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Listening to your own wisdom

This month has brought a huge amount of energy to us Earthwalkers, both collectively and individually. For months now I have shared the collective experience on this blog. Tonight I would like to share a personal view.

Obviously Life isn’t always what it seems on the surface. It’s important, when given some breathing space, to take time to reflect on your life and relationships, in relation to how they brought you to Now. I have had opportunities to do this recently, and it has been helpful.

Dear Readers, perhaps some of you have also been looking back at events and periods of your life in order to understand how you have come to Now. What those experiences brought you, whether painful or joyful, were opportunities to grow and heal your soul. We often cannot understand it in the moment, and indeed some of those painful times hurt so much that all we really want is for them to be gone! Now! Forever! But, we still had to live through them, and coming out the other side we can again breathe, think, and gain understanding.

I think it’s very difficult not to have regrets about your life; what I might have chosen, had I not gone down that road, may have been much more wonderful and made me infinitely happier than the path I did choose. Then there’s the trap of guilt; had I chosen differently, I might have spared my loved ones a whole lot of pain and suffering. This is all speculation, and probably not a helpful way of thinking. After all, I chose what I chose, and my current life is the result of the cumulative effects.

I’ve had intense moments of sorrow lately about things that happened in my past. I believe they have come up again for review so I can heal and let go of them at ever deeper levels. We are really not consciously aware of how profoundly we hold our human experience: memory stored in our DNA from eons of time and vast experiences that we may only recall as a vague feeling of discomfort, anxiety, anger, or sorrow. As we continue to evolve into our multidimensional selves, we must let go of the old experiences of separation. How many times have we loved someone, only to be hurt by them? Or likewise, have hurt the very one we so passionately cared for?


We may feel alone in the world, but in reality we are always connected with all life, both on Earth and in the starry realms.

Nothing we said or did can be taken back. The play has been performed, the actors all played their roles perfectly, and that show is done. More and more I see my life as a series of one acts, improvs and feature length films. I observe myself living my life a lot these days. Now I am riding the bus; now I am standing in the sun with these other people; now I am cooking; now I am dreaming about what happened years ago. It’s an odd feeling, like I am both in and out of my body, observing and being observed.

The events on the world stage this past month have caused great anxiety and also moments of great exhilaration within my soul. I’ve had moments of pure stillness, when I am certain that beneath all appearances to the contrary, we are fundamentally alright, we will be alright, and in fact, will enter a golden age at some point in the not too distant future. Then I have days when everything seems grey, dark and nearly hopeless, those moments when fear grips my soul so strongly that I have anxiety attacks. The fluctuations are crazy, like a lifeline; up and down, relentlessly.

Dear readers, I write these words to you all tonight in hopes that some of you may take them to heart. Those of you who are feeling similarly buoyant and despondent by turns, please know that you are not alone. Even if you feel like you must be going mad, or the only one who feels like that, you must know that there are far more of us walking upon the planet now than ever before. Together we are here to create a new world. It is time for the crumbling and destruction of the old paradigm for real: Here and Now, in all the countries and continents of Gaia. The old ways of controlling people, resources and economies no longer work. We are collectively awakening, en masse. So the struggle, or rather battle, for freedom is raging strongly at this time.

From this battleground, the fires are burning. Eventually they will smolder, and then there will be ashes. From those hard won ashes, the Phoenix will rise. It’s happened before, countless times throughout our planet’s history. And it will soon happen again. The battle of the human soul is both personal and collective. If you feel like you are in the middle of a battle of some kind or other, that is correct: You absolutely are. So take the time, as much as you can, to rest. To find stillness and peace within. The more peaceful and joyful our experience while in the midst of all the chaos, the more we can each contribute to the whole. I do not advocate drowning yourself in substances which make you oblivious, not at all. Rather, it’s all about becoming evermore conscious. But warriors need to step back from the battle, in order to replenish. Every day.

Thank you for all that you are doing to help the world, the animals, and nature. Everything counts; no matter how small, it matters not. What matters is that you are contributing to the good, the positive. Keep forgiving yourself and everyone else, and shining your light.



Our lives are not our own

“This world spins from the same unseen forces that twist our hearts.” –Robert Frobisher, Cloud Atlas

It is once again the time of balance, at this Spring equinox. For a brief moment, the world seems to hover between day and night, dark and light, seen and unseen, known and unknown. We can only have glimpses into who we really are, so much greater than we can perceive through these small, fragile and often faulty bodies that house our souls. What is a human soul, if not a storehouse of experiences, emotions, ideas, memories, dreams and desires? We do not know our own immensity, our true divinity, nor our potential for harm or for good in the past, present and future. We are born, live and die to our flesh and blood countless times, for what end? Can any of us living on earth now give a definitive answer to the perennial questions that persist in our hearts and minds?

At this time of equinox, of balance, I once again ponder these thoughts. My life feels bigger, more enhanced these days. It is as if I am seeing through a larger, clearer lens, one that provides brighter colors and sharper intensity than before. Throughout the course of day and night I find myself running various film clips through my mind’s screen: from being a child to teenager, from standing in a forest somewhere in another country to walking with my children when they were no more than toddlers, to being in another world somewhere with people I do not know in this life. I often feel these days that I am walking through a waking dream more than anything I used to call reality. In point of fact, I no longer feel at all sure as to what constitutes ‘reality.’ And am realizing that I never knew what it was, I only believed that I did. As the lines between dreams and waking, this life and the former and the next continue to blur and the veil grows ever thinner, less and less of this matrix that passes for our real world seems real at all. We have all had collective amnesia for so long that most of us truly do not understand that all we see and experience around us is of the illusion, so powerfully do we believe in it.

During the past month, I have watched two films that I waited to see until I felt truly ready to experience them: The first Matrix movie, and Cloud Atlas. If you have seen them, you understand why they impacted me so deeply. If you haven’t, all I can really tell you is, these films deal with the human condition in profound ways, and touch nerves deep in the human psyche, heart and soul.

Your life can’t be measured in hours, you can’t measure the immeasurable. Your life is pure energy. You are endless, timeless. Every birth, every death is just a transaction of life forces. You are vast, you are the vastness of space. You are the beauty, you are the unknown.” Anita Krizzan

Dear Readers, this world we are living in has become extraordinarily difficult for me to take. Everywhere, it seems, is in a kind of chaos– extreme polarization, environmental catastrophe, political upheaval, social disasters of every description, global weather off all former records and charts, and insanity seems to be running the show. And, as many of us who read such posts already guess, things are bound to get even more so for the foreseeable future. The problems mankind faces are by now so vast and feel so unstoppable, they are a runaway train with no driver, heading straight for the cliffs of oblivion. There are good reasons why films like the ones I mentioned, along with myriad others, depict an apocalyptic world run by those who have enslaved and genetically changed human beings: because we know and understand on some level that this is precisely what IS happening to humanity, right now, today. The food we eat, the beverages we drink, the air we breathe, the jobs so many of us have, what we do for entertainment and relief from the relentlessness of this world, all of it has by now been tampered with, manipulated, artificially created and very deliberately designed to keep the human species at a very low level of consciousness, basically in a sort of sleepwalking state. It has been this way for many years by now, but only in more recent ones have some of us been waking up to the awful truth.

For a long time (years, really) I was unable to see or to admit that humanity is being controlled. I guess you could say I had been taking the blue pill that makes one forget about what is really happening. Now that I have awakened from that amnesiatic state, I can never return. Nor can anyone who awakens, which I realize is the whole point. Perhaps if enough of us awaken, we can begin to turn the train around and set it on another track before it goes over the edge into the abyss. It is a truly frightening thought that we humans have the power to destroy our planet to the point of utter desolation. Yet we not only have that power, but through our collective ignorance and denial, we are doing it. What will it be like in California once there is no water there for the people to freely use? Once the Megacities are in full swing, ten or twenty times larger than they are now? Once many coastal regions are underwater? Once the Arctic ice is completely gone? I do not have answers for any of this, I only know that it will be a very different world to live in than at this moment.

“Belief, like fear or love, is a force to be understood as we understand the theory of relativity, and principles of uncertainty. Phenomena that determine the course of our lives. Yesterday, my life was headed in one direction. Today, it is headed in another. Yesterday, I believe I would never have done what I did today. These forces that often remake time and space, they can shape and alter who we imagine ourselves to be, begin long before we are born, and continue after we perish. Our lives and our choices, like quantum trajectories, are understood moment to moment, at each point of intersection, each encounter, suggest a new potential direction.” Isaac Sachs, Cloud Atlas

I used to believe that my life and my little problems and dramas mattered more than anything else. When you are in the middle of it, of course they do matter, terribly much. And yet. These days I am taking a higher perspective, as I realize more profoundly that it is not just my life anymore, and it never was. It is OUR life, our collective life as humanity upon Earth, that truly matters. If I go down, you go with me. If you perish, I too will die. We can no longer afford the illusion of separation under which we have been living for so very long. We are ONE body, ONE heart, ONE being, we are connected in ways we cannot fathom nor understand with our limited human capacities. It is only by growing new capacities, by evolving into greater beings than we have let ourselves be, that we will gain this understanding of the truth. It is a truth that has been taught by the Wise Ones of all eras and cultures, nothing new. Yet it is needed now in our times like never before. Love is the Great Truth and Reality. It is the only thing that actually matters, that gives meaning and purpose to our lives. The evidence of what a loveless world is like is all around us. The time for a world based on Love is NOW.



What if we were one of God?

Some of you may remember a song on the radio several years ago, with the refrain, ‘What if God was one of us?’ The singer asked us listeners to consider that God may be any one of us, walking around in a human body, and ‘trying to find a way back home to Heaven.’ I kind of liked that song at the time, it stopped and made me think. These days, however, I am thinking of that idea in the reverse, so the question then becomes, ‘What if we were one of God?’

The word or name God is laden with many meanings and connotations for many people, and unfortunately quite a bit of them are unhappy or unhelpful, so it is not easy to talk in a simple way about it. But, if we could simply say that the word ‘God’ refers to beings who are not human, but universal or divine, who exist in a place beyond what we conceive of as space and time, and who are utterly benign and wise, existing as pure love, then our definition and conception of God changes into something beautiful (potentially, at least.) Moreover, let’s expand this definition to include that these benign, wise and powerful beings of love have created the world as we understand it and all things upon it, including us. Now let’s go a step further and say that the old stories that some of us were raised with, telling of a vindictive, warring God figure who slays certain humans and exacts punishments for bad behaviour, are in fact stories made up by some beings who wanted to control other humans, which have no basis in Reality and never did. This would mean that the concepts of guilt, shame and fear actually have no basis in Reality, only in human constructs. Now, dear Readers, if you have followed me thus far, you will be able to  see that the term God becomes something very wonderful, like having a best friend who is also your mother and father, sister and brother, grandparent, and wise elder all wrapped up into a lovely package. This is my current conception of God.

Now, what if we understood that, just as your child is a part of you, born from your own flesh and blood, all of us were born from this Divine mother and father in the same way…. this would mean we were not separate nor alone, floating out here like so many tiny, helpless islands upon the planet. Instead we would see that we are actually one very large family, made up of countless members and all connected in a very fundamental way. Accordingly, we would also see that we are made from the same stuff as our Divine parents, brothers and sisters and grandparents, and that would mean something extremely important: that in Reality, we humans on the planet Earth are actually not any different than them, only perhaps not as far along the path of understanding Who and What we are.

I hope you can see just how revolutionary this idea actually is, dear Readers! If the truth is that We are ONE of and with God. It changes everything once one actually accepts this as the truth, which it is indeed. According to one of the gospels in the New Testament, Jesus once said to his followers, “This and much more will you also do,’ and he meant literally. Perhaps it is time, high time, to finally accept the fact that we humans are Incredible, Amazing, Beautiful, Powerful, Benign, Loving and Wise Beings too, just as our Divine family is.

One has to be deaf, dumb and blind, and also living in a cave in the middle of nowhere, to not notice that we are living in the midst of incredible times, times of crisis and of opportunity. The old power structures are crumbling and falling to pieces on a daily basis now. Far from a terrible thing, the demise of these old structures signals the end of the illusionary world we agreed to live in for far, far too long. I say, Hallelujah and Good Riddance to that old self-serving, enslaving system. Good bye to greed, violence, and a world based on the gains of a select few and the enslavement and exploitation of the many to serve those few’s unending needs for materialistic gluttony. The time for major self-correction of the species called Human is in full swing. Some religions put forth the idea that a second coming of Christ will mean the end of human suffering, some talk about a messiah coming to save humanity. It seems quite obvious, and becoming ever-clearer, that the second coming and the messiah is within every single human being: We each contain the light of Christ, and must each learn how to let it shine ever more brightly. Together we make up the salvation of our earth and ourselves, through the awareness of love and the Christed light within us. Once it is lit strongly enough in enough of us to reach critical mass, darkness will no longer be able to have a place in the world, and the ‘New Earth’ and ‘New Jerusalem’ will have officially arrived.

This is not fanatic born-again Christian doctrine, nor is it simply New Age fluff, dear Readers. The light shining upon us on Earth has become much stronger than ever before, this is the fact. The light has nothing to do with any particular faith or personal belief system, it simply IS. Religions of the past served a purpose in their time (including some very low, egoistic purposes of the religious elite), and now humanity is at a new point in our evolution, along with the Earth itself. Essentially, we are beginning to learn how to be our own gods and goddesses, to create and manifest like the ones who created us. The new rule, given to us by many wise souls over the course of eons, is that we put love and kindness first. That we respect all other life. That we respect ourselves and love ourselves but not to the exclusion of others. That we understand our living connection to everything else and work for the common good. For freedom. For the betterment of Earth and society.

It is so simple, really so basic, to live in this way. Harm no one. Love everything. Have compassion towards all. It is basic human nature, what we are all born with, to love and be peaceful. We now, finally, have the real opportunity to go beyond the small ego self, to move out of living with fear and separation and into living in light and love. Every minute of every day. All we need to do is to drop the old storyline, stop believing the old lies fed to us and say to ourselves and to the ones who still wield power, No More. Now we want the new world, and we are creating it. To stop believing in fear and separation is the most powerful and immediate thing a person can do to change the world in a hurry. Here are some eloquent words that sum up what I have been saying here today.

“Recognizing that we are deeply connected with all life is the basis for a sense of community at a global level. The heart of the transformational path is this deepening into ourselves while, at the same time, deepening into the universe. It is in that inquiry that we find the common ground with all humanity, all nature, all life. It is out of that common ground that we transform ourselves and our society. If we experience all as one, then we also feel injured every time any other living creature is injured. All the major movements during my lifetime…all of them are grounded in the common core that is at the heart of transformative inquiry and practice. Without that we are forever fragmented, separate, and conflicted. It’s nothing short of awe and full appreciation for all of life; it’s fundamentally understanding that we are one. It’s how we will construct a global society. It’s out of this deep well of understanding that we’ll find our common ground……Wink Franklin (thanks to