thing as we go along! It is the beginning of real freedom for us human beings. No longer chained to the old third dimension, with its duality and crushing mental slavery, the humans are now free to do what we want, however we want to, in the higher name of Love. Truth, Love and Freedom, at long last!! It’s what we all want, right? What we have been striving towards for all these long centuries, aeons, millenia, isn’t it? Well, so ….let’s get on with it then!

But not so fast. We (well I speak for myself, at least) are unsure of what to do, how to get started. If the bonds of the evil empire truly have been broken forevermore, where do we begin? This is a serious and Big Question.

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up perusing the internet and Youtube for a while. I ended up finding this very nice video made by an American lady who was chatting about all sorts of interesting things, in a kind of stream-of-consciousness way (a lot like this blog, btw) and I have to tell you, dear Readers, she simply warmed the cockles of my heart up here in dark, cold, gloomy, danish, Denmark. She was so…. well, so American, in the very nicest way. She would chat on about one thing, and then her thoughts took a meander down this or that little side path. She related a story about her funny little dog, and then a centipede which had wandered into her room, which reminded her of her grandfather who would get out the hoe when he encountered one of those creatures, and then spoke about ticks, and how she didn’t like them much but would no longer kill them, only flush them down the toilet. She talked and talked, and I felt like I was sitting in the room with this funny, story-telling American lady, who was just down to earth and also pondering the imponderables, in a very endearing way. Can one become instant friends with a person one has never met, thousands of miles away, I wonder. As unlikely as it sounds, in this day and new age with our abilities to connect to the rest of the world simply by pushing a key on the keyboard or touchpad in one’s hand, I have to say that Yes, now we can do that. I am no longer alone in my American quirky-ness here in Scandinavia, because I am somehow, magically, connected to all of you! Even though I may be wondering around, unsure of just what to do tonight, or tomorrow, or for the rest of my life, it is okay. It’s okay because I have You. And I know, somehow, that You have me. You understand my moods, my blankouts, my ramblings, my unease and my amazement at the world at this moment in time. (Time? Well… yeah, that is changing too….)

So many times in these past months I have had a big desire to re-watch all those old Star Trek shows I used to see…. not so much the oldest ones with Kirk and Spock, but the ones with Jean-Luc Picard and his crew, the Next Generation. I loved that show so much, because they were on a never-ending adventure through space, and were always meeting new life forms, having intense experiences, and being constantly challenged to become greater beings in one way or another. The metaphors in that show were endless…. and of course twenty-odd years ago I could not imagine that much in those story lines could possibly become true, certainly not in this lifetime. But. I really have to admit that all that has happened these past months, and all that I have read about online, has given me great pause to consider: what if Star Trek is more than simply a product of Gene Roddenbury’s overactive imagination? What if all those beings, on vastly different worlds in far, faraway galaxies, are incredibly, amazingly, inexplicably, real? And what if, any day now, some of us will (and are already) begin to meet these beings face to face? Imagine what that would be like, dear Readers! It simply fires the imagination!

powerful-being-of-lightDo any of you have similar thoughts these days? I ponder these things pretty often. I imagine what it would be like to meet a being from another dimension/life-form/galaxy face to face. What would I do, how much grace could I muster upon a meeting like that? What if I were sitting here like I am now, and suddenly a shining being of light, which I would certainly take to be an angel, appeared (beamed into) my room? I honestly do not know what I would do. I think I would be very happy to see them, at any rate. If we are beginning this new time where we get to make up the game and the rules and all of it, then that is one of my new games. I want to see the angels in person. What about you, dear Readers? What is top on your new agenda?