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Erato-Muse-of-Poetry-1870-xx-Sir-Edward-John-PoynterMy soul is that of woman, artist, writer and dreamer. I am currently practicing being present to whatever is happening within and without me, and letting go of judging, difficult as this truly is.  Life seems to be a never-ending roller-coaster ride these days, so the best we can hope for is to try and enjoy it!

One of my favorite writers, Ben Okri, wrote these words, which I embrace fully and strive to emulate:

Never again will we stand on the threshold of a new age. We that are here now are touched in some mysterious way with the ability to change and make the future. Those who wake to the wonder of this magic moment, who wake to the possibilities of this charged conjunction, are the chosen ones who have chosen to act, to free the future, to open up the magic casement of the human spirit onto a more shining world.

This world is filled with magic, and beauty is everywhere to be seen when we take the time to really look. Life is a journey of awakening to the vast possibilities around and within us in every moment. My hope is that this blog will inspire, awaken, fascinate, and amuse you enough to make you want to return again. I welcome your comments, suggestions and virtual friendship here. Namaste!

Leigh Jardine, aka SingingBones


21 thoughts on “about the author

  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I truly appreciate it! 😀 You have such a lovely blog by the way.


  2. sorry to see that your blog is no longer here on WordPress. Thanks for your comments, all the best to you in future creative endeavors. SB


  3. Hello there, I have been following your blog and really enjoying it. So, I’m nominating you for the 7×7 Link Award.


  4. Hi! In response to your question about pages/nav labels: to get more pages (and their labels in the main navigation), just go to your Dashboard in WordPress and find Pages on the left-hand nav, then choose Add New. Hope that helps!


  5. Hi!It’s a lovely description of times today, and i am happy to see one woman other than me who is still believing in dreaming , because that is the first building block of a beautiful tomorrow.I like your blog a lot.Please continue writing such inspirational words….


    • Thank you for your kind words. And for reminding me about the importance of keeping dreams alive in one’s heart. I agree, it is very important for humans to keep imagining the world they would like to create and not give into despair. We will continue to help each other to remember our humanity, and love. Blessings, SB


  6. Lovely thoughts, beautifully expressed.


  7. Leigh i am extremely happy to nominate your wonderfully inspiring blog for:
    ‘The Very Inspirational Blogger Award’
    You can visit the following link to accept it!


  8. Last week I sent you a comment nominating you for the Beautiful Blogger Award and the Reader Appreciation Award. A few of the comments went to the spam boxes of other nominees, so I hope you received yours! In any case, I love what you’re doing and am looking very forward to more in 2013! All my best for the holidays!


    • Thank you so much for continuing to read and enjoy my blog enough to nominate me for these two awards! You have brought a big smile to my soul on this long night of the solstice time. Your blog is very wonderful and inspiring, I especially love some of the delicious recipes you share! with many blessings for your holidays and new year, SB


  9. SB………you inspire me, beautiful friend1
    KEEP ON DONG WHAT YOU ARE DOING ….and I just finished Ben Okrti’s second book STARBOOK….and am starting THE FAMISHED ROAD…he is brilliant!



  10. Beautiful my light sister!!!!!♥

    Egypt E.


  11. What a lovely, inspiring blog you have created here! I’m looking forward to stopping by here often – I have not heard of Ben Okri before so I am putting him on my reading list now.


  12. like your blog. When I saw your gravatar it reminded me of a book that my husband recently read and told me about. It is called BONESONG, I didn’t read it but he said he enjoyed it. If you like mystery/thriller, perhaps it might be of interest. Just remembered he told me that the bones in the story are those of artists…you being one might enjoy this ?!?
    Anyway, just stopping by and moving on.


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