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Listening to your own wisdom

This month has brought a huge amount of energy to us Earthwalkers, both collectively and individually. For months now I have shared the collective experience on this blog. Tonight I would like to share a personal view.

Obviously Life isn’t always what it seems on the surface. It’s important, when given some breathing space, to take time to reflect on your life and relationships, in relation to how they brought you to Now. I have had opportunities to do this recently, and it has been helpful.

Dear Readers, perhaps some of you have also been looking back at events and periods of your life in order to understand how you have come to Now. What those experiences brought you, whether painful or joyful, were opportunities to grow and heal your soul. We often cannot understand it in the moment, and indeed some of those painful times hurt so much that all we really want is for them to be gone! Now! Forever! But, we still had to live through them, and coming out the other side we can again breathe, think, and gain understanding.

I think it’s very difficult not to have regrets about your life; what I might have chosen, had I not gone down that road, may have been much more wonderful and made me infinitely happier than the path I did choose. Then there’s the trap of guilt; had I chosen differently, I might have spared my loved ones a whole lot of pain and suffering. This is all speculation, and probably not a helpful way of thinking. After all, I chose what I chose, and my current life is the result of the cumulative effects.

I’ve had intense moments of sorrow lately about things that happened in my past. I believe they have come up again for review so I can heal and let go of them at ever deeper levels. We are really not consciously aware of how profoundly we hold our human experience: memory stored in our DNA from eons of time and vast experiences that we may only recall as a vague feeling of discomfort, anxiety, anger, or sorrow. As we continue to evolve into our multidimensional selves, we must let go of the old experiences of separation. How many times have we loved someone, only to be hurt by them? Or likewise, have hurt the very one we so passionately cared for?


We may feel alone in the world, but in reality we are always connected with all life, both on Earth and in the starry realms.

Nothing we said or did can be taken back. The play has been performed, the actors all played their roles perfectly, and that show is done. More and more I see my life as a series of one acts, improvs and feature length films. I observe myself living my life a lot these days. Now I am riding the bus; now I am standing in the sun with these other people; now I am cooking; now I am dreaming about what happened years ago. It’s an odd feeling, like I am both in and out of my body, observing and being observed.

The events on the world stage this past month have caused great anxiety and also moments of great exhilaration within my soul. I’ve had moments of pure stillness, when I am certain that beneath all appearances to the contrary, we are fundamentally alright, we will be alright, and in fact, will enter a golden age at some point in the not too distant future. Then I have days when everything seems grey, dark and nearly hopeless, those moments when fear grips my soul so strongly that I have anxiety attacks. The fluctuations are crazy, like a lifeline; up and down, relentlessly.

Dear readers, I write these words to you all tonight in hopes that some of you may take them to heart. Those of you who are feeling similarly buoyant and despondent by turns, please know that you are not alone. Even if you feel like you must be going mad, or the only one who feels like that, you must know that there are far more of us walking upon the planet now than ever before. Together we are here to create a new world. It is time for the crumbling and destruction of the old paradigm for real: Here and Now, in all the countries and continents of Gaia. The old ways of controlling people, resources and economies no longer work. We are collectively awakening, en masse. So the struggle, or rather battle, for freedom is raging strongly at this time.

From this battleground, the fires are burning. Eventually they will smolder, and then there will be ashes. From those hard won ashes, the Phoenix will rise. It’s happened before, countless times throughout our planet’s history. And it will soon happen again. The battle of the human soul is both personal and collective. If you feel like you are in the middle of a battle of some kind or other, that is correct: You absolutely are. So take the time, as much as you can, to rest. To find stillness and peace within. The more peaceful and joyful our experience while in the midst of all the chaos, the more we can each contribute to the whole. I do not advocate drowning yourself in substances which make you oblivious, not at all. Rather, it’s all about becoming evermore conscious. But warriors need to step back from the battle, in order to replenish. Every day.

Thank you for all that you are doing to help the world, the animals, and nature. Everything counts; no matter how small, it matters not. What matters is that you are contributing to the good, the positive. Keep forgiving yourself and everyone else, and shining your light.



Attempting to keep calm and carry on

Dear Readers, as the sun shines so extremely brightly today in Denver, reflecting upon the white, frozen snow and ice everywhere, I feel I can hardly stand all the energies that are pounding us puny humans right now. Weird happenings are popping up all over, including school alarms and closings due to strange chemical leaks and possible bursting pipes the past two days at both schools I was to work at in the afternoons. Accidents, the possibility for accidents, and just all around INTENSITY is the order of the day and night. Plus, the temperatures here have broken records for cold on this date: Not so hideously frigid as the midwest has been this winter, granted, but still miserable enough for this body to try to grapple with. I despise extremes, and with extremes becoming the norm, there is not much one can do except to work on the ‘Accepting What Is’ theory of life. Sigh.

It feels like the rubber band of polarity is becoming stretched to the point of soon breaking completely. What will happen when it does, is anyone’s guess. One thing it clear to me, there is no such thing as ‘business as usual’ anymore. The past couple of days have been rough. Yesterday I spent two hours traveling by buses to the farthest outpost of civilization (well, sort of), at a big school for my after-school art class, only to be greeted by a police officer who was reluctant to allow me to enter, as a chemical leak of some kind or other had closed down school and all activities for the day. There I was, in the middle of nowhere, in freezing cold temps, with no choice but to turn around and wait for another bus to bring me back to central Denver. No phone, (because I have no funds to sign up for the plan yet) no car of course, and I really felt helpless. What the hell (that has frozen over) is going on here, I asked God. What am I doing here and why? The futility of the situation was ready to overwhelm me. Then, mercifully, the site coordinator for the after-school program drove up in her warm car, and offered to take me home, miles out of her way. The moment of Grace arrived once again.

Knowing that I am not the only one having a hard time is cold comfort, however. I am trying to find the humor in all of this, or the irony, or basically ANYTHING redeeming in it, but am not having much luck. My mind wanders, as bits of all sorts of strange thoughts, memories, song snippets, lines of poetry, overheard conversations and all manner of detritus float through it. At moments I feel as if I am in a waking dream, unable to fully focus or grasp what is really happening here, on Earth. It becomes surreal, unreal, with only the biting cold or empty purse to remind me that oh, yes, I am still embodied, I am a human in a physical body, and it is not pleasant right about now!!

I read positive words galore: rejoice Humans!! You are doing great, you are magnificent beings, doing great work on behalf of us, your spiritual counterparts. I read lots of stuff by other humans, who sound so wise and positive and upbeat, like nothing unusual is going on, like everything is hunky-dory.

But it sounds hollow to me, not quite real. If ever there was an unusual time to be alive, this has got to be it, wouldn’t you agree? England is drowning in floods, California is dry as the driest of bones, snow in Cairo a few months ago– and weather extremes are only the most obvious signs of significant changes for us humans.

Keep-Calm-and-Carry-OnThe collective energies are imploring us to “keep calm and carry on,” as evidenced by this slogan, from WWII England era, now revived and popping up everywhere. It is an apt reminder for us all. In moments of near despair, I find myself torn between wanting to stay under the covers all day, and being down on my knees in prayer. The prayers often do not even have words, though. Because what is going on is so huge, so beyond anything we have experience with in recent memory, that it is more like a state of profound awe. These words from Aisha North’s blog seem to sum it up for me right about now:

“By and by, you will find yourself becoming very new indeed, but still, it may not even feel like that to you. At least, not superficially, for as all of those brand new parts of you start to kick in, your focus will automatically shift, and you will switch seamlessly into your very new way of BEing. Those deepest and most profound transformations that you go through may not be perceived as such, for they are so profound, you will lose any contact with that old version of you, and looking back, it will be like looking back on someone else’s life altogether. Or it will be like looking at a piece of fiction if you will, a play acted out by actors, each one performing their designated part in what has been titled “your life.” And this is in fact exactly what has taken place up until now, for what you have lived through, has all been designed to give you the opportunity to be exactly where you are at this exact point in time and so, as you are reading these lines, we can only congratulate you all on a job very well done indeed.” – Aisha North, Manuscript of survival part 394


The True Warriors of Change

We are at the moment in time where we have to step up to bat and nail that ball out of here. No excuses, no more learning, no more observations of what others are doing or what is going on around us…it matters not. What are WE going to do to focus our intent to create a world that we want? When we focus our intent, with true belief that we can effect change, nothing can stop us. Nothing. Jesus knew this–he applied it–so have other ascended masters–folks, WE are here specifically because All of creation knew we would BE able to create and effect the changes necessary. WE are true warriors of change.”— Alex, from Aisha North message 366

This blog post has been a long time coming. The past six weeks since traveling out from Denmark and landing in the United States have been large on every level. There was simply not enough energy left in me to record the play-by-play of thoughts, feelings and observations of my life during this time. Finally, tonight, Dear Readers, I have a little extra inside me to share some of it with you.

America, the bedraggled, frayed, unravelling, dishevelled, frustrated, hopeful, enduring, endearing, hard-bitten, rough-edged, calloused, loud, neurotic, troubled, wobbly, beautiful, magnificent, open-road, wide-skied, wide-eyed, sometimes peaceful, painfully self-conscious, warm-hearted land that she is. In spite of all her wrongs, all the pain she has caused (and continues to) throughout the world with her self-serving ways (yes, I am well aware of how America is looked upon by many more sophisticated countries on the planet), in spite of all of that, she is still a precious and treasured place for many millions of humans, and for good reasons. For all of her children’s childishness and unsophistication, downright crudeness and vulgarity, there is something undeniably genuine and charming about Americans. It remains to this day the Great Melting Pot of the world’s people, grown through time into an amazing array of flavors, colors, textures, and complexities that encompasses all of us, big and small, mighty and seemingly insignificant, from every walk of life, a veritable banquet of humanity in all of its variations. And no end in sight…

Since touching down in Seattle six weeks ago, I have been from one coast to the other, with a visit to Denver in the middle. As a traveler, I moved with relative anonymity through crowds in airports, buses, city centers, and leafy neighborhoods. Mostly I knew no one. And yet. The words to the old Woody Guthrie song still ring true…. this land is your land, this land is my land. It’s certainly a plus that just about everyone on this continent speaks English, in one form or another, but there is more to it than that. It is more about the fact that I am a member of this huge clan called the United States of America, whether I live here or not, like the politics or not, am disgusted with things or not. No matter in which state I may travel or even live, I am not a foreigner here. And there is something so heartwrenchingly beautiful in that simple fact.

What will YOU do to create the world you want to be part of?

What will YOU do to create the world you want to be part of?

We are on the forefront of enormous changes in our world, as I am sure many of you know. Unless you are living in a cave without access to even a speck of the outside world, it is extremely obvious that the world as we have known and put up with it all this time is crumbling to dust before our feet. It can be unnerving at moments, yes. This is the moment in our collective lives that the stuff of legend is made from– the moment that future historians will remember as pivotal, when we shifted out of fear, lack and greed consciousness, winner-takes-all mentality, and shifted into a New Age, a new era, a time marked by a conscious awakening to mercy for all beings, Love as action, Peace as mission. Not just for churchie folk, or new ager hippies, or fringe weirdos, but for EVERYONE alive on the planet. Not in a day, and not everyone all at once, but it is here, the Great Shift from Fear to Love as a planetary collective. I say, not a minute too soon.

Perhaps you, or someone you hold very dear, will scoff at these words, write them off as meaningless fluff or crap or use even more colorful adjectives. Those of us with egos to spare are not so easily convinced, of that I have first-hand knowledge. It can be disappointing, to say the least, to walk alongside those you love who do not share your views concerning peace and love as top priorities. The most important thing we can do (those of us who do hold those values most dear) is to love them anyway, and practice letting go of the desire or need to convince anyone of ‘the truth.’ As time goes by, even the most hardcore among them will eventually come to see that this new world is clearly here to stay. At which point, they will have to give up their fear scenarios, and join in the real work.

peaceCreating a new world for ourselves is at once daunting and exhilarating. This blog isn’t the place to go into my ideas of how to do this just now. But I will again remind you, dear Readers, of those famous words written many years ago, by one of our great heroes of the age: Imagine there’s no countries, no hell below us, above us only sky. Nothing to kill or die for, a brotherhood of (hu)man. Imagine all the people, sharing all the world. It’s time.

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Nearing the Solstice, rainbows around the sun & spiritual conspiracy

After nearly two weeks of glorious, bright and often cloudless skies, clouds have returned to Sjælland today. And here we are, with only 12 days to go until the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Headlines on the global stage continue with shake ups, secrets revealed, and other definite signs of significant, fundamental change afoot in our world. Everyone is being steadily, undeniably affected by the power of this unrelenting light from the cosmos, which has only increased in intensity and power during these past months.

Dear Readers, I have no doubt that, no matter what your personal life circumstances are, you too are experiencing the effects of this extraordinary light and of the immense power of love which it contains. It is not an easy process, yet contains much joy and transformative potential. I encourage everyone to take time each day for reflection, contemplation, relaxation, and for giving and receiving love, both to others and to yourselves. And to not become frightened or anxious about the headlines as they appear, but instead to trust that the unfolding dramas of the world need to happen, in order to cleanse and remove the old systems of power which no longer serve humanity’s interests at all. We are collectively creating a new world here on Earth, without having to destroy everything and everyone and start over. These are fascinating and highly stimulating times to be alive, unique to us now. Do what you can to enjoy the roller coaster ride, screaming your head off when appropriate, trusting that we will all land on solid, beautiful ground.

 Here are a couple of writings I have found on the net in the past days, perhaps they will help you in your own process. With many blessings to all of you today, Leigh

“About two weeks ago i noticed a RAINBOW around my sun and i did take some good pics but someone told me they were just sundogs. I know it was much more then just a sundog.  I brought this up to my gramma who is a tribal elder here on my reservation, she told me something that resonated with me greatly.

“This is a sign for you from your angels letting you know it’s time you partake in your part of being one with the rainbow tribe,” she told me.   For some traditional native people, the Sunbow or Whirling Rainbow is considered to be a sign from Creator, marking a time of great change, or transition on the Earth. This full-circle rainbow around the Sun, some elders say, can be understood as a sign to people of the necessity to live a life in respect and harmony with all the creations that make life possible: plants, animals, waters, minerals, fires, winds, and other human beings.”

photo by Rafał Krauze amateur photographer from Poland

photo by Rafał Krauze amateur photographer from Poland

There’s also this prophecy about the Whirling Rainbow: There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children. They will move over the Earth like a great Whirling Rainbow, bringing peace, understanding and healing everywhere they go. Many creatures thought to be extinct or mythical will resurface at this time; the great trees that perished will return almost overnight. All living things will flourish, drawing sustenance from the breast of our Mother, the Earth.

The great spiritual Teachers who walked the Earth and taught the basics of the truths of the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy will return and walk amongst us once more, sharing their power and understanding with all. We will learn how to see and hear in a sacred manner. Men and women will be equals in the way Creator intended them to be; all children will be safe anywhere they want to go. Elders will be respected and valued for their contributions to life. Their wisdom will be sought out. The whole Human race will be called The People and there will be no more war, sickness or hunger forever”… (from

and this thoughtful prose poem from

A Spiritual Conspiracy

On the surface of the world right now there is

war and violence and things seem dark.

But calmly and quietly, at the same time,

something else is happening underground.

An inner revolution taking place

and certain individuals are being called to a higher Light.

It is a silent revolution

From the inside out.

From the ground up.

This is a global operation.

A Spiritual Conspiracy.

There are sleeper cells in every nation on the planet.

You won’t see us on the TV

You won’t read about us in the newspaper

You won’t hear about us on the radio

We don’t seek any glory

We don’t wear any uniform

We come in all shapes and sizes, colours and styles

Most of us work anonymously

We are quietly working behind the scenes

In every country and culture of the world

Cities big and small, mountains and valleys,

In farms and villages, tribes and remote islands

You could pass by one of us on the street and not even notice

We go undercover

We remain behind the scenes.


It is of no concern to us

Who takes the final credit

But simply that the work gets done.

Occasionally we spot each other in the street

We give a quiet nod and continue on our way


During the day, many of us pretend we have normal jobs

But behind the false storefront at night

Is where the real work takes place

Some call us the Conscious Army

We are slowly creating a new world

With the power of our minds and hearts

We follow, with passion and joy.

Our orders come to us from Central Spiritual Intelligence

We are dropping soft, secret love bombs when no-one is looking

Poems, hugs, music, photography, movies, kind words, smiles,

Meditation and prayer, dance, social activism, websites, blogs,

Random acts of kindness…

We each express ourselves in our own unique ways

With our own unique gifts and talents.

‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’

That is the motto that fills our hearts.

We know it is the only way real transformation takes place

We know that quietly and humbly we have the power of all the oceans combined.

Our work is slow and meticulous

Like the formation of mountains

It is not even visible at first glance

And yet with it, entire tectonic plates

Shall be moved in the centuries to come.


Love is the new religion of the 21st Century.

You don’t have to be a highly educated person

Or have any exceptional knowledge to understand it

It comes from the intelligence of the heart

Embedded in the timeless, evolutionary pulse of all human beings.


Be the change you want to see in the world.

Nobody else can do it for you

We are now recruiting.

Perhaps you will join us

Or already have.

All are welcome

The door is open.

–Author unknown

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on a lighthearted note

Hi again dear Readers, Tonight I share this blogpost with you, sent to me from a dear friend in the States…. because sometimes one simply has to let down and have a good laugh at it all!  Enjoy,  Leigh


Press Release: The New Age Goes into Retirement

January 6, 2013 38 Comments

People all over the world are reacting with shock, disbelief and also relief at last week’s announcement that the New Age has decided to go into retirement.

“Was it something we did?” sobbed Rainbowchild Dewdrop Flower into her organic coconut milk chai, outside her tipi here in Nevada County, California. “Did we not chant fervently enough? Were our prayer flags not plentiful enough? Were our affirmations too predictable and clichéd?”

In fact, the New Age came of age in the late ’60s, and, just like many other baby boomers, is ready to collect Social Security and to retire to Key West, Florida. The New Age has just gotten old, that’s all. Ol’ New Age plans to live out the rest of its years hanging out in all-you-can-eat steak and shrimp bars, and drinking margaritas during Happy Hour. “I’ve been in this gig way too long, bro,” said New Age recently to a close confidante. “Heck, even my inner child is married with kids and a dog and shit now. I tell ya, I’ve eaten enough tofu and sprouts, and worn enough tie-dye for one life time. I deserve to live out the rest of my days in peace.  Nah, forget peace.  I’m ready to be loud and gross.”

So how does the announcement of New Age’s retirement affect the average recovering hippie, like you or me?

Here is a handy quick-tip guide to how last week’s announcement might affect your daily routine.

1.  Moving forwards, “Howerya Doin,” “Aloha,” “ Wazzurp Dawg,” “How Do You Do?” and  “Namaste” are all considered to be equally reverential means of greeting anybody.

2.  If you’ve been living on a diet of brown rice, seaweed, Bragg’s Amino Acid and coconut water, the word’s out, you can relax now. New scientific studies reveal that even eating recycled cardboard can be good for your health, if you stop worrying, and eat what is in front of you with gratitude.

3.  If you spent the last years trying to manifest “prosperity,” “abundance,” or “financial freedom,” the game plan has officially changed. More than 2 billion people live on less than a dollar a day. So if you are a lucky dog, with a warm place to sleep, food to eat and friends around you, your next step is to think about how to help other people.

4.  If you’ve been channeling Archangel Michael, the Pleiades, or Elvis, its time to cut it out. From here forward your responsibility is simply to connect the words that come out of your mouth with the thoughts and feelings that are passing inside of you. Codeword: honesty. Known to lead to: intimacy.

5.  If you spent the last several decades immersed in the traditions and religion of a culture other than the one into which you were born, its time to get back to our roots. For example, for many of us the Lord’s prayer, Psalm 23, or Shakespeare may be worth a revisit.  If you are Jewish, call your mother.

6. If you’ve been collecting eagle feathers, owl feathers or rabbits feet, please return them immediately. Word on the street is that the eagles are getting chilly and pissed off.

7. If you are entertaining hopes of getting chummy with visitors on a UFO, fuggedaboutit.   A recent survey of 1037 randomly selected aliens, conducted by Pew Research, asked who they would be most likely to visit, if wanting more contact with human beings. From the four multiple-choice options, 63% selected Nobel prize-winning scientists. 19% selected elected leaders of nations. 17% chose leaders of indigenous peoples. And 0.8% selected people holding hands and humming.

8.  If you’ve developed a fondness for spending time with people of a “high vibration,” or have been avoiding people with “negative energy,” this will no longer be necessary. Your mission on earth will be accomplished here by paying close attention to whoever happens to be right in front of you.

9. If you’ve been collecting crystals or other sacred objects, you can expand your horizons. With the retirement of the New Age, any object whatsoever will become immediately sacred when you look at it with fresh eyes.

10. Most important. Listen up, people.  If you’ve been participating in drumming circles after 10 PM within a mile of anyone trying to sleep, please stop. Please, please, I beg you please, stop. It’s 2 o’clock in the f**king morning, dude.

Of course everyone had a lot of unanswered questions about what comes next. We’ve got space just for a few of them here.

:  Does this mean I can get a refund on my aura-balancing organic Chi enhancer, attuned to dolphin mating sounds?

Answer: No.

Question: So who is in fact the true Avataar come to save planet Earth?

Answer: You are. Splash some cold water on your face, and get busy.

Question: Now that the New Age is officially over, what is the next evolutionary step for humanity?

Answer: Sanity.


Seeing the angels in person

Hi again. This evening I read a rather (okay, very) uninteresting article by a woman who said she was a writer having writers block. I wouldn’t exactly claim that, instead it is more like a kind of vacancy of soul.

Here it is, the end of the first week of January, 2013. New year, new age, new new new… like a newborn baby in the house, after the birth, cleanup, and newness of having the babe in one’s everyday, I recall that feeling, not exactly a let down, more like a re-adjustment period. It takes time to find a rhythm with the new one, just as it is taking time (possibly quite a while) to find a rhythm with this new age we now find ourselves in.

It is a paradoxical time: on the one hand, it is not hard to imagine that nothing much has actually changed, the world looks nearly the same as it did before: same streets, same often grey and gloomy winter skies, etc…. but. I wonder around at home, and when I do venture out to get some fresh air and a change of scenery, unsure of just what to do with myself, I am, so to say, at loose ends. Nothing much seems to satisfy my interest for long, I am restless and tired, cannot concentrate on anything in particular, my whole mood is one of, well, expectancy. Which is odd, because I am quite unsure as to what it is I am supposed to be expecting.

It is obvious that ‘things’ have changed, but the changes are so far pretty subtle. My nature, changeable and restless anyway, craves something New.The-light-of-your-being-atypicaltypea-blog I have read blogpost after blogpost telling me that this year, 2013, is all about fully embracing Self-love, Self-acceptance, Self-forgiveness, and, the icing on the cake, beginning the path of Self-Mastery. Okay, then! Only now, dear Readers, there is no more playing board, game pieces, or rules. Guess why? Yup, it is because now we get to make up the whole thing as we go along! It is the beginning of real freedom for us human beings. No longer chained to the old third dimension, with its duality and crushing mental slavery, the humans are now free to do what we want, however we want to, in the higher name of Love. Truth, Love and Freedom, at long last!! It’s what we all want, right? What we have been striving towards for all these long centuries, aeons, millenia, isn’t it? Well, so ….let’s get on with it then!

But not so fast. We (well I speak for myself, at least) are unsure of what to do, how to get started. If the bonds of the evil empire truly have been broken forevermore, where do we begin? This is a serious and Big Question.

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I stayed up perusing the internet and Youtube for a while. I ended up finding this very nice video made by an American lady who was chatting about all sorts of interesting things, in a kind of stream-of-consciousness way (a lot like this blog, btw) and I have to tell you, dear Readers, she simply warmed the cockles of my heart up here in dark, cold, gloomy, danish, Denmark. She was so…. well, so American, in the very nicest way. She would chat on about one thing, and then her thoughts took a meander down this or that little side path. She related a story about her funny little dog, and then a centipede which had wandered into her room, which reminded her of her grandfather who would get out the hoe when he encountered one of those creatures, and then spoke about ticks, and how she didn’t like them much but would no longer kill them, only flush them down the toilet. She talked and talked, and I felt like I was sitting in the room with this funny, story-telling American lady, who was just down to earth and also pondering the imponderables, in a very endearing way. Can one become instant friends with a person one has never met, thousands of miles away, I wonder. As unlikely as it sounds, in this day and new age with our abilities to connect to the rest of the world simply by pushing a key on the keyboard or touchpad in one’s hand, I have to say that Yes, now we can do that. I am no longer alone in my American quirky-ness here in Scandinavia, because I am somehow, magically, connected to all of you! Even though I may be wondering around, unsure of just what to do tonight, or tomorrow, or for the rest of my life, it is okay. It’s okay because I have You. And I know, somehow, that You have me. You understand my moods, my blankouts, my ramblings, my unease and my amazement at the world at this moment in time. (Time? Well… yeah, that is changing too….)

So many times in these past months I have had a big desire to re-watch all those old Star Trek shows I used to see…. not so much the oldest ones with Kirk and Spock, but the ones with Jean-Luc Picard and his crew, the Next Generation. I loved that show so much, because they were on a never-ending adventure through space, and were always meeting new life forms, having intense experiences, and being constantly challenged to become greater beings in one way or another. The metaphors in that show were endless…. and of course twenty-odd years ago I could not imagine that much in those story lines could possibly become true, certainly not in this lifetime. But. I really have to admit that all that has happened these past months, and all that I have read about online, has given me great pause to consider: what if Star Trek is more than simply a product of Gene Roddenbury’s overactive imagination? What if all those beings, on vastly different worlds in far, faraway galaxies, are incredibly, amazingly, inexplicably, real? And what if, any day now, some of us will (and are already) begin to meet these beings face to face? Imagine what that would be like, dear Readers! It simply fires the imagination!

powerful-being-of-lightDo any of you have similar thoughts these days? I ponder these things pretty often. I imagine what it would be like to meet a being from another dimension/life-form/galaxy face to face. What would I do, how much grace could I muster upon a meeting like that? What if I were sitting here like I am now, and suddenly a shining being of light, which I would certainly take to be an angel, appeared (beamed into) my room? I honestly do not know what I would do. I think I would be very happy to see them, at any rate. If we are beginning this new time where we get to make up the game and the rules and all of it, then that is one of my new games. I want to see the angels in person. What about you, dear Readers? What is top on your new agenda?


2013: Now What?

“Humanity is awakening. To be awake is to be aware, and a great awareness of the need to treat one another with love, compassion, respect, and acceptance has emerged on Earth over the last five or six decades. There are still many on Earth who do not honor this basic human right, but that is changing very rapidly because of the intensity of the divine field of Love enveloping the world. Remember, Love is gentle . . . but It is also extremely powerful and will not be denied. Humanity has for a very long time hidden from Love, refusing to engage with It. That has now changed and It is sweeping in everywhere, affecting all relationships, and as you have been told before, “Love changes everything.”
Although you have no immediate sense of the New Age that you have become a part of, it has arrived, and you will begin to experience its benefits. Pray and meditate with strong intent and allow the Love that enfolds you to sweep away anything that is not in alignment with It. That is what you truly desire, and you are bringing it into being.”

Happy 2013, Everybody!! It is a new year, and, as more than a few out there in blogland are writing, the true beginning of a New Age for humankind. Even though the song was written in the late 60’s, it is only now that we can finally say with certainty, ‘This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” What this actually means, is something that will take time to discover.

Here is Denmark the new year came in as it always does: through the noise, color and smoke of fireworks. Apparently this tradition has been going on here for many a long year: my husband told me he remembers as a little child, only being allowed to light the small, not so dangerous sparklers, while his father and uncle were outside producing the pyrotechnics along with the rest of the neighborhood. Even though we live in a small village in the middle of the countryside, a few of our neighbors had enough fireworks to light up the skies for nearly an hour past midnight.

meditation-manI managed to get up to a friend’s ‘summer house’ as they call them here, on the coast north of here for a couple of days. Being surrounded by pine and fir trees, and the walk along the beach one afternoon before the new year, helped me to find a kind of peace within myself that was very helpful during these rather turbulent days. Even so, once I was again home and the weather was again dreary, cold and wet, my emotional state again sank into agitation. The fact is, as much as I would like to think that now, finally, I can begin to breathe deeply, relax and enjoy this new age and time of peace, joy and happiness, my own inner landscape is mirroring that of many others: up and down, turbulence and disappointment, followed by stillness and acceptance, followed by yet more emotional roller-coaster riding. A little voice inside my head could be heard asking, “well, dearie, just what exactly were you expecting?”

To be honest, I don’t currently have a good answer for that question. I was not expecting the world to suddenly become rosy and full of peace and everyone laying down their arms on the 22nd of December, as much as I would have loved it if it had indeed happened that way. And okay, I admit, reading one blog post which stated quite plainly, ‘but you all have only just begun your work as lightworkers and wayshowers, there will be plenty to do from here on out!’ did make me just a tiny bit– shall we say- tired?

And yet. Dear Readers, some of you might recall how enamored I was with the author Ben Okri and his amazing stories that I read last fall. In Astonishing the Gods, he describes a world where the people had been captive under the sea for 500 years, and when they finally rose up and were again freed to live on the land, they created a wonderous society based upon the highest ideals, with the most beautiful and majestic works of art and architecture, lived in a way so that everyone was respected, society was just, and love was ever-present. And yes, it took time for the people to create that new world. It didn’t just happen overnight.

As I (and many of you, I am sure,) continue to ponder during the days and months to come just what the new year and new age we have entered will bring us, I turn to some of our wisest and most poetic fellow humans for inspiration. Tonight, dear Readers, I leave you with something by Ben Okri, who reminds us that a new and better age will not happen instantly, that it is up to us both individually and collectively to create our new, loving and beautiful world. He writes,

You are the real hope and possibility of the century. Do not accept any limitation on the definition of what is human, and what is possible to humanity. Do not box anyone in. Don’t let yourself be boxed in either. Tear down all the barriers– believe in the fundamental equality of humanity.Link hands with your brothers and sisters across the globe. Link hands with the poor and disadvantaged and the rich. Don’t look down at anyone and don’t look up at anyone either. Make this world one world, its riches and possibilities available to all.Do not for one moment think that you are small, that you are powerless, that you have nothing to give, or that you are alone. You are only small and powerless if you think only of yourself, if you are selfish. The moment you think of humanity, of service to humanity, then you become powerful.
The heart is bigger than the earth. We are here to serve humanity, to take the human possibility forward, to create a better world. We are here to grow, to learn, to share our light, our gifts, our love. –-Ben Okri, A Time of New Dreams

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Ring in the new

Here it is, the evening after the 21st of December. The same scene is before me; my desk full of all sorts of desk-like things (my husband teases me that I am so ‘well-equipped’), pots of paints and boxes of pastels laid out alongside the paintbrushes, papers and scraps of notes lying about, pinned to the homemade cork-board which hangs on the wall facing me as I type. The plants quietly growing on the blessedly wide sill on the southern window of our apartment. Soft lights warming the corners, candles glowing in the various holders here in this room. Today felt nearly like any other winter’s day here in Denmark, people crowding the shops this afternoon as they went about their last-minute Jul shopping (the Danish version of Christmas). In a way I could nearly believe that nothing special happened yesterday. But I know as sure as I am typing this now, that something amazing and deeply profound DID happen. I was there, I experienced the Shift for myself. Here’s how it went for me, dear Readers.

After waking several times during the night, I finally got out of bed by about 9 am on Friday, the 21st. My intention was to do a special set of meditations that I had found on a couple of people’s blogs. I prepared a comfortable space on the floor here in our apartment with blankets and pillows. To my delight, the sky was mostly clear, with scattered clouds moving quickly across the morning sky. (In Denmark at this time of year, the sun only rises about this time of morning, and does not get higher than about 11 degrees above the horizon, and sets just after 3:30 pm, giving us only 7 hours of daylight.) I admit I did take a short look at my favorite blogs just to see if there was anything which I needed to read before embarking on this journey. Then I found the page with the instructions for the special meditation, which centered around the Sphinx at the Great pyramids in Gaza. It had been offered that during the window of several hours in the morning, it would be possible for us to, in a meditative space, enter into the Hall of the Akashic Records which lies below the great Sphinx herself. When the sun rose that morning, its light would ignite a special crystal which is embedded inside the Sphinx’s headdress, which would then somehow activate not only the great pyramids there, but all the pyramids upon Earth, undoubtedly making seriously magical things occur! So I joined in this meditation, visualized entering into the body of the Sphinx, went into the Hall of Records, and received a download of my own Akashic record. This process was quite fascinating in itself, and I will be very interested to see what kind of soul memories may appear in my consciousness over the weeks and months ahead. Sunyata-Alex-Grey

After that, I sat down in my prepared space, facing the southern window, and quietly began my special meditation. The directions given me were to be in the meditation from 10:01 am to 11:11, when the energy of the light would be strongest. This I did, and I tell you all now, dear Readers, it was a most beautiful and uplifting experience! I received blessings from my Higher Self, the Blessed Mother, the archangels, spirit guides, ancestors, and friends. I was given assurance that all is truly well, that I am never alone, that I can throw fear away forevermore. My heart was opened in such a beautiful and loving way, and I felt utterly calm and full of peace. Some of the time I simply laid down and watched the white clouds as they danced across the cerulean sky above our house. And eventually, once the meditation was done, I was graced by the Sun itself, finally breaking through the clouds and bathing me in its warmth and golden light. I allowed the light to embrace me fully, even stared at it directly for several minutes, absorbing as much of the loving light waves as I possibly could.

A few of the most important gleanings from the 21st of December meditation to share with you all:

  1. We are never alone in this life. Our guides, angels, ancestors, and other beings in the spiritual world are with us always, as close as our breath. When we feel unsure and need help, all we need to do is to call them and ask for help, and they are there to give it.
  1. The days of duality are really over. This means that our old way of seeing ourselves as separate from everything and everyone else, is also at an end. The truth of our being One People of Earth, connected in vast and complex ways which we are barely beginning to understand, is an undeniable fact.
  2. Old ways of functioning, including being doubtful, skeptical and/or denying the presence of higher beings and realms than us in the human realm, are no longer relevant. Skepticism, along with its cousin cynicism, serves no one, is not funny, and has no place in the new scheme of life which we have now entered.
  3. There is a serious call to all humanity now from the spiritual world to lay down our arms. This applies across the board, in all situations. To imagine that fighting against war and injustice through the use of force and yet more weapons of destruction is insanity.
  4. Humanity has now entered a new age, a new time in our collective evolution. Regardless of the ones who are still asleep, enough of us have now awakened into this time, and carry the energy of the heart. The way of this new world is through the heart. Therefore, Fear is now something we no longer have any use for whatsoever. The time has come, at long last, to lay aside fear and all of its accompanying emotions, forevermore. (hallelujah!!)

Dear Readers, I wish to thank you all who have taken on this amazing journey along with me over these past months. It has taken an incredible amount of patience, courage and trust to continue on the path of love and to say No Thanks to the mainstream path of a soulless existence. I applaud you all for doing your part to hold the Light and Love within your hearts and to radiate these, along with warmth and kindness and compassion, to all others. You are all beautiful souls and I am very grateful to be able to connect with you through this blog. May we all go forward from this day onwards, steadfast and strong, continuing to bless others with our presence, smiles, words and acts. No act of kindness and love is too small, and all are seen and appreciated by those in spirit and in human form!  Blessings of peace and love and light!

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Awakening from the exhausting dream of duality

Hello again, dear Readers and Friends. The time is drawing very near now, and in just a few short days, the long and torturous age that humanity has been trudging through will be completed. Come Friday, December 21st, we will stand on the threshold of a new cycle for Earth and all of her inhabitants. Stars are moving, planets are shifting, untold beings are lining up all in preparation for this moment. Regardless of how each individual human responds to this event, it is MONUMENTAL. From all I have read and can understand about it, nothing quite like this moment has ever been experienced before on Earth: not Buddha’s enlightenment, not Jesus’s birth, life and death, because THIS MOMENT will be experienced by All of Us, simultaneously. Talk about AHA! Moments…..

After the 21st of December, Earth and Humanity will enter a new phase, cycle, or, yes, age. The simplest way to describe it is simply thus: We will from that moment forward, collectively live from a basis of Love. Fear will no longer have the power over humanity that it has had so much of during the past vast cycle of time. And in fact, our whole relationship to Time itself will shift in yet unknown and radical ways. These are VERY exciting times, Dear Readers!

Obviously the world as we know it now, with its huge problems and suffering, cannot possibly shift into some kind of paradise overnight. Perhaps some people would really like it to, and may even be naively thinking that it somehow will. But no, it has taken many years and a whole lot of effort to create our mess, and consequently it will also take time to clean up our world. But I am optimistic that clean it we shall! The disorder and chaos we find around us simply cannot, nor will not, last forever.

It is time for us all to do the serious work of envisioning the world we WISH to live in. Not simply for the next twelve months, as so many of us modern western folk tend to think about on New Years day. And not simply for our own personal life. No, it is time for every single one of us to start thinking on a GLOBAL level about our lives. We can no longer think, ‘oh the________, it is just so far away, I cannot possibly think about that!” Just fill in the blank with whatever land, place, people and habitat you want. It is time to think, and ponder deeply. I believe that most of the answers to our world’s problems are already here, available to us in seed form. Some amazingly intelligent, compassionate and tireless souls are alive now who have been working on solutions to our problems. THINK FREE ENERGY, folks!! Can you imagine for a moment, how radically and quickly our world would change if suddenly all the energy we used was freely available and clean? This is the kind of thinking I am encouraging us to develop now. What if, after this week, the oil companies were no longer necessary, but were to become obsolete? IT COULD HAPPEN. What if economies were based on the needs of all people, not on corporations’ bottom lines? IT COULD HAPPEN. What if all the guns and bombs were somehow sucked up into some giant vacuum cleaner above the earth, so that NOBODY had any of those horrible things anymore—not regular folk and not governments. IT COULD HAPPEN. What if, within a very short period of time, people (all the people, everywhere) started to feel safe to walk around in their streets, their towns, their countries, and also in other people’s countries? Better yet, what if we all decided that this idea of ‘our country’ and ‘your country’ just went by the wayside altogether, because we finally figured out that GUESS WHAT, we are All One People of Earth! Yup, that’s right: IT COULD HAPPEN!!!!

Tonight I am extremely tired from this work of transformation and holding the light for many others who are still in such darkness. But. I continue in spite of my exhaustion, because I can see that there is a light at the end of this long tunnel of darkness, and it is fast approaching. During these past weeks and days, I have been revisiting many old people and places from my life, and also been going to some quite interesting places during the dreamtime while my body sleeps. I can imagine that many of you are having similar experiences. There has been so much grief buried inside of my soul which I have been shedding. The news of the tragedy in Connecticut last week touched that deep well and I grieve with the ones who have lost their precious loved ones. Yet I also know that somehow there will be a great healing from it, more people will open their hearts because of this, it will somehow free people who are still imprisoned within their frozen hearts. Our hearts must unfreeze and be freed to love, plain and simple. The love that resides in each human heart is the key that unlocks this new cycle for us, and it is absolutely critically important that most everyone, yes all 6 something billion of us humans, are able to freely love each other and recognize the sacredness of each soul.

My own daily work now is to release judgement: release, let go, release some more. This is real work and takes an enormous amount of patience, both with others and with myself. The Buddhists, as it turns out, were right all along: release judgement, release attachment to a particular outcome, and simply be a loving person. That is the crux of the whole thing.

Dear Readers, forgive my lack of eloquence this evening. I wish all of you strength, courage, and blessings of love during these last days of the old world.


After enlightenment, the dishes

May blessings of wonderment light a continued path of joy, love and peace in your soul
May the whole world be held in your hand
May all the love from you beating heart fill the silence, the great void with healing for all humanity
May you continue to claim your wholeness and follow your path upon this beautiful world we all share in love. –Mokasiya

Yesterday, 12-12-12, brought me, along with untold others here on Earth, extreme elation. From the moment it struck midnight and throughout the entire day and evening, I felt positively jubilant, as if the fulfillment of golden prophesies of the ages had indeed come true, the Messiah had come and great blessings were being poured liberally upon all of our heads, whether we were conscious of it or not.

Here is a snippet of what I wrote last evening for you all, dear Readers, but through internet failure, was unable to post:

This day, 12-12-12, is one of celebrating our collective rising into a new time, a time which many who have walked upon the Earth have dreamt of, waxed lyrically about, and otherwise looked forward to for millenia. Amazingly, here we actually are: on the threshold of the New Earth, the New Jerusalem, the New World to come.

Could there be anything more exciting than this: the end of our collective nightmare of darkness, pain, suffering and separateness, and the beginning of a time where humanity is again in Reality, meaning a Re-membering of our unity, not only with one another, but also with All That Is?

Aside from all the myriad blog posts I read, all the ‘pat yourselves on the back’ advice given, and all the pretty words about the wonders awaiting us now that we have collectively come ‘Home” to Universal Truth, yesterday was simply an amazing day. I walked around in a kind of happy daze, felt like singing aloud in the streets of Holbæk (something that only the occasional teenage girl does here in emotionally reserved Scandinavia) and was so very joyous. I even entitled my would-be blog post, “Joy, Joy, Utter Joy.” What a nice day it was!

This morning, however, once I actually woke up enough to notice, came the joy-hangover. All day long I was grumbly, grouchy, out-of-sorts, and feeling like I had been run over by a train (metaphorically speaking.) The elation of the 12-12-12 evaporated like so much mist on the morning hills, and I was left, as they say in Zen Buddhism, with only the dishes to wash and laundry to do. Yes, but nobody promised that the party would last indefinitely, sigh.

And yet. The fact remains that we have turned the corner, and regardless of the amount of mess we earthlings will have to face in the coming weeks, months and years, there is no returning to duality and darkness. We really HAVE DONE THIS AMAZING FEAT, we have collectively, through our will, determination, courage and hearts, decided that humanity has had enough of living in the illusion of separation from Source. Call it whatever you want, or call it Nothing At All, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t need a name, but We need to Re-member, to Re-joice, and Re-collect that we are ONE. And yesterday, in a very tangible and enormous way, we did it. Hallelujah, Hosannah on the Highest. The Christ, which means Kristos, or Light, has returned to Earth, just as the prophets fortold aeons ago. Not in the form of a particular man, but lo, in the form of All of Us. We are the Light. We embody it. The love which lives in each person’s heart is its own lamp, and burning more brightly than ever before while in a human form. Really, what we have accomplished is nearly beyond comprehension, the culmination of such a long journey that most of us cannot possibly remember when or where or even why it began.

Abundant joy-babyThink of the future, dear Readers!!! It is awash with vast possibilities, with new and never-before dreamt of creative endeavors, with wonders most of us have yet to be able to think of. What exciting times we are living in now! Turn off your television, or better yet, throw it away forever. Cease listening to any more bad news, period. Just like the Born-Agains love to chant, this is Very Good News!!! Now, in the immediate and longer future days, we will start over. It is high time to give serious thought to the new world we are to create. Not just a few of us, no longer will the old ways of power over people be tolerated. Nope, the new world for us will be all about cooperation, compassion and caring for and about others as well as ourselves. We will make new forms of governance, of economics, of culture. The old is gone now. The former things have passed away.

Dear Readers, throughout the next days, and culminating next Friday, the 21st of December of 2012, I encourage all of you to become as quiet and still and contemplative as possible. Find time every day and every night to meditate, pray, be in nature, and otherwise simply BE. Breathe and feel your connection to All that Is. To Earth herself. To all the other humans and animals and plants. To the water, wind, fire and earth. To the starry world and all the life which exists in the universe. To the source of everything. Contemplate and receive the gifts which are being given you every moment. Bless everyone and everything you meet throughout the day. Be free with your smiles and hugs and kind words. Forgive and forgive and then forgive some more. Let the love in your heart expand until it is no longer simply your own heart, but the heart of Love itself which resides inside of you.

Deep peace of the running wave to you
Deep peace of the flowing air to you
Deep peace of the silent stars to you
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.