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WTF is going on?!?

Clearly there is a whole lot of chaos happening in our world at the moment. For whatever reasons (you can come to your own conclusions), the shock and awe value of our current moment in history cannot be overestimated. But. Today I received an email that I simply must share with whoever might be reading this blog post (see

“As you know from what we have been writing and posting recently, the United States has been escalating its aggression towards North Korea. This week, President Trump has taken serious steps towards an attack on North Korea and we are very concerned that it will happen unless we intervene now. Today he had lunch with members of the United Nations Security Council where he urged stronger sanctions against North Korea. This Wednesday, he is bringing all one hundred senators, without their staff, to meet with generals at the White House. The USS Vinson, a nuclear-armed aircraft carrier, is on its way to North Korea with a strike force and two Japanese destroyers.
We urge you to take action now to tell your Senators to oppose an attack on North Korea:
Click here to sign an email petition to your senators.

  • Use the Capitol Switchboard at 202 224 3121 to call your senators today and tell them that we want peace with North Korea. Negotiate with President Kim Jong-un. Stop US military exercises on the North Korean border.
  • Join us to protest at the White House in Washington, DC on Wednesday, April 26 at 2 pm while the senators are there. Click here for more information. 3.
  • If you can’t make it to Washington, DC, please organize an action at your senate offices this week and let us know about it so we can share the details. Contact
  • President Trump has already demonstrated through the Tomahawk Missile attack on Syria and the bomb dropped in Afghanistan that he is more than willing to use force. His recent rhetoric towards North Korea has been very inflammatory, calling it a problem that has to be dealt with. And it is possible that the war hawks want to create instability in the Koreas prior to the May election in South Korea to replace the recently-impeached President who was a close ally of the US. The current front runner in South Korea is less supportive of the US’ missile defense system (THAAD) that we are building against the people’s will. The President of North Korea has been acting in response to US military exercises on its border that simulate nuclear attacks and assassination campaigns. President Kim Jong-un has said that he is willing to stop testing missiles if the US stops its military exercises. We urge the US and North Korea to negotiate, not escalate. Take action now. ”

Dear Readers, I am sure I am not alone in feeling the strain of the past months since the United States government changed leadership, that is proving more dangerous and disastrous than we could have imagined. The assaults on citizens’ rights, human services, the environment, science itself and ultimately Humanity worldwide, have left many of us dumbfounded and outraged. I seriously wonder if a greater lunatic has ever been unleashed upon the planet than is happening right now (although he has had some serious competition for the title, I will admit).

Another World

How far is too far? Will we collectively allow this lunatic-sociopath and his cohorts to commit nuclear war on our Earth, after we have already learned those horrific lessons 72 years ago? Are we so collectively brainwashed and amnesiafied that we cannot raise our voices loudly enough to get through to the power elite to STOP THIS MADNESS NOW?

I am trying, truly I am, to stay calm and to breathe through each day’s concerning, troubling, and increasingly worrisome news. I am doing everything in my power to add love and peace into the energy quotient of our sleepy and distracted world. But the news of the past couple of weeks, and now this imminent threat to not only the civilians of North Korea, but to the world itself, is simply too much. This lunatic must be stopped. Reason must be restored. Love and compassion must become the standards by which political action is judged. It is high time for some serious consciousness-raising, worldwide.

So please, everyone, speak up!! Call your senators and your congresspeople. Add your name to petitions, carry signs and march in the rain, talk about what is going on in the United States with your friends, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers. We can no longer afford the luxury of being uninvolved in creating peace on Earth. Yes, be loving, be kind, be joyful, meditate and hug trees. AND, speak up about the issues. Let your voice be loud and wide. If ever there was a time to take action, Now is it.




Relics, artifacts and books

A new phenomenon has arrived on street corners here and there in the United States and England. You may have seen small, sometimes cleverly decorated boxes, much like an old-fashioned postbox, with a sign offering “Free Books, take one or leave one.” When I first discovered these in England last summer, I was sincerely charmed. What a gracious, lovely idea, to freely share books among the populace. By now, however, I have realized a darker (more sinister?) side to this free book giveaway.

Are book giveaways as innocent as they seem?

Are book giveaways as innocent as they seem?

Perhaps it is obvious to some of you already, dear Readers, that one probable reason for all these free book giveaways is, there are simply millions of books floating around in the hemisphere, and not enough people reading them. Books are starting to enter the classification of relics, artifacts from a time fast disappearing, when people loved and enjoyed them, carried them around, re-read them, passed them on to family and friends.

The age of technology has its merits and its drawbacks. In an extraordinarily short span of human time, computers have entrenched themselves in our collective psyche like a virus infecting a body, deeply and somehow irreversibly. The powers-that-make-technology in our world are working hard to make sure that everyone alive is signed up on the plan. That means every man, woman and child, no matter how young or old, is to be inextricably hooked into the beast of technology forever more. They are pushing to make sure babies are weaned from the breast to the computer screen, that no hand goes without a computerized phone-internet-camera-toaster-oven-what-have-you device, and the list just goes on ad infinitum and ad nauseam.

The death of bound books is nearly inevitable in our lifetimes, I lament. Not only is it a sad commentary on the state of our society, but just a sad thought altogether. When all the written words are available only on virtual screens or in your eyeglasses or whatever, how will that affect us as a people; our thinking, our motor skills, our ideas about life? The implications are truly enormous if one ponders them. What will become of libraries, our esteemed repository of the worlds’ wisdom, literature and knowledge? What will become of us?

The digital age we find ourselves in today has vast implications for our world. One of the most maddening is the inevitable loss of sensory perception and basic motor skills. Young children who most need to develop these skills as their bodies are growing and changing the most are at risk of not learning them, and that affects their brain development and basically their whole physiognomy. Using a keyboard or touch screen does not do the same job for developing bodies and minds as making sure a child can pick up a pencil or scissors and use them effectively. I shudder to think of how tomorrow’s children will manage in the physical world of which they are still a part. What will humans do when they have lost the ability to use their hands, their fingers, their bodies?

Will children in the future still know how to read bound books?

Will children in the future still know how to read bound books?

The world is changing so fast right now, society itself is spinning ever faster on its axis. I am watching it happen, even as I am turning into a relic of the past, along with bound books and dead philosophers. I admit that I do not wish to live in a world without books, sensory stimulus, physicality. I was born into physicality and I will remain within it for the rest of this lifetime. Probably I sound hideously old-fashioned, like those parents who frowned disapprovingly upon early rock and roll music and its proponents. And yet. This new technology age is profoundly disturbing. It seems we have been sold a bill of goods, yet what have we really purchased– if not the death of our souls?


Singing to the choir, crying in the wilderness

Hello again dear Readers. Today’s post is my personal rant on ‘things as they stand now,’ concerning the world and people’s consciousness. Make of it what you will. Or skip it if you are in a really upbeat mood.

Shortly said, I am pretty discouraged and disgusted about now. For all that I read about humanity’s collective ascension into a higher consciousness (i.e., 5th dimensionality and beyond), as I look out upon the world at large, to be honest, I see only a small fraction of folk who are even interested in raising themselves higher than basic survival, higher than hero and villain, us and them, fear and fearlessness.

Politics aside, I will take a small but significant example: popular literature, especially geared for younger readers. Today I received an email from Amazon, with their ‘best picks of 2013 so far” list I randomly selected a few to find out what they considered “best.” Here is one of their choices, The Fifth Wave  by Rick Yancey.

“After the 1st wave, only darkness remains. After the 2nd, only the lucky escape. And after the 3rd, only the unlucky survive. After the 4th wave, only one rule applies: trust no one.
Now, it’s the dawn of the 5th wave, and on a lonely stretch of highway, Cassie runs from Them. The beings who only look human, who roam the countryside killing anyone they see. Who have scattered Earth’s last survivors. To stay alone is to stay alive, Cassie believes, until she meets Evan Walker. Beguiling and mysterious, Evan Walker may be Cassie’s only hope for rescuing her brother–or even saving herself. But Cassie must choose: between trust and despair, between defiance and surrender, between life and death. To give up or to get up.”

The reviewers wrote,

Yancey’s heartfelt, violent, paranoid epic, filled with big heroics and bigger surprises, is part War of the Worlds, part Starship Troopers, part Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and part The Stand . . a sure thing for reviewers and readers alike.”

“Breathtakingly fast-paced and original, The 5th Wave is a reading tsunami that grabs hold and won’t let go. A postapocalyptic alien invasion story with a smart, vulnerable heroine.”

 (note: as I was posting this blog, there were 10 different blog posts about this novel, so far. ahem….)

Vulnerable heroines are all well and fine, but what gets to me about this kind of fiction is the push to sell novels on the recommendation that it is a ‘violent and paranoid postapocalyptic alien invasion story.’ I suppose I am a naïve human in many ways, but it is truly beyond me as to what is charming about envisioning this kind of world to live in. Are people really so bored with their regular lives that they feel the need to fill their free time with visions of horror, violence, greed, and fascist supremacist dictators controlling the poor, wretched last humans to survive on the wasted earth? I mean, is that really fun reading? If yes, I want to understand WHY.

Today was my last day with my class of Danish 8th graders before the summer holidays begin. At the request of one of them, we watched the film The Hunger Games together. For those of you who don’t know the story, it takes place in a not-too-distant future where the United States had an uprising, and the result was that it became split into twelve districts. The rebellion was squashed, and as a kind of punishment (forever more, apparently) there are yearly ‘games’ held with one teenager from each district, in a survival of the fittest style, where they kill one another until there is one sole survivor, who ‘wins.’ Yeah, nice story line. To me it was a strange, surrealistic combination of The Olympics, Roman gladiator games and reality TV show with a futuristic slant. Yes, it had good suspense, and it held their attention. The question for me is, why do the kids accept these super-depressing futuristic world stories so easily, and enjoy watching people finding clever ways to kill each other, while working to survive themselves? We talked a little about the film after they watched it. None of them seemed very affected by it, and it was obvious that none felt it could ever be real.


When I was in high school, one of the novels that was required reading in English literature class was, of course, 1984 by George Orwell. I remember that I did not enjoy reading that book, and how depressing was the world he had created. We joked with each other, even then, that ‘Big Brother is watching YOU!” Well, Orwell might have gotten the date wrong, but not the premise. The latest news bomb about the United States’ NSA spying on, well, anyone and everyone, brings it home very clearly. It makes a good case for ‘creating one’s own reality’ in a mass consciousness way. It is not a very far leap to the next level of this, where the earth becomes a real apocalyptic atrocity. Again I ask you all, WHY would the collective humanity WANT to create this kind of a reality? I am not speaking about the evil cabal, those shadowy rulers who are behind the scenes, running the show. No, I am referring to ALL of us, all those who are spending their cash on this form of ‘entertainment’ and thereby perpetuating it. Don’t people understand that the law of creation is pretty simple: you get what you focus on. Focus on death, destruction, fascist dictatorships, death games long enough, and presto: our brave new world.

No thanks. Dear Readers, those of you who have followed my blog and thoughts and heart for some time now know that I would like to live in a world that is the polar opposite of an apocalyptic hell, and have tried in various ways, to bring you all stories of hope, upliftment and inspiration. But today, I feel I am just singing to the choir. To the handful of you who faithfully read these words, I am very grateful for your virtual friendship and especially for your agreement that we must not give up our efforts to build a world based on Peace, Love, Beauty, Truth, Goodness and Freedom. I will always believe in these as the goal of humanity, until my dying breath. But taking a realistic look around, I can also see that we seem to be not much more than a candle in the wind at this point in time.

Why can't the 'others' be benevolent and good, instead of malicious and evil?

Why can’t the ‘others’ be benevolent and good, instead of malicious and evil?

As to the whole question of Aliens, I simply ask, why must it only be entertaining or interesting to imagine that they exist as malevolent creatures bent on our destruction? When actually, the total opposite is much more likely to be the truth: that there are Beings from other worlds who are utterly and benignly helping us lowly humans to wake up and find out who we actually are: beings of light and love, just like they are, and capable of miracles far greater than we can conceive of at this moment in our evolution. And what if, instead of being afraid and ready to use all of our puny human-made weapons to destroy them once they arrive to our world, we welcomed them with open arms, and felt glad that someone had come to help us out of this self-created mess of a world we now find ourselves in…. why won’t someone write a best-selling novel about that for a change? Why does fear sell so many books and movies and games, instead of love? Dear Readers, have you any theories about this phenomenon? Your ideas are always welcome here.

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Ranting and Beingness

“BEingness is embracing your energetic truth, as a divine being, as a human being of light, on the planet, at this time. And as you do that, as you shine in your truth, your life can only improve. As you are just as you are, as you allow that to shine, you will draw to you all of the wondrous things that you hold. This is mastery, Dear Ones, this is how you do it.” from

(Dear Readers, Please forgive me, but tonight I simply have to rant. If you prefer to not read a rant today, then simply skip this post. This is, after all, my blog. So I guess this is the best place for me to get it out of me, and into the ether.)

Frankly, at this moment, I have just about had it. All of it. I have been trying to quell my ego, get out of my head, and center all my energy on my heart, to practice being a loving, divine being, a human being of light, as they say in the above quote. But I just cannot do it right now. I cannot find the place of Peace, of Love, of Freedom, of Truth. For days now I have been agitated, full of sorrow, of pain, of anguish, of regret. And today I found Anger.

It’s not only about my own life, my own personal sorrow and pain at how my life has played out. I mean of course it is, but it is not ONLY about me. Yes, my ego is clinging on for dear life, obviously. But I am also angry and outraged about the whole mess: This world. I am just so utterly, completely disgusted by it all right now. I do not feel nice, nor kind, nor sweet nor gentle. AT ALL.

I had this thought recently: If you were to find yourself surrounded by a bunch of people who are all acting quite crazy (one could even say out of their minds) for long enough, and you were the only one who wasn’t acting like the others, it seems like it would only be a matter of time before you started questioning your own sanity. You might even end up believing that you were the one who was actually crazy, since everyone else seemed so happy the way that they were.

So it seems to be with the world at large. Life is becoming ever more absurd. Who is to say what is right? And yet. Where are people’s sense of moral outrage? Buried, asleep, or maybe they simply do not have any, they simply were born without any sense of truth, beauty, justice, goodness. I am walking around my life these days, honestly not understanding much of anything anymore. (I guess at one point in time I thought I did, a little at least.) But not now.

A blog post I read tonight that gives spiritual counsel, advises to ‘surrender to Source, God, Goddess, All That Is, the Angels, Jesus, Buddha, or whatever name you wish to give to a higher power.‘ They said that usually the only way that humans will surrender their perceived control over their lives is when they are completely at their wit’s end, due to the prevailing strength of the human ego. Well I think I am there.


I cannot stomach any more clichés, platitudes, ‘that’s just how it is” attitudes, and ‘What the fuck’ simplistic solutions. If I, along with all the portion of humanity who are a bit more awake than the rest of the sleepwalkers and zombie people, am to find my power through that much over-used and very misunderstood word, LOVE, then by God, teach me what it actually IS!! It has to be more than some simplistic, hand-holding, guitar-playing hippie-new-age-AUM-sounding idea of what Love is. It has to be more than just closing one’s eyes and breathing deeply while sitting in a lotus position. It has to be more than feeling peaceful and oh-so-happy at this wonderful new world we have entered now. It can be ALL of these things, they are all fine and I believe in all of it. But tonight, and in general, I implore the Gods and Angels and whichever benevolent beings of Light that might be listening in, there simply HAS to be more! The world is a bloody mess, unspeakable horrors are being wrought upon people, Nature and Earth every single day many times over….. and I simply do not, cannot believe that my smiling and embracing my own divinity is going to be enough to stop the casualties, madness and gross inhumanities occurring every day here on Earth. How many of us can walk on water yet?

Another blog post, another tall order: “practice looking at each situation in your life and forgiving everyone and everything throughout this lifetime and most especially yourself.” I have to pause, and breathe into this directive. It is simply too difficult for me to be able to truly forgive everyone, everything, and most of all, myself. At least right now.

Sometimes lately I feel so tired, so exhausted from wandering about this planet that I simply want to give up. Totally. To give up on life. I know these are dangerous words to utter, highly politically incorrect, forbidden. Even the thought of giving up is forbidden, right, dear Readers? Some things are simply not allowed to be spoken or written out loud.
Well, I told you it would be a rant. Rants don’t have to be logical, or careful, or make sense. Words can also be used to express one’s soul, one’s deepest gut, one’s worst anxieties. We need strong words that can cut through the politics, the niceties, the superficialities. Please know I am so strongly for Life, for Peace, for Love. Does this make me a hippie-weirdo? Haven’t there always been humans walking the planet who stood for these things? Some of them were killed for believing in them. Somehow I still have hope that enough of us believe in these words now to miraculously turn the tide and stop the madness. That little hope at times (like lately) is not much more than a faint glimmer, a few embers. But it never extinguishes completely.

One thing seems quite clear: the world as we have known it is crumbling before our eyes, more and more with each passing day. Did anyone see the news clip on Youtube that showed the Vatican, a few hours after the Pope announced his resignation, when a bolt of lightning came down and hit the very tip of its roof? The world we have all been living in is breaking up, and we all know it, we can see evidence all around us. What will come to take its place is up to us. Every single one of us. Even me.


Because the Sun is now in Scorpio

Because the Sun has now moved into Scorpio, sign of darkness, depth, mystery and secrets, or maybe just because I am tired in a way that is difficult to describe, whatever the reason, tonight I feel like ranting a bit. Dear Readers, if you are feeling happy and light and gay, full of joy and levity and laughter, please skip my post tonight. I am feeling anything but.

For months now, I have kept myself carefully away from Politics, hardly even daring to mention the presidential race with anyone, unwilling to even think about it. I have been cautiously avoiding ‘The World” in this way, knowing as I do that it serves no good purpose to get emotionally embroiled in this world arena fraught with deceit, intrigue, darkness and guile of every sort. I feel that there is really no one worth the effort to take a deeper look into, no one to support anymore in American politics. What perhaps was once two distinct parties has now merged into one big Mess. Democracy, that lofty ideal, is not a functioning system in the United States (was it ever?) and I am basically disgusted with the entire arena of American politics at this point in history.

Having stated this for the record, I realized with a shock that the presidential election is now two weeks away. At the moment, it seems like a cliff-hanger as to who will be president in January. How different the energy was in the United States four years ago! There was such a sense of excitement about the whole thing, and I remember seeing so many people who were behind Obama and his ‘vision’ for America, all that Yes We Can energy was really something amazing to behold. It felt like a turning point, a real chance for the changes that thousands upon thousands of Americans (and I suppose people all over the world) were hoping to experience. Election night four years ago was exciting, hopeful, suspenseful, and, for many of us who believed in Obama and his ideals, victorious. Now things would change for the better, in a thousand ways! It was a very exciting moment in our collective memory.

Fast forward to October, 2012. Promises broken, many dreams crushed, very little progress made in many of the areas that progressives and moderates were hoping for. We have to admit, the past four years have been pretty dismal, politically speaking. I have lived outside of the United States for over half of his presidency, and see things from a different perspective. Being in Europe, US foreign policy is especially important here. From the little I have learned about what the Obama administration has enacted, it is a pretty grim picture as well. Human rights abuses continue, armed forces continue to perform acts of violence in many areas of the world, and American citizens’ rights have been eroded more than ever before. Dismal, disappointing, and desperate.

Today I read somebody’s blog where the writer said plainly that he was supporting Obama, that he thought Obama had been effectively gagged and tied from doing the things he had dreamt of doing for America by the ‘Dark Cabal’ since the day he took the presidency. That threats had been made and would surely be carried out on his family and his own life, and things along these lines. I am not about to dispute or agree with any of these claims, because obviously none of us have any way of knowing the truth. But having heard about the laws he has signed, giving away precious rights and opening up the doors wide to the real possibility of fascist dictatorship in our battered country, as well as agreeing to dropping bombs on civilians in order to pave the way for those cabals to obtain oil and weapons and drugs and all manner of torturous horrors to any who oppose them; all of this and more adds up to a human being who is not, cannot possibly be, so enlightened and advanced and humane as some want to still believe. Or can he?

Again and again over the last four years, I have been reminded of the old story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” I guess most of us remember that one, where all of the Emperor’s pundits and lapdogs appease him and pretend that he is having the most wonderful set of new garments made for him, the most Illustrious ruler of the kingdom, out of fear of retribution if they were to tell him the truth. Of course, as the story goes, it took a little, innocent child to speak the plain truth at the end of the story, before the rest of the people could speak up and understand what was really happening.

Isn’t it really time for the people of the United States to finally speak up and understand what is really happening? There is no democracy there, for all intensive purposes. The two-party system and the electoral college, all the corruption, pandering, arm-twisting, intrigues, lobbyists, and special interests all add up to only one logical conclusion: Revolution. But not a revolution made through blood and violence. Rather, a truly revolutionary new way to govern, a new model built on a foundation of stewardship, trust, honesty, compassion, wise forethought, common purpose: in short, an enlightened approach to leadership.

It is time to get real about the state of America. It is no longer the land of the free, and not enough are feeling brave yet. The Occupy Movement of last year was a real step towards something new, a better way to govern, to allow everyone to speak and be heard, to decide by consensus, to work in small groups, to not have an overriding agenda and list of demands. Those protesters’ camps were at the forefront of something new, something better, and much more democratic than what now passes for governence in the United States. Perhaps the federal government ought to be dismantled altogether, and each state take back its sovereignty, and allow individual, local communities to rule themselves. It would be a great start on a future of peace and true justice.

Perhaps it is time to go beyond divisive political parties altogether, and find a new way to make decisions about things that affect people’s lives and the communities in which they live. Small initiatives are happening all around the country, and also around the world by now, and there are many fine examples of people who are governing themselves peacefully and well which we can use as models. The knowledge and expertise is here, now. All that needs to happen is for enough Americans to stand up, like the little child in the story, and raise their voices and say, ‘Look here, this is a total farce. Let’s do something altogether different.’

Whenever I despair, I remember that the way of truth and love has always won. There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail. Think of it: always.  — Ghandi

No matter what happens on election night in the United States, one thing is clear. It will not be earth-shattering, it will not be the beginning of anything fabulous or peaceful or progressive. Whether Obama gets re-elected or not, I do not think much will change (certainly not for the better) as long as the United States electorate remains asleep and blind and accepting of Business-As-Usual. The Ghandis and Martin Luther Kings of the last century are nowhere to be seen. There are no real leaders among us right now, and that might well be because it is time to go beyond following a leader. What is needed is for each and all of us to become our own leader, to lead by our conscious example, by our own integrity and honesty and hearts. If we are standing on the edge of a New Age, as so many are now admitting we are, then this new age shall be one of Self-leadership, cooperation, respect for All Life, transparency, and listening. We as a whole would further ourselves immensely by listening much more to others, especially the ones who do not speak very loudly or often.

Dear Readers, thanks for reading this rant tonight, and musings from a weary fellow traveller on the road to freedom. I will end with a phrase from a post I read concerning the election. The directive is: “We would ask each of you to send the blue flame of light, of truth, of integrity, of change, of hope into the heart of the electorate, not just all of the candidates, but to every single person who is voting.” Then later on in this post there is more about what the governments of the (maybe not too distant) future will be like:

“So all those desires, all those attachments to what you think of as the false paradigms, the false grids, the false belief systems attached to old forms of government are gone. Now, may there be many who, as they go through the shift, say, “I have absolutely no interest or calling to participate in government”? Yes. There will be floods of people who say “I have been putting too much energy in that and I wish to hand the reins over to someone else.”

So there will be a great deal of flexibility in terms of who is running what. But the purpose of this is not to create mass chaos, not to create fear, because that is of the old. So when you think of temporary governments, simply think of citizens stepping forward with the expertise, the knowledge and the right frame of mind and heart to assist in anchoring the new.

What you think of as political processes will be very outdated. No, we do not mean that what you think and cherish as democratic processes will not be in place. Of course they will because, because it is the only way when the collective is in a unity state of heart. But what you think of as government will shift enormously. It will be far more a role of stewardship than a role of authority or custodian.Therefore the type of person interested in governance will be dramatically different as well.” (from

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Comfort in a Mad World?

(Be forewarned; Rant ahead.)  There was a song I used to like, it was atmospheric and melancholic in that 80’s style, and the refrain was, ‘Mad world….” Don’t get me wrong, I am not typically a morose and negative human, far from it. But. The evidence is simply overwhelming, dear Readers. We are living in a world full of madness, insanity, and injustice the likes of which cannot really be compared. How can we manage to rise above all of the craziness and sorrows, the inhumanity, the pain of these times?
Many of the blogs which I follow deal with the idea of keeping balance and sanity through being awake, aware and keenly interested in one’s own mind, thoughts and feelings. A few blogs which I read occasionally deal with the ideas of religion and spirituality as a way of coping with the sorrows and problems of being human. Others are more practical, their authors write about nature, gardening, practical life. Some bloggers wax lyrically, some philosophize, others dream and write about writing itself, tell stories, share poems and insights into our human condition. Still others are mostly concerned with their own personal lives, their families, perhaps their everyday lives as students, employees, parents, lovers.
The world goes on, in spite of all the madness. We each have the choice of turning on the news, or going to a news website, and reading or hearing about the latest dramas and horrors unfolding on Earth each day, or not. I respect each person’s personal choice about whether or not to accept the outer world into one’s consciousness. I do not believe in burying one’s head in the sand, but at the same time I do not see the value of being clobbered with bad news day in and day out. That can only add to a person’s sorrows and fears, in my opinion.
Since watching Until the End of the World the other night (I mentioned this in my last blog post), I have been unable to forget some of the images from that film. I had strange, semi-waking dreams with the characters from the movie moving around in my dream state, doing all sorts of strange things. It affected me and I think I understand why. Because there is a part of me which believes it could happen, a huge catastrophe may occur which would affect millions of people around the globe, with intensely painful results. Then what? How will the rest of us react in a situation such as a nuclear explosion, or devastatingly large natural disasters, or another type of global kind of disaster, the likes of which we have yet to see?
There is a woman who started a website called The Good News Network, several years ago. It was her reaction to the events of the 9-11 bombings in New York and Washington D.C. This woman decided that she had had enough of the media only bombarding us with bad news and more bad news, and went in search of ‘good news’ instead. I receive her weekly emails, which according to her, contain “good news.” Dear Readers, to be completely honest with you, I do not find too much in these stories to cheer me up much. Often the stories have to do with somebody giving someone else some money unexpectedly, or else someone rescuing a person or animal somewhere. Nice, banal, usually simple stories of random acts of kindness. A nice try, I give her ‘an A for effort,’ as my father used to say.
But, in the face of endless, daily doses of murder, gross injustices, outrageous exploitation, corporate thievery being rewarded, warlords, fascists, and all the rest of what we now call ‘world business as usual’ what the hell?? A few paltry philanthropists and nice firemen are all very well and good, but they are a spit in the huge bucket of what is truly needed in order to set this sorry world aright! I remember a bumper sticker I saw, a few years ago in America. It read, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!” I agree with this, many days. But, as my mindfulness blogger friends are constantly reminding me, what good does it do to be outraged? Better to calm the mind, ease the emotions, and get to a place of inner peace and knowing, than to run around frustrated and angry at the outrageousness of the world. Right?

Honestly, I am not at all so sure about this sentiment anymore. On a day like today, when I have simply had it with stories like “Gunman opens fire in a movie theater, kills twelve innocent people who were just trying to enjoy a lousy movie, for god’s sake,” I really think that maybe all of us peaceniks, us loving, calm, beautiful and happy folk of the world ought to DO SOMETHING. Anything. Write a blog, talk with some others, write to the stupid newspaper or news website and tell them that you are tired of it. All of it. The whole frigging, idiotic, mad, absurdity of this god forsaken world. Come on, Readers out there in virtual reality, is it helping the world to remain so passive, so peaceful, so meditative in the face of the state of this world?
We are so full of platitudes these days. Starting with John Lennon, (whom I love and respect) Give peace a chance. Make love not war. Be happy. Just relax. Have a nice day. No fear. Iphones are cool. Just chill. Calm down. Everything’s okay. Nothing to worry your pretty little head over. It will all turn out all right in the end. No problem. It’s all good. It’s all good??!! Who are you kidding? I am sorry to have to be the one to inform you, but No, “it’ is not all good. In fact, a lot of it is really, really lousy, unfair, and unbelievably bad. Just read some of the news stories in any web browser to see if I am right, and decide for yourself.

English: occupy wall street

 Occupy Wall Street is more or less dead. They, the powers that be, yup, those 1% bastards and bitches who simply do NOT care a hoot for the rest of the world, won again. They continue, with the help of the police force, the politicians who they pay to work for them, the court justices, all the way up to the supreme court judges, the president, the cabinet, the CEO’s of the multinational corporations, and basically anybody who is in a position of power. They are playing this game of ruling the world, its resources and its poor huddled masses, and guess what, they are winning. They are holding parties on their private islands, in their private jets, on their private yachts, in their privileged, oh-so-beautiful, artificially made and preserved world. They hang signs on these worlds, that say: Keep Out, All who would dare to ruin our party, This Means YOU!
We all love a good story, the kind where the hero wins over the evil bully or king, the wicked witch or queen, the Goliaths of the world. We want to be the hero, to save the day, save the town, save the sweet, good princess. It is in our collective psyches to want the Good to conquer the Evil. And yet. At the same time, we are fascinated with the Dark Sphere, the evil doers of the world or of other worlds, the warlords and criminals, the murderers and rapists, the wrongdoers and abusers. Take a look around your personal world, and see how much of these stories are lurking in your everyday. In kid’s comic books, all over the internet, in video games, movies, books, on t-shirts, backpacks, notebooks, on cereal boxes, in the supermarket, the checkout lane, the gas station. Good vs. Evil. It is everywhere. And that means that we must take a stand. Some claim these are the end times for dualism, that good vs. evil is soon to be a thing of the past, passe, out of fashion, no longer applicable. Fine. I hope they are right. But, what replaces them? If there is no clear lines between good and evil, between the Powerful and the Powerless, then where do we stand? Who do we become when there is no longer a hero to applaud, no more Wicked Queen to slay?
As usual, dear Readers, I leave you with yet more unresolved questions. Skeptical to the end, I am a real deconstructionist these days, an existentialist, but more than these, I am human, wondering where lies comfort in a mad, getting ever madder, world. What about you?